Aireloom Hotel Collection Mattress Reviews

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Aireloom Hotel Collection Mattress Reviews

Aireloom Hotel Collection Mattress Reviews

Aireloom Hotel Collection mattress has all the quality features including softness, isolated movement, heat regulation, sink minimization, and pain relief. Not only, it is best for sweet sleep but also helps you to relax your muscles without any hard exercise.

Aireloom Hotel Collection Mattress Reviews

Waking up with back pain or stiff muscles can make your good morning a painful one.

To relieve these pains, you need to buy a mattress for your bed that not only offers great sleep but also vanishes the stiffness of your muscles, aligns your spines, and regulates the heat appropriately. 

 This sort of mattress can be bought through the Aireloom hotel collection which is one of the well-known brands of mattresses. You need to read out all Aireloom Hotel Collection Mattress reviews to satisfy yourself before paying for this mattress.

Let’s dive in to figure out the best mattress of Aireloom for your home.

How do We Pick & Test?

  • Sleep science: We tested all our pick’s supportive layer and memory foam comfort layer, as well as the firmness of the support layer.
  • Durability: We tested the mattresses for durability by applying over 50 pounds of weight to each model.
  • Price range: We limited our testing to mattresses in the $1000 to $5,000 price range to keep the number of competitors manageable.
  • Reader feedback: We conducted a reader poll and also took reader comments into consideration to come up with our criteria.

Hotel Collection the Vitagenic Mattress by Aireloom

Is your mattress making you uncomfortable while sleeping? Are you feeling like waking up in the ocean of sweat in your bed? If you are facing all these issues, then this Vitagenic mattress by Aireloom is an exact option for you and your family.

With its explosive features, you can enjoy a great sleep with its bedding and wake up in a fresh mood the next morning.

Do you want to wake up with no back pain and relaxed neck, shoulder, and hip muscles? Of course, it would be a yes! Then don’t let this opportunity go and spend your hard-earned money for your comfort.

Soothing Construction 

I was in search of a mattress that can last long and provides me with a soothing sleep.

While searching I found this Vitagenic mattress for luxury sleep and its appealing construction and design. Its build is soft and durable which absorbs the pain and fatigue of a person. 

Undisturbed Movement 

When someone else is sleeping with you in your bed then, it is always disturbing whenever they change their position. That’s why; I am suggesting this mattress for isolated movement.

It means if your partner changes his or her sleeping position then the waves will not reach you and provide you with sweet and comfortable sleep.

Pain Relief

Are you looking for a mattress for a patient who is suffering from a vertebral column issue or Disc slip?

You don’t need to go anywhere just open the Macy’s website and order this mattress for relieving backache, muscle fatigue, and shoulder or hip joint pains. 

Its fantabulous build has made the users snug at night because it absorbs their pain and provides them with an enjoyable body posture after every sleep.

I don’t think anybody will waste his or her money on local mattresses when they have an excellent opportunity.

Best Firmness

The next thing that is appealing about this mattress is its classic firmness. Aireloom mattresses have excellent levels of the firm to keep the sleeper relaxed at night. Its firm feel and comfort level supports the shoulder and hip muscles and keeps them relaxed. 

On the flip side, the infused gel present in it supports the body positioning of the sleeper. Not only this design keeps the sleeper’s body relaxed but prevents the sagging of the mattress also.

High Heat Regulation

If your mattress is not expelling the heat properly then you can’t sleep comfortably. For pleasant sleep, thermoregulation of the mattress is necessary otherwise, sweating will not let you enjoy a great sleep.

This mattress has an innerspring and infused gel construction to regulate the heat appropriately. So, there is no option to ignore this jackpot of comfort if you want sweet sleep and the prevention of muscle fatigue.

No Off-Gassing 

It is seen that many mattresses are off-gas irritating chemicals for many days when they are new.

But the amazing aspect of this mattress is that you will not suffer from off-gassing after buying this superclass mattress for luxury sleep. In a couple of days, this off-gassing will be resolved.

Convenient to Transport 

Mattresses are not easy to transport due to their weight and size but this mattress is convenient to transport from one place to another. Its handles make it possible for the user to lift and place it in the desired place.


The most important feature of any mattress or other product is its warranty. It is obvious that when you are spending your money on an object then you must want to know about its warranty.

So, be easy, this mattress can last for 8 to 10 years without sagging or changing its shape.

Features We Like:

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton Fabric
  • Triple Stitched Edges
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cross-Ventilation
  • Easy Care

Benefits And Drawbacks:

  • Wonderful soft and innerspring construction 
  • Easy to adjust the design 
  • Memory foam gel for a cool feel
  • Best for pain relief and spines alignment 
  • Appropriate thermoregulation 
  • Available at a high price
  • Available for sale only through Macy’s

Watch this video on how we tested this product:


After reading these Aireloom Hotel Collection Mattress Reviews, I hope now you can easily select the best mattress for your home. These mattresses are undoubtedly expensive but serve the user for each penny.

With sweet and sweat-free sleep, its heat regulation is exclusive, so you will not feel like waking up in an ocean of sweat. On the flip side, if you are opting for a couple then, it offers isolated movement with explosive firmness to change the position of the sleepers.

For any sort of queries and questions, you can contact me in the comment section. Thank you!


How long should an Aireloom mattress last?

According to their strong build and appealing features, Aireloom mattresses can provide customers with luxury sleep for 8 to 10 years. If you use the mattress with care then, might last for more than 10 years.

Why is an Aireloom mattress so expensive?

It is because the mattresses have supreme and handmade craftsmanship. Also, the durability and comfort level of these mattresses are outclassing that are attracting buyers. They use high-quality construction material so these mattresses are pricey as well.

Do Aireloom mattresses off the gas?

Yes, but this problem is not for so many days. In just 2 to 3 days off-gassing will be finished and you can enjoy an amazing sleep in your bed.

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