Best Time to Buy Mattress at Costco (REVEALED!)

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Best Time to Buy a Sleep Number Bed

Best times to buy a new Costco mattress:

  • Holiday weekends. Browse the Presidents Day sale, Memorial Day bargains, Fourth of July deals, Labor Day discounts, Veterans Day bargains, and Black Friday bargains.
  • Late winter/early spring. Between February and May, retailers mark down older models to make way for the new season.
  • Online, anytime. Buying a mattress online is the most excellent way to save between 50 and 60 percent.

When to buy a Costco mattress

Customers prefer Costco because of its reputation as a great value, its wide selection of products, and its bulk pricing.

Warehouse-style stores like Costco may lack attractive window displays, but its members can rest assured knowing they are getting excellent values on everything from electronics to furniture to mattresses at unbelievable costs. 

The CEO of Costco is known as the “price policeman” for his unwavering dedication to the company’s purpose to provide members with the lowest prices possible without regard to his personal connections, financial benefit, or shareholders.

Except for Black Friday, major holidays are not marked by significant discounts at Costco. Their sales remain hidden until the monthly circular is published.

Take advantage of their price matching policy if you can’t find a better offer elsewhere. Within 30 days of purchase, you may request a refund for the price difference if your mattress goes on sale.

Best Time to Buy a Mattress

You may believe that purchasing a mattress is not seasonally dependent and can be done whenever it is most convenient. You can, of course, but you’d do better if you considered some of the suggestions below.

One of the most deciding elements in any purchase is price, and this aspect will change depending on the time of year. To be quite honest, unless there is a significant sale on mattresses, you shouldn’t purchase one.

You might save a lot of money on a bed if you knew when they often went on sale.

How Much Can You Expect to Save?

A mattress may be purchased for much less than half price, depending on the brand and the ongoing sale.

Sometimes there are better deals than others. May is your best bet if you’re looking to purchase a mattress. You may save as much as 60 percent during seasonal and closing deals.

A price match is a way to save money at physical and mortar stores. In addition, by offering discounts and sales when they do turn up.

In any case, using the internet shopping route is your best choice. If you shop there, you may locate a high-quality bed for less than $1,000.

Here’s how much you can save.

  • Going-Out-of-Business Sales (Year-round): 10% to 50%
  • July 4th: 40 t0 60%
  • Labor Day: 30 to 60%
  • May: Upto 60%
  • Overstock Sales (February to May): 20% to 50%
  • Presidents Day: Up to 30%
  • Thanksgiving: 20% to 50%
  • Veterans Day: Up to 50%

When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

You can always get a mattress at a discount if you know where to search.

Keep reading to discover the most significant mattress discounts and how you can save money on a new bed all year.


There are often excellent mattress sales throughout the spring, but none are better than the week after Memorial Day. Major stores offer discounts and reductions to create a place for next year’s stock.

Don’t think you must buy a mattress from a mattress shop. Browse department shops and furniture establishments as well. Intense discounts may be found at any of these stores at certain times of the year.

Major holidays

Long weekends are used as bait by mattress retailers to get you to buy a new bed. You’ll see this, particularly in the warmer months of summer and autumn, when stock is being liquidated. At specific periods, you may expect to discover significant price reductions.

How much you could save:

  • July 4th: Home goods retailers often run sales when name-brand mattresses are discounted by as much as 40 percent. Take a 50–60% discount at the department shop.
  • Labor Day: The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday” among mattress retailers. Prices are discounted by 30% – 60% off their MSRP.
  • Veterans Day: To show their gratitude to the veterans of the armed forces, several mattress retailers offer special deals on Veterans Day. Discounts of up to 50% off are available.
  • Thanksgiving: Black Friday itself has become synonymous with deep discounts offered by many stores to attract Christmas consumers.
  • Presidents Day: Mattress shopping season begins after the winter ends. Due to the influx of new merchandise in February and March, shelf space must be cleared. Even on name-brand items, you might save up to 30 percent.

You can end up paying more in shops even with these discounts. Keep reading to find out why buying a bed online is your best option.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Mattresses may be purchased at a reduced cost from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Stores across the board will have sales during this period, including those selling mattresses.

Most of the time, discounts are available both in-store and online. Black Friday sales focused mainly on in-store events, while Cyber Monday was set aside for internet discounts.

However, the beginning of internet deals has been the norm in recent years, often before the physical ones on Black Friday.

Overstock sales

Sometimes shops may order more stock than they need. Retailers selling mattresses must find a way to clear off their inventory.

As a result, they often reduce the price of surplus mattresses significantly.

To find out whether your local mattress shop has overstock deals, you can either look them up online or call them. It’s a fantastic method to save money on a comfortable bed.

Look for stores going out of business.

You may save much money on a mattress if you buy it after a mattress retailer has gone out of business.

Look out for shops that have “closing soon” signage. To avoid going out of business, many shops need to liquidate their stock as soon as possible.

You may also get a good deal if you try to negotiate the price now. Shopkeepers could be more accommodating if you ask them to help you make a sale.

Any time you need one

Don’t wait for a bargain to replace your old mattress if it’s preventing you from obtaining a decent night’s rest.

You need to prioritize getting enough sleep. Think of buying a new mattress as an investment in your emotional and physical well-being.


There are many opportunities to get your hands on a high-quality bed at a steep discount.

Review your options and choose the one that best meets your needs. As a matter of fact, you may examine all the possibilities to select the package that best suits your needs while saving you the most money.

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