Do People Buy Used Mattresses? (Hidden Truth Revealed!)

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Yes, you can purchase a used mattress from the shop as well as from the seller directly only if it is in a good position. You just have to make sure the mattress has fine quality and is refurbished. If there is a tag with the mattress, you must check that before purchasing it.

Do People Buy Used Mattresses?

Are you tired of using your old mattress and want to get a new one? There will be two possibilities for you to either buy a new one or buy a used mattress. Now you might be thinking, do people buy used mattresses, and is it safe, right? The answer is yes! 

While purchasing a used mattress, some people will not find it a good idea. It is because they might be thinking about the risks of the used mattress. On the other hand, some people will find it a great chance to save their money as used mattresses are cost-effective.

To find out all the merits and demerits of used mattresses, just go through this whole article!  

Is it Fine to Buy a Used Mattress?

In most places, second hand mattresses can be purchased legally. You must always keep in mind the local laws as it is sometimes against the law to sell second hand mattresses.

Mattresses must have to be thoroughly cleaned or marked as “used” if necessary. Some states forbid the sale of second hand mattresses but permit the sale of specific mattress parts.

If you live in a state where no rules apply to mattress selling then you can sell or purchase old or used mattresses safely. In this way, you can also sell a mattress that is sold privately. 

If the material is torn, you will need to test the mattress’ burning rate before buying. Also, you must check the warranty if it is available. 

If you want to sell an old mattress in your area, you must verify the regulations. Your city’s government site will have this data. Further, it will include the social workers, customer care, licensing, garbage pickup, and/or agricultural departments.

It will be a good purchase if the mattress is in good shape. Mattress coverings and protectors can assist keep stains away from setting in a mattress. In this way, the mattress will maintain its actual state.

Why do people purchase Second-Hand Mattresses? 

People purchase used mattresses due to the following two reasons; 

  • Low Initial Cost 

Indeed, mattresses are not cost-effective as you will have to pay a handsome amount for a good quality mattress. You will prefer to purchase a secondhand mattress to save a few hundred dollars. 

It is simple to look at the cost of a used mattress and find it a good deal. Thus, you can find several high-quality inexpensive mattresses that won’t cost more than a used mattress. Yes, it is true! 

Mattresses with innerspring and latex foam both are different in price. Some reasonably priced memory foam or innerspring mattresses start at around $200 to $300. It is not much more than the price of a second hand mattress.

  • Eco-Friendliness 

Some people consider that purchasing a used mattress is good for the environment. It is because it prevents an old mattress from going into the garbage. And, it will utilize less effort and resources for years. 

Furthermore, there are superior alternatives. E.g., old mattresses have used less eco-friendly approaches and techniques of production. 

On the other hand, new mattresses are produced with techniques that have a smaller negative impact on the environment. In this way, they are good for the environment.

Instead of purchasing a used mattress, you can go for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certifications. They will provide you with eco-friendly mattresses if you want to get them. 

What are the Risks of Buying a Used Mattress?

Purchasing a secondhand mattress comes with several dangers. It will end up costing you extra money instead of saving.

These dangers are given below; 

  • Bed Bugs 
  • Higher Long-Term Cost 
  • No Warranty

Is there a safe method to buy a second-hand mattress? 

There is no way to purchase a used mattress without taking any risks. You should check your mattress for bed bugs if you need to buy a used mattress anyhow. You must look behind the covering if it is detachable, between pleats and ridges, and under hooks. 

Additionally, look out for indicators other than actual bugs. These factors are consisting of:

  • The mattress has a few light brown stains
  • Remove exoskeletons
  • Particles that resemble small coffee granules
  • Eggs in the shape of tiny sesame seeds

Additionally, you must carefully clean your previous mattress. Any bugs can be killed with steam cleaning that would be hidden there. Baking powder can help get rid of stains and also helps lessen odors. Furthermore, bed bugs and parasites can both be eliminated by vacuuming.


This article that is on do people buy used mattresses, is all about the tips and tricks for buying a new or used mattress. Before purchasing, you must follow the rules and regulations as well as the instructions given in this article.

Some people find it a smart idea to buy a used mattress to save their money. But it is not suggested to purchase a secondhand mattress as it could have any issue from sagging to tearing to bed bugs. Also, it is not a hygienic choice for all. 

Have you found this content effective or not? Do inform me in the comment section! 


Are there any health risks in buying a used mattress? 

Yes! With second hand mattresses, pests are a major issue. Numerous problems, including anxiety issues, can happen by bed bugs. Also, your mental state can be affected by them.

What to do if I get bed bugs from the used mattress? 

Once you have bed bugs, you cannot easily get rid of them. You can treat the small pests on your own. To remove and suck up large pests, you must consider steam cleaning and vacuuming your mattress.

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