Can Bed Bugs Live on Air Mattress? (Answered!)

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No, bed bugs cannot live on your air mattresses as these mattresses are made with vinyl or PVC material. The air mattresses have a construction quality that will not allow bedbugs to live there. But if your air mattress is of low quality and cheap, there will be chances of bed bugs. 

Can Bed Bugs Live on Air Mattresses? 

You must be aware that bed bugs can live on your mattresses and irritate you day and night. Also, the bed bugs can make you panic anytime on your bed. So, it is necessary to understand where and why bed bugs live on mattresses. But can bed bugs live on air mattresses?

Happily, the answer is no! Air mattresses are good-quality mattresses that use PVC and vinyl in their construction. Due to this construction quality, the bed bugs will not get in touch with the air mattresses.

Also, these types of mattresses do not provide the bedbugs the environment to stay and hide. To get further details, let’s go ahead! 

What do bedbugs look like and what do they eat? 

Bed bugs have a reddish-brown color and spherical shape. And the length range of bed bugs varies from 1 to 7 mm. They are usually flattened as well. Bed bugs are both insects & a parasite and they consume blood. 

The horizontal bumps on their bodies make them different from other types of household insects. Bed bugs lack wings and they procreate quickly. Around five eggs are produced daily by adult bed bugs. And because they are so small, they resemble salt granules.

Eggs of the bedbugs open after every two weeks and deliver up to ten yellowish-white larvae. These larvae’ colors turn reddish-brown when they mature and grow. Blood of both animals and humans is what bed bugs consume. 

Can air mattresses get bed bugs and what to do about this? Air mattresses do not have bedbugs and if they have then you should use precautions. This suggests that homeowners who have mice should also protect their houses to prevent bed bugs. The bite of a bedbug will cause discomfort. 

How to Treat an Air Mattress for Bed Bugs? 

Air mattresses are excellent if you want to get rid of bed bugs. It is because they adjust easily into perforated mattress toppers. Air mattresses are less friendly than cushion or mixed beds. This is very useful for keeping these insects away from your portable bed’s mattress.

You must try to use a sturdy case if you are thinking about how to prevent bed bugs from scaling your bed. Also, for these little creatures, the surface of the air mattress is sticky and difficult to scale.

Additionally, you can clean an air mattress in your bathtub or any other sizable vessel. It enables the bed to be completely submerged when compressed.

Can you use the hair dryer to dry an air mattress? No, you should place your air mattress outside in the sunlight whenever you need it. Before adding more air, ensure your air mattress is completely dry. If this doesn’t happen, the interior layer will begin to grow mold, which is bad for your health.

How long can Bed Bugs Survive Without Eating?

Do you also think why it is so difficult to get rid of bed bugs? It is because they can go for extended periods without eating. Even without eating anything, they will still have the ability to procreate quickly. They can live for a few weeks without any blood.

Young bed bugs typically eat after every five to ten days. But they can live up to five months or a year without eating and survive. What attracts the bed bugs? The heat from the human body attracts bed bugs.

They will gather in large numbers whenever they get body temperature.  Bed Bugs also search for carbon dioxide, an odorless chemical that people breathe. When bugs need a way to hide, they seek dark places near their parents. They stay there until they are prepared to consume again.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? 

Different people react differently to bedbugs. The bedbugs cannot cause infection and they do not have any side effects on the body of the victim. Also, some people experience the effects of the bite while others do not have any side effects.

Spots on the body and itches in the affected area are the two typical responses to a bite. Because of the germs under the human’s nails, clawing the bite region will cause an infection.

At the same time, some people are allergic to the saliva that a bug bite releases. The sensitivity shows up as an excessive inflammation of the bite area. Allergy from the bite of a bedbug is an uncommon but possible complication.


The bed bugs can make you panic anytime on your bed. And the best solution for bedbugs is the use of air mattresses. An air mattress is an excellent option to get rid of bedbugs because it is inexpensive and functional.

After reading this article, you will be aware of the answer: can bed bugs live on air mattresses? Besides the type of mattress, you must follow the precautions as well. So, if you prevent the bedbugs from coming to your bed, you can obtain the rest and comfort you need.

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Where else do bed bugs hide? 

Bedbugs begin to enter the places where they find themselves comfortable and easy. They will look for suitable hiding places and dark corners to hide. Also, they find tight places because they are snug.

How can I get rid of bed bugs? 

You must ask for pest control assistance as soon as bedbugs are discovered in your home and it is the best option. They have the necessary expertise to properly get rid of the parasites and bedbugs in your house.

Are bed bugs easy to locate? 

No, it is not easy to locate the bed bugs in your home because they are very small in size. You can only locate them once you get itching and irritation on your skin in the morning. 

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