Mattress Sagging on Edges: (How to Fix With Crazy Ways?)

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Your mattress can easily sag if it has used cheap quality material that will start softening after a few usages. Sagging can appear anywhere on your mattress from center to edges. Luckily, you can fix the sagging by changing your sleep position, using toppers, and turning your mattress after every 6 months.

Mattress Sagging on Edges

One of the most common challenges with mattresses is sagging. The quality of your sleep will be severely impacted on a sagging mattress. Also, if your mattress starts sagging, it will not give you enough support and assistance that a mattress should give. 

Sagging can occur anywhere on your mattress where you will put more pressure. Sometimes it occurs in the middle or bottom and can occur on the edges as well. You must be aware of the different and useful fixes for the sagging. Also, you can use precautions to avoid sagging.

Well, I am going to provide information about mattress sagging on edges and its fixes. Catch it!

Why do Mattresses Sag? 

Sagging appears when the mattress receives too much strain from a person’s body in a certain spot. The area where your mattress will get more pressure is close to the hips, back, and shoulder. 

The sturdiness and quality of the mattress and the kind of material utilized in the manufacturing have a big impact on sagging and its quantity.

There are different types of mattresses available in the market. The memory foam mattress gives shape to the figure of the user. This type of mattress tries to get softer with time.

The extreme pressure from a sleeper’s weight in a specific place can develop body traces of the person. You will get a sagging sensation due to this. It occurs due to the polyurethane mattresses’ weakening.

Furthermore, there are innerspring mattresses in the market. The textile of innerspring mattresses begins to weaken over time. Also, the metal wires lost some of their firmness. This will provide the sleeper with less comfort and ease.

In this way, the quality and material used in the mattress have a major impact on the mattress’s durability and reliability.

How to Fix Mattress Sagging on Edges? 

You will be sad to know that you cannot fix the sagging as you can only use precautions to prevent or minimize the sagging. Whether it is the center, bottom, or edges of the mattress, you cannot fix it once it starts sagging.

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood? 

To give the user fine coverage on a sagging mattress, you will need assistance. Plywood provides the stability you need to repair or fix your mattress

You can set the position of the plywood where the mattress has slumped. It will be above the bed frame and beneath the mattress. When your box spring is under too much weight, putting plywood can stop the bed from creaking.

Without a box spring, it will be necessary to lay two pieces of plywood. You have to place it between the mattress and the bed frame to maintain a uniform surface. Although plywood doesn’t fix the sagging mattress, it helps lessen its effects.

In this way, there will be fewer effects of sagging and you can sleep with comfort and ease.

How to Prevent Mattress Sagging? 

Mattress sagging can occur at any time and anywhere. It is usually preferable to avoid mattress sagging rather than attempt to fix one. 

Here are some expert recommendations for avoiding sagging beds; 

  1. Alter the position in which you sleep
  2. Alter the region of the mattress where you sleep
  3. At least once every six months, spin and turn your mattress
  4. Utilize a box spring when using a mattress
  5. Provide a solid foundation
  6. Examine the under-mattress structure frequently
  7. Utilize a mattress pad
  8. If there is too much weight on the bed, you can place a strong piece of plywood between the box spring and mattress.

Signs to Buy a New Mattress 

The sad reality is that none of the previous suggestions will permanently address the sagging problems. They will only increase the stability of the mattress. So, you will need to switch out your bed.

The warning signals listed below will confirm that it’s best to depart with your drooping mattress.

  • Your mattress is worn out, and wires are visible in it.
  • There is a 1.5-inch or larger persistent snick on your mattress.
  • Your bed is more than eight years old.


This article is written specifically to deliver you all the details about mattress sagging on edges and its solutions. As you know the mattress is the compulsory item in the bedroom to get a relaxed and comfortable sleep all night. So, it must be a comfortable place without any irritation. 

That is the reason, you must find out the possible ways if your mattress starts degrading or sagging. And this blog post will be very helpful for you in this matter. 

Don’t forget to share your experience with me before leaving! 


Can a sagging mattress cause back pain? 

Yes, it is true that sagging will affect your sleeping position and will not allow you to sleep with comfort. This will cause back pain and be harmful to your spine as well. So, don’t take mattress sagging as a light issue.

Does the mattress topper reduce sagging? 

Yes, you can reduce the mattress sagging by using a cover sheet or topper on the mattress. It will prevent sagging as well as give you additional support and a place for having more comfort while sleeping.

How long does it take for a mattress to sag? 

Sagging can occur after a very long time as well as also after a few usages of the mattress. It is all based on the manufacturing quality and material used in the mattress. Thus, it can occur on the edges and bottom of the mattress. 

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