Are Mattress Warranties Worth It? (Crazy Facts!)

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The Answer Is Yes, a warranty is your greatest opportunity for getting your money back or protecting your purchase. If a mattress is damaged, a warranty will safeguard the consumer. It functions to ensure that buyers have options if the mattress they buy is not accurate, they can repair or replace it.

Are Mattress Warranties Worth it?

What is the first thing that you should look for while going to purchase a mattress from the market? You should see the mattress warranties while you go to the market. Based on the industry and the product, a mattress warranty can have different lengths, conditions, types, and protection. 

A mattress warranty will include defects in manufacturing, such as parts that are damaged or distorted. These are flaws that appear without the user’s involvement and they are an outcome of the mattress’s construction quality.

So, before deciding to buy a mattress, it’s essential to look up and read the warranty details. But the question is: “are mattress warranty worth it”? Let’s discover this in the article! 

Are Mattress Protection Plans Worth It?

Mattress protection plans are a way to protect your mattress from spills, stains and other damages. There are different types of protection plans available, and some are more comprehensive than others.

Some people wonder if the expense of a protection plan is worth it, especially if their mattress is still under warranty.

There are a few things to consider when deciding if a protection plan is worth it. The first is how often you think you will need to use it. If you are clumsy or have children who are likely to spill on the bed, then a protection plan may be worth it.

The second thing to consider is how long you expect your mattress to last. A good quality mattress should last at least 10 years, so if you plan on keeping your mattress for that long or longer, a protection plan may not be necessary.

What is the mattress warranty and its types?

To give the buyer some options if the mattress is defective, the warranty is in place. If you purchase a mattress and it will not perform as it should be, then the warranty will prevent you from using a defective item. 

Types of Mattress Warranties: 

The warranty is important to shield the buyers’ purchase from the defective items. Thus, brands and models have different warranty policies. So, you can consider the warranties given below; 

  1. Prorated Warranty 
  2. Non-Prorated Warranty 
  3. Combination Warranty 

Prorated Warranty 

In this type of warranty, the customer will pay a percentage of the mattress’ maintenance or replacement expenses. These expenses will rise when the duration of ownership will increase. In other words, the warranty loses value with time.

Non-Prorated Warranty 

With this warranty, the buyer will not pay the expense of replacement and maintenance during the warranty period. They will only pay the expense of the shipment. This kind of warranty maintains its worth over time.

Combination Warranty 

In this type of warranty, both prorated and non-prorated warranties will include. For half of the warranty coverage, the consumer will pay, and the rest of the amount will be paid by the company.

What is covered under the mattress warranty? 

The mattress warranty coverage includes faults that occur from poor design or manufacturing. Construction flaws include fractured foam, damaged or bent wire coils, and ripped mattress material. All these flaws will be covered by a mattress guarantee. 

It’s also capable of covering a broken seam or an inconsistent mattress’s outer fabric. Also, many warranties will include other items the mattress will have such as a cover or box spring

Furthermore, Excessive drooping can also be covered by a mattress warranty. Any mattress will start to droop and need to be changed. This considerable drooping in a mattress that is new, can be a sign of poor construction quality.

What is not covered under the mattress warranty? 

Typically, a mattress guarantee will not shield a mattress from wear and tear that will occur by daily usage. A warranty does not cover losses that come from an owner’s carelessness.

The majority of mattress drooping is not covered because it is seen as natural wear and tear. Thus, some early drooping will count as a fault.

A mattress warranty can apply to an unbalanced sleeping surface come to a manufacturing defect. Also, small dents that form over time and occur due to regular use are not protected by a warranty.

Additionally, a mattress guarantee does not cover spillage, staining, water leaks, scrapes, tears, or any other structural faults of the customer.  

Are mattress protection plans worth it? 

The Answer Is Yes, mattress protection plans are worth it because they help to enhance the lifespan of a mattress. They help to protect the mattress from allergens, spills, and stains.

Mattress Warranty Terms and Conditions:

Your mattress warranty will have different terms and conditions that will base on the manufacturer and brand. These terms consist of details like the warranty’s duration, its conditions and scope, and its voidability.

You can take the appropriate actions to secure protection in the case of a problem. For this, you must understand the warranty’s specifications;

Warranty Length:

The warranty duration of any mattress is different based on the company and model. Some warranties are valid for five, ten, or twenty years. While others are valid for the complete mattress’s lifespan.


Mattress warranties cover production flaws. Damaged coils, fractured seams, and other structural flaws are examples of covered flaws.

Type of Coverage:

Some mattress companies fix the flaws & defects and some companies offer replacement of products. Also, some companies will provide a refund or allow you to shop for a new product as an alternative to replacement.

Warranty Voidance:

Your mattress’ warranty can be void if it is not properly maintained. For this, you must clean and turn the mattress frequently. 


After getting this article, you won’t ask the question, are mattress warranty worth it. It is because I have explained all the facts and figures about mattress warranty in this article. 

Before purchasing a mattress, you must check what is and what is not included in the warranty. Also, the mattress must be properly maintained by the buyer to avoid negating any mattress warranties.

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What kind of warranty do I need for a mattress? 

There are two types of warranties for repair and replacement. For the mattress, you should prefer combination warranties that include both kinds. These warranties will replace or repair your mattress if it is damaged.

When is your mattress warranty void? 

Many factors can void your warranty. The warranty is void if your mattress is discolored and not maintained properly. Also, if you remove the tags and stickers of “law”, your warranty will become null.

Does the warranty length affect the quality of the mattress? 

The duration of a guarantee will provide information about the durability of a particular mattress. E.g., if a mattress’ warranty is for five years, it will last for less than five years. If it’s for ten years, it will last for eight years, and so on.

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