How to Win a Mattress Warranty Claim? (Tried by Experts!)

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To win a mattress warranty claim, first, you will have to read your warranty period, contact the seller by mail or contact number and then assemble documentation for completing the claim process also don’t forget to understand the cost of returning the item. 

5 Facts to Know about Mattress Warranty Claim

If you have broken hinges, cracked foam, separating joints, and slumping of your mattress, then a warranty claim is the best way for this. A warranty can provide both security and peace of mind that comes if the item breaks down. 

Now you might be thinking about how to win a mattress warranty claim. You will be amazed to know that there are a few actions that you need to do to confirm that your claim has been addressed.

Many factors can impact a warranty and how much coverage it provides to you as a client in the mattress market. So, below are the 5 facts to know about the mattress warranty claim!

Facts to know about before filing a warranty claim

Before filing a warranty claim, you should examine the following two steps. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

  • Read your warranty 
  • Assemble Documentations 

Read your warranty 

You must be thinking that checking the warranty period of your mattress is simple. But locating your warranty documents can be difficult especially if you have bought your mattress for a few years or longer. 

Ensure that you have saved them after purchasing your item. And if you are not sure, you have to go to the company’s website. Various versions will have varying warranties. 

Furthermore, you must look over the policy carefully for anything that could negate the warranty. For example, if the mattress is discolored, was used on inappropriate support, or if you are not the real owner, your warranty will be canceled. 

So, if any of these statements are accurate, your warranty claim will be denied for sure.

Assemble Documentations 

Your original receipt will be required for a warranty claim. Also, you will have to double-check that the mattress label is still attached to the bed. You will require to take photos of the ground that you have utilized. 

Additionally, if you can locate the foundation’s invoice, it can help you prove that the bed has been handled carefully during the time you have used it.

Thus, take as many images as you can of the affected parts. It will be helpful!

Process of Filing the Claim

You will have to file claims with the retailer where you bought the mattress. If you bought the mattress from an online store, you will have to contact them. Some will advise you to fill out an online application to begin your claim, while others will tell you to contact them. 

If you purchased your mattress from a company, you should first call the retail outlet. 

But what if the producer is no longer in operation?

If you bought the mattress in a real store, try to contact the shop to see if they can assist you.

What if the store is no longer open?

If the retailer is no longer open, contact the company. Also, be aware that you will be responsible for delivery costs.

What if I purchased my mattress from Amazon, Overstock, or another online retailer?

First, get in touch with the suppliers. They will let you know whether you should deal with the third-party seller or with them directly. 

What if I purchased something at a nearby store but have since moved away?

You will have to try contacting the mattress retailer where you bought it. They will be able to suggest the best course of action in this case.

How does the mattress warranty become invalid? 

The warranty must be legitimate to file a warranty claim if something bad happens. The terms and conditions of a warranty list several actions to do.

Thus, the warranty becomes void due to the following factors: 

  • By removing the Law Tag 
  • By Transferring the Ownership
  • Misuse of the Customer  

What to do if the warranty claim is denied? 

Is your mattress warranty claim denied? Don’t worry! Some factors can help you to get your claim. So, you can follow the steps given below; 

  • Arbitration
  • Small Claims 
  • Check with your credit Card  


Many mattress manufacturing companies have agreements with third-party settlement firms. The companies that sell their products online are on the top in this scenario. You can go to arbitration if your claim was rejected and you think that you still have a viable claim. 

In that case, a third-party arbitrator will decide whether the corporation is fully accountable, partially responsible, or not responsible at all. Also, be careful that you can ask to show up in person or appoint someone to represent you.

Small Claims 

Was your mattress bought locally and your claim dismissed? In this case, you can take your case to small claim courts if you think the decision was not made fairly. 

As laws vary, so many laws enable you to file your claims for up to $5,000 or $10,000 without hiring a lawyer.

Check with your Credit Card 

The things that you have bought with your premier credit card are eligible for additional warranties. You must check with your credit card provider to see if they provide protection and a warranty.


All that I have described in this article is about how to win a mattress warranty claim. You can follow the above steps given in this article and win the warranty claim easily. 

If you identify a fault in the mattress and want to take advantage of the warranty, the manufacturer’s official site will be the best source. It would have all the details you need to get about the maintenance or replacement of the mattress.

If you are satisfied with this article then share your opinion! 


What is a mattress warranty? 

A mattress warranty is a company’s agreement to replace, repair, or return its goods if there is a manufacturing or craftsmanship defect. Thus, most mattress warranties are only valid for the original purchaser.

Do mattress warranties cover sagging? 

Yes, mattress warranties cover sagging. While most warranties include sagging, various companies have varied definitions of how much sagging is included by the warranty. 

What does the mattress warranty not cover?

Mattress warranty does not cover sagging more than a certain level, accidental damage, discoloration from sweating, and normal wearing and tearing.

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