Casper Select Mattress Review (by Experts!)

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Casper Select Mattress Review

A new budget-friendly memory foam mattress is now available from Casper and Costco. Also, This mattress features an additional foam layer and an additional inch of height.

It features nearly perfect pressure relief due to the inclusion of a unique zone support layer. 

The Casper Select, an all-foam mattress, is made to provide support and pressure reduction for sleepers, according to Casper Select Mattress Review.

Additionally, it maintains the vertebrae in the proper alignment. The Casper Select mattress aims to be comparable to the well-known Casper Original. Only Costco members can purchase it because it is available only there.

About Casper Select Mattress:

An intermediate mattress that accommodates most sleeping positions is Casper Select. Also, This bed is excellent for keeping the spine upright, which will appeal to back sleepers.

It performs admirably in responsiveness, which combination sleepers require, and provides adequate pressure relief.

According to a specialized pressure map tool, the mattress performs admirably in pressure relief. Also, the tester’s map displayed mostly cold hues when lying on their side.

The reading went well, despite a little patch of redness around the elbow. A top-ranked mattress on Amazon is the Casper Select model. Moreover, when people tested the bed and polled a variety of coworkers to establish how firm it was, it got a positive review.

Features of Casper Select Mattress:

To allow you to share a bed with a partner without compromising the quality of your sleep, the Casper Select Mattress uses layers of the company’s renowned memory foam. Other benefits of this mattress get mentioned below;

  • The Select mattress’s focused zone support helped maintain the tester’s straight spine.
  • Also, all types of consumers benefit significantly from Casper mattresses.
  • The business gets well recognized for its Zoned Support system, which aids in promoting ideal spinal alignment.
  • Also, the bed is a Costco-only model called Casper Select. It shares many similarities with the Casper Basic mattress in design but differs slightly.
  • You can choose based on your chosen mattress type because it is available in an all-foam and a hybrid variant.
  • Motion transmission and edge support features got excellent marks for this mattress.
  • Couples might appreciate its edge support and motion isolation features so they may comfortably sleep on opposite sides of the mattress without too much disturbance.
  • The Casper Select mattress provides excellent edge support.
  • Also, When sitting and reclining on the side of the bed, our testers had complete support.
  • If the edge support is good, you will stay in bed at night and not fall to the floor. This feature is helpful for people who require assistance getting into bed or are elderly.
  • If a bed can soak motion from one side of the mattress so that it will not travel to the other, it can prevent motion transfer.
  • Also, For individuals who co-sleep, this is particularly crucial.

Features We Like:

The cons of Casper Select Mattress:

Some negative aspects of this mattress get mentioned below;

The support system of Casper Select Mattress:

Hardwood slats no more than three inches apart, sturdy white wood bed frames, and adjustable bases get included with Casper’s Select Mattress. 

Also, according to Casper, traditional box springs and bed frames featuring metal slats get not advised as they often fail to provide adequate support for the memory foam layers.

This bed may descend too much for some people who are heavy sleepers. Particularly heavy side sleepers also may experience too much pressure accumulation. 

Also, an innerspring mattress might be a good option if you weigh more than 250 pounds. Better support could be available from the Casper Select hybrid.

This mattress might work well for some heavier side sleepers because the firmer layers allow for more sinkage. 

Also, The mattress’ targeted support should get a massive plus for average-weight back sleepers. Some people who strictly sleep on their sides might prefer a firmer mattress that sinks more. Those who exclusively sleep on their stomachs might want a better bed for the most support.

The company’s patented zonal support layer helps maintain spinal alignment while providing ergonomic benefits. Lower back and hip pressure points also get relieved by foam. Also, The mattress construction gets supported by a more extensive foam layer at the bottom.

Casper Select Mattress Reviews:

  1. After only one night, I slept for four out of the six hours and had no sleep-related pain. Cooling technology requires me to add an extra blanket, which makes the bed cozier.
  2. There is much better pressure point support with Casper’s mattress. I cannot describe how it feels. It doesn’t sink into you — it supports you. My friend would be happy to have Casper.
  3. Casper mattress saved my back and rekindled my marriage. My husband refuses to sleep anywhere else, and I sneak out of the kids’ rooms back into Casper. We may buy one for my father for Xmas.

How We Pick & Test?

  • Comfort: We slept on five mattresses for 30 hours each to measure comfort and support.
  • Motion isolation: We slept on five mattresses for 30 hours each to measure motion isolation.
  • Durability: After 30 hours of sleeping, we stripped off the mattresses’ covers and exposed the foam to compression, puncture, and edge wear tests.
  • Price range: We picked mattresses in the $500 to $1,000 range, and we tested five of each type, including one medium-firm, one soft-firm, two medium-firm, and two soft-firm.

What Real Users Are Saying about this mattress?


Does Casper’s bedding come with a warranty?

Costco’s Casper bedding comes with a 10-year warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Any hard flat surface should work for this mattress, such as a box spring, solid platform, etc.

Here is the review video:


In conclusion, For back sleepers, Casper Choice is a fantastic option. Also, a mattress with zoned support promotes a good sleep pattern. It would get ideal for combo sleepers who change positions throughout the night because it is a responsive mattress.

Because of its excellent edge support and responsiveness, couples may also enjoy this bed, according to Casper Select Mattress Review.



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