Memory Foam Mattress Sinking Middle: (How to Fix?)

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Memory foam mattress sinking middle:

Memory foam mattress sinking in the middle has become quite normal these days. However, good support may surely help you maintain the shape of your mattress in the long run. Also, the foundation of your mattress matters a lot if you want your mattress to keep going for a long time.

Has it been just a couple of months since you bought your new memory foam mattress, and it is sinking in the middle? No worries, as many people face a similar issue and overcome the problem shortly. You will find some tips in the article below to fix the issue.

Memory foam mattresses have gained much popularity over time, and many retailers keep these at their stores because they are high in demand.

However, there are certain complaints about the mattress, too, that they sink in the middle and become saggy. But there is nothing to worry about because there are several ways to fix the mattress. 

Surely, sinking memory foam may bother you to a great extent because getting a night of quality sleep is something very important for your mental health. If you don’t get one, it will affect your daily routine. 

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What are the reasons behind a sinking mattress?

There could be many reasons why your memory foam mattress can sink before time. However, a memory foam mattress is not an ordinary mattress and is quite cheap. Therefore you should take extra care to preserve it in the future.

Following are some of the issues that cause your mattress to sink:

  • Frequent use
  • Putting extra weight on the mattress
  • Improper mattress foundation
  • Mattress exposed to high moisture content
  • Insufficient mattress care
  • Lack of support

Let’s discuss a few of the above in detail:

Putting extra weight on the mattress

A mattress will sink if it’s thin. However, a normal memory foam mattress is approximately 10 inches thick. If your bed is the only place you and your partner spend time the entire day, you put some extra weight on your mattress. 

However, you cannot do much as you can only provide firm support to your mattress if it sinks. Moreover, you can also try using a mattress topper. 

There is nothing new in your mattress sinking because the known mattresses like innerspring and box spring sink too quickly.

Improper mattress foundation

When you buy a mattress, you get a guideline that tells you which type of mattress foundation your mattress requires.

If there are slats and holes in your bed foundation, upon lying on the bed or putting weight on the bed, the force of gravity will push the mattress down. So do good homework if you have your mattress manual in your hand. 

Lack of support

Your mattress needs good support for sure. However, a good-quality mattress always comes with multiple layers. The bottom layer is the most important, known as the support layer.

The sinking of your mattress depends on the support layer. If your mattress has a good support layer, it will not sink anytime sooner. Also, the support layer helps the mattress retain its shape. 

However, if your foam misses support or has poor support, it will sink faster than usual. Mattress support is something of great importance. Moreover, we have listed a few ways to fix your mattress below if it sinks or is near to sinking.

Hence, good support beneath your mattress leads you to a night of comfortable sleep, and your mattress does not even sink quickly.

Ways to fix a sinking memory foam mattress

A sinking mattress is not a joke. It may ruin your health and, most importantly, your night’s sleep. Let’s have a look at the list of things you may suffer from a sinking mattress:

  • Insomnia
  • Stiff joints
  • Sore muscles

If your mattress is giving you a tough time, then do follow the tips to overcome the sinking issues:

Use a mattress topper

Using a mattress topper may be the best solution for the sinking issue. The mattress topper is not the permanent solution to the sinking problem of your mattress, but it can ensure you short-term relief.

However, a mattress topper can be of memory foam, polyester blends, latex, wool, or feathers. You can choose any topper material as per your preference.

Keep adding a good mattress support

Your mattress may be perfectly fine, but the mattress foundation causes trouble. Make sure that your mattress foundation does not have any holes or missing slats, which may also be why the mattress sank.

Fill the holes properly so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep. Mattress support is the real game-changer when it comes to the long life of the mattress. 

Try flipping or rotating your mattress

Sometimes you can also solve the issue by rotating or flipping your mattress. If you haven’t tried this trick, you must go ahead as it may play a vital role in increasing your mattress’s longevity.

However, beware that only a few mattresses have comfort layers on both sides of the mattress. If your mattress has it only on one side, flipping or rotating may not work, and you have to use another trick below this one.

Use a cardboard or a plywood

If the trick mentioned above doesn’t work for you, you can try using cardboard or plywood on your mattress foundation to provide it immense support. A concave mattress is what you want.

So you can keep plywood under your mattress to improve your mattress’s foundation as a short-term solution. However, this trick may not work as a long-term solution.

Why Mattress Sinks in the Middle?

Sleeping on a mattress that has sunk in the middle can be quite uncomfortable, as it can cause you to roll towards the depressed area.

This is because mattresses are typically filled with materials like foam, down, or feathers, which will cause the mattress to sag over time if there is too much weight concentrated in one area.

This is also why it is important to rotate your mattress every few months, as this will help distribute the weight more evenly.

Sinking Into Memory Foam Mattress:

Over time, some people may find that they are slowly sinking into the memory foam, making it difficult to get up in the morning. While this may seem like a minor problem, it can actually be quite frustrating and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are a few ways to fix this issue.

The most obvious solution is to add more foam to the mattress. This can be done by purchasing a memory foam topper or adding more memory foam layers to the mattress itself.

If this is not an option, another way to increase firmness is by using a bed frame that has wooden slats instead of metal ones. This will help keep the mattress from sinking in as much.


Summarizing, you will need to replace your mattress once it has reached its end of life, but doing so too soon can double your cost. However, you can use the tip above to fix the sibling mattress as a short-term solution. 

You can provide good support underneath your mattress or use plywood to ensure good support to your mattress. However, if you still feel discomfort and severe ache in your back or other body parts, you must consider replacing your mattress.

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