When Do Costco Mattresses Go on Sale? (REVEALED!)

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When Do Costco Mattresses Go on Sale

Mattresses are often on sale at Costco during the store’s seasonal sale events. Since many mattress companies debut their newest models in May and June, this is also a standard period for Costco to have sales on mattresses. Exactly where you may save between 15 and 20%. Beds are also sometimes on sale at Costco throughout the year.

If you’re similar to us, you probably spend about a third of your life in bed, but instead of replacing your mattress more often, you let it become in a position of considerable degradation first.

If you have been tossing and turning in your sleep more frequently as of late, it may be time to consider changing that drooping, uncomfortable argument that passes for a mattress. 

And the mattress sale at Costco is the perfect occasion to take advantage of that opportunity!

Since a comfortable mattress is necessary for a good night’s rest, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Costco is now offering a variety of well-known mattresses at discounted prices that make it a no-brainer to switch to a higher-quality bed.

According to the specialists, we should seriously consider purchasing a new mattress after seven to ten years.

This determines how long it takes for a bed to feel lumpy, sagging, or just overall unattractive to sleep on. Changing out a mattress is challenging since so many unknowns are involved. 

The month of May is when consumers may get the best deals on mattresses from reputable manufacturers. June is when they do their regular line refreshes, so this is the time of year when they get rid of their old stock. 

In addition to the days leading up to and after major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, the slower sales seasons at various points throughout the year are also excellent times to look for deals.

When will the Mattresses at Costco Go on Sale?

Price cuts are a possibility at any stage during the year. We have observed that Costco is selling mattresses for various reasons, including that it wants to get rid of outdated stock, that it is the end of the line for the producer, and even that the bed has flaws or issues when it arrives.

Mattresses sold at Costco are known to go on sale during May and June. This is the time of year when companies that make mattresses clear out their old inventory and introduce new items that result from yearly research and development. 

To provide customers with more options for mattresses, retail chains are cleaning off their shelves at this time of year to make room for new stock from the previous year.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to do so, shop at Costco during the mattress sale in May. Because of this, you have the most excellent possible chance of getting a good deal.

The best time to buy a mattress is in the spring.

If you want to purchase a mattress at the lowest possible price during the time of year when they are on sale, the best time to buy one is in the spring, in May or June.

If you act quickly at the beginning of July, you may even be able to get a reasonable deal on a mattress.

The most significant time to buy a mattress is in the summer.

Although purchasing a new mattress in the summer allows you access to the most recent offerings from the industry’s leading companies, doing so does come with a few downsides.

Because you are purchasing something brand new, you will be expected to pay a premium for the option. Stay away from mattress sales throughout the summer if you want to maintain your budget.

Nevertheless, if you tend to sleep hot, purchasing a mattress during the warmer months is a fantastic method to evaluate the level of temperature regulation offered by your new bed.

It is the warmest season of the year, so you get a good idea of how effectively that cooling system works when you see it during this time.

Purchasing a Mattress During the Fall and Winter

If you like to sleep on the cool side, waiting until fall or winter to get a new mattress will allow you to be sure it is warm enough for you.

You should make it a point to take advantage of the sales offered throughout holiday weekends if you proceed in this manner.

If you can purchase a mattress during the sales that take place on Thanksgiving Day, during holiday vacations, or around the time of Christmas, you will be able to take advantage of some significant discounts provided by mattress vendors who are desperate for sales.

When Costco sells its mattresses, how much money can customers save?

When a mattress is sold at Costco, the discount will depend on how eager the store is to get rid of the item.

The highest they would often knock off the price is anywhere between 15 and 20%, which may result in significant cost savings if you are looking to get a premium mattress. This indicates that you may get a larger bed for the same price. 

Keep in mind that you can also get adjustable bed frames from Costco while you are there, so keep that in mind as well.


At least once a year, Costco will have a deal on mattresses. You will have the most luck finding one around the holidays or in January when fewer people are shopping for beds.

When you shop at Costco for mattresses that are on sale, you have the opportunity to get bedding from more prominent brand names at a lower cost.

Make the most of the shifts in a fashion that occurs throughout the year and save money while upgrading to a more comfortable and spacious bed.

The mattress offers offered by Costco are among the most acceptable methods to save money while purchasing a higher-quality bed.

If you are willing to accept a style from the previous year, a malfunctioning mattress, or an item that has been returned, you may be able to buy it for an even better price.

Costco’s mattress sales make perfect sense for people shopping on a limited budget. Why wouldn’t you purchase your mattress at the time when Costco is having a deal and save yourself some money?




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