Ikea Mattress Size Vs Normal (Which Is Best? REVEALED)

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Ikea Mattress Size Vs Normal

Most of us are familiar with the standard mattress sizes: twin, double, queen, and king. But if you’ve ever shopped for an IKEA mattress, you know that they use a different system. 

Their mattresses are identified by names like “Full” and “Queen,” but what do those terms actually mean? And how do they compare to the standard sizes?

Here’s a quick guide to help you understand IKEA mattress sizes:

Twin39″ x 75″
Double54″ x 75″
Queen60″ x 80″
King76″ x 80″
IKEA Full53″ x 74″ (slightly smaller than a standard double mattress)
IKEA Queen59″ x 79″ (slightly smaller than a standard queen mattress)

As you can see, IKEA mattresses are slightly smaller than their standard counterparts. But don’t worry – they’re still plenty big enough for a good night’s sleep. 

So if you’re shopping for an IKEA mattress, just keep in mind that the size will be slightly smaller than what you’re used to. And now you’ll be able to maneuver your way through the IKEA store like a pro.

IKEA Bed Mattress Sizes Chart

Mattress TypeMattress Size
Standard Single80×200 cm
Standard Double90×200 cm
Standard Super King160×200 cm

IKEA offers a wide range of mattress sizes to suit any need. The 80×200 cm mattress is the equivalent of a Standard Single in the UK, with a width of 80 cm and a length of 200 cm.

The 90×200 cm mattress is the equivalent of a Standard Double, with a width of 90 cm and a length of 200 cm.

The 140×200 cm mattress is the equivalent of a Standard King, with a width of 140 cm and a length of 200 cm. 

The 160×200 cm mattress is the equivalent of a Standard Super King, with a width of 160 cm and a length of 200 cm.

IKEA’s mattresses are available in a variety of sizes to meet any need. Whether you’re looking for a single, double, king or super king size mattress, IKEA has you covered.

Can IKEA beds fit regular mattresses UK?

The IKEA beds they sell in Europe aren’t guaranteed to work with regular UK mattresses.

You can find some that will fit, but most won’t because of different standards and measurements across borders – even ones as small as just one inch.

Will a normal mattress fit an IKEA bed?

When it comes to mattresses, IKEA uses a slightly different sizing system than what is typically found in the United States. However, this does not mean that a standard mattress will not fit an IKEA bed

In fact, most bed frames are designed to be slightly larger than the corresponding mattress so that there is ample space for blankets and sheets. With this in mind, you should be able to successfully fit an IKEA mattress into any standard bed frame.

Are IKEA mattresses standard UK size?

IKEA mattresses are designed to fit European bed frames, which are a few centimeters longer than traditional UK bed frames. As a result, IKEA mattresses are also slightly longer than standard UK mattresses.

For example, a UK single mattress is 190cm long and 90cm wide, while an IKEA single mattress is 200cm long and 90cm wide. The only exception is the UK king-size mattress, which is the same length as an IKEA king-size mattress but is slightly wider. 

Overall, IKEA mattresses are slightly larger than standard UK sizes but will still fit on traditional UK bed frames.

How long do IKEA mattresses last?

It’s a good idea to change your mattress every 8-10 years. Even the best of them become less comfortable with age and all mattresses accumulate dust, mites, etc over time so that you can prolong their life by getting rid of these things when needed!

Are IKEA king-size beds standard size?

When it comes to mattresses, one size does not necessarily fit all. This is certainly the case with IKEA, which offers a range of bed mattress sizes to choose from.

Standard single, double, and king-size beds are all available, as well as a more generously sized “super king” option. In terms of width, IKEA beds range from 90 cm (standard single) to 180 cm (standard super king). 

So, whatever your sleeping needs, there’s an IKEA bed that’s just right for you.

Can IKEA mattresses be washed?

IKEA mattresses are made of high-quality foam that is designed to provide support and comfort. 

The 90×200 size is approved for children and has a child-proof zipper without a pull mechanism, which eliminates small parts and prevents children from opening it. Easy to keep clean since you can wash the cover by machine. 

IKEA mattresses are a great option for those who want a comfortable, supportive mattress that is also easy to keep clean.

How thick is the IKEA foam mattress?

The IKEA is a foam mattress that contains polyfoam in its comfort layer. This type of foam is known for being extra plush and supportive, which can help you get a good night’s sleep. 

The mattress is 4.75 inches thick and has a density of 1.7 lb./cu. ft. This thickness is likely intended to extend the lifetime of the mattress so that it can provide tolerable support and comfort for a longer period of time.

What are IKEA mattresses made of?

IKEA’s best foam mattresses use a blend of memory and polyurethane to relieve pressure on your body. The different compounds in these materials provide for excellent support, circulation throughout the night-time hours (up until you wake), as well as increased comfort.

Do IKEA mattresses come rolled up?

The IKEA mattress is a fantastic option for those looking to save some money and build their own bed.

They come rolled up, so you need about 72 hours before they’re ready with no risk of expanding too quickly or becoming uncomfortable once laid on top of another person’s home planet.

The IKEA mattress essentials are:

From finding the right mattress to making sure you have a comfortable sleep at night, IKEA has all of your needs covered.

With their essentials like temperature control and materials that are nontoxic as well sustainable sourced – they strive for everyone’s quality time with family members or friends.


Ikea mattress sizes are different than standard mattress sizes. If you are looking for an Ikea mattress, be sure to know the dimensions of the mattress so that you can find the right size bed frame. 

Let us know in the comments section what your experience has been with Ikea mattresses. Have you found them comfortable? Did they last long?

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