Are IKEA Mattresses Standard Size? [ANSWERED]

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Although IKEA mattresses aren’t the same size as standard mattresses, they’re still roughly the same size. Because bed frame sizes are somewhat more significant than the mattress they’re intended to fit, you should be able to cram an IKEA mattress into anyone.

Are IKEA Mattresses Standard Size? (Sizing Guide)

IKEA is well-known for creating various fashionable items in multiple themes. However, you may often buy an IKEA product without thinking that you’ll need to purchase the complementary pieces from IKEA because they are non-standard sizes.

Is it normal for IKEA mattresses to be the same size and fit in any bed?

Mattresses from IKEA are not the same size, so make sure they fit your existing bed frames or other components. The difference isn’t enormous, but it’s worth double-checking to be safe.

I’ll go over IKEA sizes as well as comparisons for other mattress sizes throughout the world. Because IKEA mattresses are diverse in certain vital areas, I’ll show you what to look out for so you don’t get a mattress that hangs over your bed frame and looks terrible.

Are IKEA Mattresses Only Designed to Fit IKEA Beds?

IKEA is famous for producing items that depart from the norm. IKEA mattresses are more significant than the conventional mattress sizes available at other businesses.

The difference isn’t huge enough to necessitate buying an IKEA mattress for your IKEA bed frame, but it is significant enough to measure.

On their website, IKEA provides a chart comparing regular mattress sizes to the IKEA size (sometimes known as European sizing).

The most specific change is the length, with a Standard Single being 3′ x 6’3″ against IKEA/European single at 3′ x 6’6″). As a measurement system, the difference between inches and centimetres is frequently where these tiny variations come from.

Because IKEA is a European brand, its products are designed to fit into smaller places so people can live in apartments and other similar traditions across Europe.

Because IKEA prefers to sell complete kits, it will encourage you to purchase a bed frame sized to fit the mattress they also offer. The length of IKEA bed frames can vary somewhat from that of a regular bed.

That isn’t to say that you can only get an IKEA mattress with a frame, but if you want to avoid problems such as seeing the bed frame when it’s too big or a mattress slipping off of a tiny bed frame, measure the dimensions first.

What Size Are IKEA Mattresses?

The IKEA/European single is 3′ x 6’6″, the IKEA/European double is 4’7″ x 6’6,” and the IKEA/European king is 5’3″ x 6’6″. The IKEA website may find a comparison chart for US and Canadian sizes.

This indicates that, in general, when comparing an IKEA mattress to a non-IKEA bed, you’re looking at less than 0.25 inches in both dimensions.

Depending on the type of mattress, it may be wider by less than 0.25 inches but perhaps narrower by 0.5 inches.

This is an issue to consider when considering flat sheets in particular. Another choice is fitted sheets with deep corners/pockets or necktie backs.

The IKEA website will show the dimensions for all the beds they offer. In-store displays will also display the label of a mattress, such as Standard Double, rather than providing actual measurements.

If you search for a product name or the term on IKEA’s website, you’ll be taken to a product page with the exact dimensions published.

Then, to double-check, go to your local IKEA and measure the bed frames (most IKEAs have paper measuring tape, pencils, and memo pads at the entrance).

If you’re still unconvinced, measure your current mattress or bed frame and record the measurements. It may also be worth looking for any information on the mattress tags or talking to the bed frame manufacturer about what type of mattresses fit.

Another thing to consider is that some people dislike IKEA mattresses because they are regarded as being too soft compared to what they are used to.

This is why, before buying anything, you should test it to avoid disappointment and poor sleep. IKEA mattress types include poly-foam, memory foam, innerspring, and synthetic latex.

Are IKEA Bed Sizes Different?

IKEA beds are popular since they offer a low-cost, attractive way to decorate your sleep space style. IKEA Single and King Size Beds vary depending on the country of origin; nevertheless, both sizes may be used interchangeably to fulfill any need!

The IKEA single bed frames are 200cm x 90cm, whereas UK singles measure 190×90, so if you choose an IKEA EU size bed frame instead of the traditional British version, you’ll have more floor area.

What Size is a Standard Single Mattress?

Mattresses do not have a standard size worldwide, although they vary by nation and region. To figure out what your local regular is, you may look at numerous charts that compare various mattress sizes and measurements.

Twin mattresses are the most common in the United States, with dimensions of 39″ by 75″ or 3.1′ by 6.25′. 

Mattresses come in various sizes, but the most popular is a single or twin size. Because one mat cannot fit two individuals, almost any other larger mattress would be the option.

However, it should be the ideal dimensions for a daybed, bunk bed, or guest bed, especially in confined areas due to space restrictions. 

A single twin mattress is usually equivalent to a king-sized bed. This might be advantageous because the two mattresses are not reliant on one other, allowing two people to sleep side by side without disturbing one another as quickly.

Another disadvantage is that single mattresses are usually unsuitable for people taller than 6′ because they aren’t long enough. Last, compared to other similarly sized beds, the IKEA mattresses may be a fantastic bargain.


IKEA mattresses are a popular and affordable option for those looking to get a good night’s sleep.

However, it is essential to know that IKEA bed sizes may differ from standard bed sizes in your country or region. 

It is always best to measure your current mattress or bed frame and compare the dimensions to those of an IKEA mattress before making a purchase. Also, remember that some people may find IKEA mattresses too soft, so it is always best to test one before buying.


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