Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews | Should You Buy or Not?

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Sleepy's Mattress Reviews

Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews – should you buy or not? This is a question that many people have been asking themselves lately.

Sleepy’s mattresses are at the forefront of mattress reviews, and they offer an affordable option for those who want to try out this type of bedding. We will go over the pros and cons to help you decide whether or not it is worth your time and money to buy one of these beds today!

About Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews?

Here are Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews, Sleepy’s Mattress is a mattress retailer in the United States. It specializes in selling king-size mattresses by manufacturing them under one roof.

The company distributes its products with free shipping, a trial period, and gift cards among other attractive features to increase customer satisfaction.

Also, Sleepys Mattress Reviews have been positive with customers vouching for their excellent services including 20 years of sleepy’s mattress warranty on every brand they sell.

with over 348 stores nationwide, you can be confident that whatever your requirement or preference when shopping for a new bedding set is; it will be available at Sleepy’s store near you!

Products Offered By Sleepy’s Mattress?

Sleepy’s offers mattresses, foundations, adjustable beds, and bedding accessories for all types of bedding. They offer the following mattress categories: classic models, pillow-top models, Euro Top models ​, and luxury models.

Different collections include hybrid versions that combine two or more features to create a truly unique product.

The modern Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews website provides detailed descriptions of all the products available in their inventory so customers can find exactly what they are looking for without any inconvenience. Below is a list of items available at Sleepys with brief explanations of each one:

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Here Are Top Sleepy’s Mattress

Sleepy’s is a mattress company that has been around since February 4, 1931, and has been able to cater to those who want a great night of sleep.  

They have a wide range of products with many different price ranges so there is something for everyone.  

There are four main things you should look at when shopping for a new mattress: size, comfort, budget, and firmness.

With the variety that Sleepy’s offers, these factors will vary where they fall on each mattress line. Here are the top options And Sleepys Mattress Reviews.

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Sleepys by Mattress Firm:

The Sleepy’s by Mattress Firm mattresses are not just the best mattresses you’ve ever slept on, they’re the solution to your sleep problems.

At Sleepy’s by Mattress Firm, their goal has always been for everyone’s mattress experience to become as magical as ours.

I was in the market for a new mattress and did a lot of research on the different types of mattresses. I decided to go with a memory foam mattress and found the Sleepy’s by Mattress Firm website.

I was able to find the perfect mattress for me, the 12 Inch Quilted Gel Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress is so comfortable and has a plush comfort level. I love that it is twin XL size so it fits perfectly in my room.


  • Free in-room delivery & setup
  • Free mattress & foundation removal available

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Memory Foam Snug Mattress:

When it comes to mattresses, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” That’s why the Sleepy’s by Mattress Firm is meticulously designed for you.

With its thickness and plushness, stomach sleepers can sink into the custom-made foam and adjustable air pockets with immense support and soft touch.

Meanwhile, back sleepers can expect a steady surface that flexes automatically depending on their position change – rendering that tossing and turning obsolete.

What’s more? It’s 100% made in America; even rewarding employees who go above and beyond by paying them double than your typical factory worker! Today is not just about convenience: it’s time to upgrade your night with the best mattress made in the USA today.


  • Dense layer of supportive memory foam
  • Medium feel
  • Sleep at a comfortable temperature
  • Designed For All Sleeper Types

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Latex Hybrid:

A cutting-edge, eco-friendly mattress made with Certi-Pur Latex and four layers of memory foam.

The magic begins in the middle where two types of foam work together to deliver a perfect balance: pressure-relieving support on your hips and upper back for all-night comfort and targeted support (found only in Motion Essentials) for your shoulders, neck, and legs so you stay cool, anchored and snug during sleep.

It is also hyper-breathable for cooling comfort all night long. 

Absorbs motion quiets sounds better than any other latex hybrid mattress – even without an expensive box spring or foundation* A plush 5-inch luxury layer of specialized microfiber polyurethane foam is soft enough to keep you.


  • Best Value
  • Excellent pressure relieving mattress
  • Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Mattress
  • Certi-Pur certified
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant

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10 Inch Quilted Memory Foam Mattress

A night of restful sleep is a key staple to living a happy and healthy life, but Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with this idea.

The 10 Inch Quilted Memory Foam Mattress has zoned lumbar support for enhanced back support giving you the perfect balance of comfort and spinal alignment all night long.

The mattress is also non-toxic – unlike most mattresses in stores, today that contain fire retardants, chemical waves, formaldehyde toxic off-gasses, allergens like dust mites, pests like bedbugs or fleas, making them great for pet people too!

With our exclusive white glove delivery service, your new bed will come delivered right to your door – upstairs or downstairs – hassle-free. The reversible design helps regulate the temperature throughout the night.


  • Zoned lumbar support
  • Non-Toxic and chemical free
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Temperature-neutral

Comfort Level

Like most big-name brands in the mattress industry, they offer plush mattresses as well as firm or medium support levels for those who may need a more firm mattress.  They also have a line of memory foam and latex mattresses for those who crave this type of comfort.   


With the variety offered they will most likely have a mattress size that fits your needs without having to buy a custom-fitted one.  From twin, full, queen, king, as well as California king sizes there is something for everyone.   


With all things equal you can’t expect Sleepy’s to cheapen their quality or product just because it may seem too expensive.  

However, with brands like Ikea starting around $500 for a twin-sized mattress and going up from there, Sleepy’s can be slightly pricey depending on what size mattress you need.


Sleepy’s Mattress Foam Factory is one of the leading mattress stores in New York City. They offer a wide range of beds ranging from foam, spring, and waterbeds.

The company was established by Maurice Schlessinger on Franklin Street, New York City, and opened its first outlet on Feb 4, 1931.

Since then it has grown to become a multi-million dollar business with over 45 stores all over the United States and more than $3 billion worth of sales per year.


The innerspring mattresses are available in medium, firm, and extra firm. The mattress has a pocket spring unit with springs encased individually for durability. It also has a foam overlay that provides additional comfort to the customer.

Foam Mattress: Sleepy’s Foam Mattress Factory manufactures memory foam mattresses. The brand offers three different types of memory foam mattresses including traditional viscoelastic, gel-infused latex, and adjustable memory pillow tops.

Waterbed: This type of bed is designed to simulate sleeping on the water by having water chambers filled with water instead of metal coils.

Encased Coil:

The spring unit is encased in an individual pocket and has a border rod for support. The top layer of the mattress is made up of foam and provides superior comfort to the customer.

Adjustable: This type of bed offers two inches of air-adjustable comfort pads on each side, which can be adjusted easily depending on the temperature and weight.

Air: This has an air chamber filled with air instead of metal coils.

Extra Long Twin: Sleepy’s Mattress Factory manufactures an extra-long twin bed that fits into standard full-size frames and can also fit into queen and king-sized beds as well by moving it back slowly while turning off the machine after positioning it in its allotted space.

Great Design and Good Materials

Sleepy’s Mattress Factory uses high-quality materials and has a good design. Their staff is well trained and does an excellent job of demonstrating how the new mattress should be properly used and maintained.

The mattresses are sealed to prevent leakage and then covered with a white ticking material for protection.

The customer can test out each mattress in the store before actually buying one by sleeping on it for fifteen minutes, after which the purchase can be made or not depending on their comfort level.

On average, people spend about one-third of their lives sleeping; this means getting the best quality sleep possible is important in maintaining their health and wellbeing.

Experts recommend that adults get between seven to nine hours of sleep every day to maintain optimum physical and mental.

Relieves Pressure Points 

Most of the mattresses manufactured by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory are designed to relieve pressure points, thus making it more comfortable for people with chronic pain.

The mattresses are also made in such a way that they contour to the body to offer maximum support and comfort without causing aches or pains in the morning.

Doesn’t Trap Heat = Comfortable Sleep

The mattresses manufactured by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory do not trap heat and thus ensure a comfortable sleep without any sweat.

They also provide good ventilation and make sure the customers get quality, cool mattresses at affordable prices.

Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews: Rating 4/5 

Sleepy’s is a reputable mattress store that offers customers an extensive range of options to choose from. It has been in business for over 75 years and manufactures high-quality products that are available at affordable rates.  

No Noise or Sleep Disruptions

The mattresses manufactured by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory are not noisy or disruptive. People can sleep on them without worrying about any kind of noise that could cause disturbance to their sleep.

Strong Frames Ensure Better Support 

All the mattresses have strong, sturdy frames which ensure better support for the customers and prevent sagging over time.

Sleepy’s Mattress Warranty Offered on All Products

The brand offers a warranty on all its products against manufacturing defects, making it one of the most reliable mattress stores in New York.

Customer service is available seven days a week and assists the sleeping habits of adults as well as children sleeping patterns.

Great for Side Sleepers

 People who suffer from neck and back pain should definitely buy one of the mattresses made by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory as they are specifically designed to offer support to the neck, back, stomach, hips, and shoulders without causing any discomfort or pain.

The memory foam mattress relieves pressure on joints and muscles promoting better blood flow.


Their adjustable bed is customizable allowing customers to control it according to their comfort level. It can be elevated to suit different heights depending on customer preference.

Collection Of Sleepy’s Mattress

Sleepy’s Mattress Factory offers a collection of different types of mattresses at affordable rates. The staff is well trained and provides efficient service to all customers ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Customers can customize their purchases as per their requirements and preferences to ensure that they get exactly what they want without any issues.  

They also offer excellent after-sales services where the employees visit the customers’ homes for free to teach them how to use and maintain the products so as not to cause any damage over time.

Good Quality Mattress at Affordable Prices: Rating: 5/5 

People who are looking for good quality mattresses at affordable prices should definitely shop from this store as it has a range of options.

Overall Comfort

The mattresses manufactured by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory offer great overall comfort levels keeping in mind the features and preferences of all customers.

They are soft, comfortable, easy to maintain, and come at affordable prices. The store also offers quality memory foam mattresses that are perfect for side sleepers, allowing them to wake up fresh every morning without any ankle or back pain.

Sleepy’s Mattress Store has an efficient customer service system that ensures all customers get complete satisfaction from their purchase. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and provides excellent after-sales services.

Back Pain Relief

People who suffer from back pain can go for these mattresses to relieve the pressure on their joints and muscles. The memory foam mattresses are designed in a way that they take in all the weight in a uniform manner without exerting much pressure.

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They also provide good ventilation and make sure the customers get quality, Sleepy’s Cool Mattress Review these mattresses at affordable prices.

People looking for memory foam mattresses with 100% visco-elastic memory foam will definitely enjoy shopping here as they come with several perks. Their thickness, breathability, softness, and firmness levels can be customized according to an individual’s comfort levels.

Who Are Sleepy’s Mattresses Good For?

Sleepy’s Mattress Factory offers decent memory foam mattresses that are good for all types of people.

They are perfect for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and pregnant women who need better support in the joints.

Value A Price

The products they offer come at reasonable prices which make them quite popular among customers. People looking for affordable memory foam mattresses should definitely choose one from this store.

Why would you want to buy one of these mattresses

They are made from high-quality materials making them durable and long-lasting.

Perfect for all types of customers regardless of age, weight, height, preferences, and sleeping patterns.

Customer service offered by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory is excellent as they offer free services to the customers ensuring complete satisfaction. ..

The store offers a wide range of memory foam mattresses that come with customizable features and various levels of firmness to meet individual preferences and comfort levels. These include:

  • Gel infused memory foam mattress
  • Cool gel infusion memory foam mattress
  • Luxury cross flow memory foam mattress

Where are sleepy’s mattresses made?

The memory foam mattresses by Sleepy’s Mattress Factory are made in the United States of America to ensure they meet international standards and safety regulations.

Customers can choose from a range of options available depending upon their preference, budget, and overall comfort levels. The staff is also well-trained to provide perfect service so as to ensure the complete satisfaction of all customers. ..

People looking for good quality memory foam mattresses should definitely visit this store which has an excellent range of different products that come with customizable features and benefits.  They offer great customer and after-sales services ensuring maximum satisfaction.

Sleepy’s memory foam mattress reviews

Sleepy’s memory foam mattress reviews on Sleepy’s Mattress Factory are quite positive, with people appreciating the overall quality of memory foam mattresses they offer.

Customers also love the services offered by them and find it quite convenient to buy from this store. Their products come at affordable prices which makes them quite popular among customers.

Sleepy’s memory foam mattress reviews: Affordable Rating 4/5  

It is important for any customer to get a mattress that provides excellent value for money. This is where Sleepy’s Mattress Factory comes into play as it offers high-quality, durable memory foam mattresses at affordable rates.

Sizes Available Rating 3/5

Although the company has multiple options in terms of sizes in their range of memory foam mattresses.

Where are sleepy’s mattresses manufactured?

sleepy’s mattresses are made in Australia, and all of their mattresses are made with high-quality materials.

They use a variety of materials to make their mattresses, including memory foam, latex, and polyester. All of their mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they have met rigorous safety and performance standards.

In addition, sleepy’s mattresses are made in a fair and environmentally friendly way.

They use natural dyes and fabrics, and they’re committed to using recycled materials whenever possible. sleepy’s also offered a 100-night trial period, so you can test out a mattress before you buy it.

Are sleepy’s mattresses any good?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably always on the lookout for a good mattress. You want one that’s comfortable, supportive, and doesn’t make you sick in the morning.

Sleepy’s mattresses are a good option for people looking for a good mattress. They’re made with a combination of natural and synthetic materials, so they’re comfortable and support your body well.

They also have a warranty if you have any problems with the mattress, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s both comfortable and supportive, sleepy’s is a good option to consider.

Final thoughts on Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews

I hope you like these Sleepy’s Mattress Reviews. The mattresses come at affordable prices which makes them a popular choice among customers.

They have great customer testimonials that talk about excellent service quality and an overall positive experience.

They offer good quality memory foam mattresses suitable for all individuals regardless of age, weight, height, sleeping pattern, or preferences.

Some customers complain that the staff is not well informed about different types of mattresses so they have to do their own research before making a purchase.

So if you are looking to buy high-quality memory foam mattresses with good thickness and breathability levels then Sleepy’s Mattress Factory is your best option. They offer great customer services and provide free after-sales services to ensure complete satisfaction from all purchases made here.


Who makes Sleepy’s mattress?

Mattress Firm Inc. owns and runs the company and has been in business for many years. Sleepy’s offers a wide range of memory foam mattresses.

What are Sleepys mattresses made of?

They are made from high-quality materials making them durable and long-lasting.

Where can I get a Sleepy’s Mattress?

You can get one from their showroom, which is easy to locate from the store’s website.

Who manufactures Sleepy’s Mattress?

Mattress Firm Inc. manufactures and runs a company that offers excellent service quality and overall customer satisfaction.

Are Sleepy’s mattresses good for back pain relief?

Yes, they have been designed in a way that provides good support to all areas of the body.

Are their Mattresses low on maintenance?

Yes, they are easy to maintain and keep safe from stains, liquid exposure, etc.

Is there any warranty?

The mattresses come with a Lifetime warranty and 10 years warranty for their foam layers.

Does Sleepy’s Mattress offer free services?

They provide free delivery and set up services.

Can Sleepy’s mattresses sleep cool?

Sleepy’s Cool Mattress Review, Yes, they are infused with gel that helps in providing good ventilation and cooling.

Does Sleepy’s Mattress Firm offer free delivery?

Yes, they offer free delivery services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Is it easy to return a Sleepy’s mattress?

Yes, the store has a Simple & Easy return policy that ensures no complications or hassles.

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