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Eclipse Mattress Review

Here Is Eclipse Mattress Review, Do you sleep comfortably? It’s a question we all ask ourselves when we go to bed at night. If the answer is no, then it might be time for an upgrade. Eclipse Mattress Review everyone wants they offer high-quality mattresses at affordable prices.

Their Sleep Experts will work with you to find the best mattress and set up your new bed in your home or office!

This company started in 1905 and their quality is Impressive. They have spent over a century developing the best technique for mattress design and creation, resulting in numerous awards from industry experts.

Eclipse Mattress Review is committed to ensuring your 100% satisfaction with Their products. If you are not completely satisfied within 120 nights of receiving your new bedding, contact them for a refund or exchange at any time.

Eclipse Mattress Review Pricing Wise

In terms of Eclipse Mattress Review pricing, it is a common misconception that you have to spend a lot for an excellent quality mattress.

While there are some mattresses out there with a hefty price tag and great reviews, most people can’t afford them or simply don’t want to be bothered by the upkeep costs required with those types of products.

However, they might miss out on so much more than getting stuck paying too expensive prices for average comfort as well as durability.

Therefore, we decided to review one such low-priced mattress from Eclipse Mattress Company which promises decent support without breaking your bank account – especially since this product comes at under $300 to $1200!

The following will discuss what makes us think that this brand truly lives up to its name:

Top 3 Best Eclipse Mattress Picks

Wait are you in a hurry? Then these top 3 picks are for you…

Best Value

Eclipse 13 Inch Ultra-Deluxe Gel Memory Foam

The Best Mattress

About This Product

  • Comfort Layer
  • Response Layer
  • Dynamic Support Layer
  • Base Layer

Best Value

Eclipse Deluxe Cashmere Memory Foam

The Best Mattress

About This Product


Best Value

Eclipse 8″ Latex Mattress Set Size

The Best Mattress

About This Product

  • Pressure Relief
  • Motion Cancellation
  • Cooling Technology

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1. Eclipse Chiropractors Care 1000

If you need a bed for your son or daughter, why not get them one that has everything they could ever hope for?

The Eclipse Chiropractors Care 1000 Mattress is perfect for their well-being and will last beyond.

Made with generous layers of foam padding to provide extra comfort and support wherever it’s needed most, this mattress also includes heavy-duty innerspring construction so the shape won’t suffer over time!

With a cover made from durable damask fabric, its durability is unmatched. Get yours today before they sell out!


  • Qualifies for Special Financing
  • Fast Local Delivery
  • Zero Pressure Promise
  • Doorbuster Model
  • This is perfect mattress for a child or spare room.
  • A quality innerspring with layers of padding and firm support!
  • Heavy Duty Innerspring
  • Layers of Padding
  • Durable Damask Cover
  • A Perfect Starter Bed

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2. Eclipse memory foam mattresses

With a clever name and many options, the Eclipse Memory Foam Mattress is an innovative product for any bed-inhabiting human.

Choose from three different heights and four different kinds of foam (plush, medium, firm), and experience comfort like never before!

The mattress offers adjustable basis compatibility as well as free shipping with the USPS or FedEx. it’s easy to get great sleep while saving money too!


  • height from 9 to 14 inches
  • come in plush, medium, and firm options
  • 20-night trial period
  • positive reviews and average 4 stars
  • ship free via USPS or FedEx
  • suitable for adjustable bases

3. Eclipse Chiropractors Care 2000

Finally! A heavy-duty mattress is so comfortable it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Your neighbors will want to lay down and get fat too.

The Eclipse Chiropractors care 2000 Mattress is an excellent value with plush padding.

It’s perfect for your side or back sleeper who needs a little more comfort in the form of layers of padding and a luxurious, durable Damask cover.

With Heavy-Duty Innerspring that provides stability, this mattress is just what you need to get a good night’s sleep.


  • Doorbuster Model
  • The 2000 model model features more padding and a softer feel.
  • An excellent value with plush padding
  • Heavy Duty Innerspring
  • Layers of Padding
  • Durable Damask Cover

4. Eclipse Wellness

Sleek and convenient, the Eclipse Wellness Mattress is perfect for those who want a cooling hybrid mattress because of its plush comfort and innovative design.

with just one handspring coil spring system, Their handmade bed delivers more power than most memory foam mattresses on the market.

This hypoallergenic and dust-mite-resistant invention also contains more than 800 individually wrapped coils that provide maximum support while you sleep! So get ready to wake up feeling refreshed every morning thanks to this well-deserved restful sleep!


  • cooling hybrid
  • made with copper-infused
  • comfortable sleep
  • Support layers
  • contains more than 800 individually wrapped coils

5. Eclipse Chiropractors Care 3000 Extra Firm

We guarantee you haven’t slept well until you’ve had a restful sleep atop this mattress.

Featuring innovative and sturdy construction, we’re confident that it will provide your body with the strong support and protection it needs to wake up feeling well-rested and ready for another day.

And with its impressive ten-inch thickness, edge guards on both sides, as well as foam padding strategically placed inside the structure of the mattress protector to cradle hips sliding off from side to side.

Eclipse Chiropractors Care 3000 Extra Firm Mattress is sure to suit even those who prioritize comfort over everything else in their decision-making process when choosing a new bed.”


  • Fast Local Delivery
  • Zero Pressure Promise
  • Doorbuster Model
  • This Extra firm is a terrific value.
  • Perfect for the back sleeper.
  • No other mattress company provides this quality at this price level.
  • 10″ Extra Firm.
  • Heavy Duty Firm – Built to last.
  • Hi Profile Heavy Duty Innerspring
  • Layers of Padding
  • Ultra Firm Chasen Support Pad
  • Side Bracer Edge Guards
  • Beautiful Damask Cover

6. Eclipse Serene

The new Eclipse Serene mattress combines comfort and beauty.

The all-foam hybrid design uses layers of foam cumulatively to stimulate pressure points with coils for added restiveness, but its Euro pillow top makes it the perfect choice for those who are more used to a softer surface.

It has three different firmness options so you can get exactly what your body needs to fall asleep faster.


  • hybrid mattress
  • designed for comfort
  • Layers of memory foam
  • individually wrapped coils
  • has three firmness options Euro pillow top, plush, and firm

7.Eclipse Chiropractors Care 5000 Euro Pillow Top

Eclipse Chiropractors Care’s 5,000 Euro Pillow Top Mattress is the perfect mattress for anyone that needs soft yet supportive comfort.

With an 11″ thick euro pillowtop and layers of padding this mattress will feel like your own personal island on which you can relax and let time pass by, just as long as it doesn’t take too long to fall asleep thanks to the firm support!

This all-inclusive mattress is guaranteed to relieve morning aches and pains. Giving you the best of both worlds with its 11″ thick, Euro PillowTop design that offers firm support plus a cushiony pillow top for extra plushness.

A USA-leading company in creating comfortable mattresses at an unbeatable price point! With its elegant knit cover made from Danish panels, this bed has it all.


  • Fast Local Delivery
  • Zero Pressure Promise
  • Doorbuster Model
  • This 11″ thick Euro Pillow Top provides firm support with a comfortable plush pillow top.
  • Perfect for the side or stomach sleeper.
  • Simply the one of the best values in the entire USA!
  • No other mattress company provides this quality at this price level.
  • Hi Profile Heavy Duty Innerspring
  • Layers of Padding
  • Chasen Support Pad with Plush Convoluted Foam
  • Side Bracer Edge Guards
  • Beautiful Knit Cover

What is a Eclipse mattress and why does its reviews matter

My mattress is better than yours! Just kidding. I’m sure all of the mattresses are great, but there might be some that stand out from others in certain areas.

One such area that comes to mind when it comes to sleep is support and pressure relief. That means if you have a bad back or any other problem with your spine, this one will definitely help you relax without discomfort after an active day.

Another important factor for me was made in USA quality materials because I know how many products come through China these days.

This process can sometimes take away from the strength of their manufacturing so I always try to find US-based companies who work hard at making high-quality goods.

Eclipse Mattress Quality In Firmness/Feel/Comfort

Now, the most important part of an eclipse chiro firm mattress for many people is how it feels. The firmness can be adjusted to fit your particular needs but that also usually comes at a higher price tag.

For example, if you are very light and don’t put much pressure on your mattress while sleeping then you may get away with purchasing soft mattresses.

However, heavier individuals need more support from their beds where they sleep or even sit for long periods of time without sinking in too deep into the surface.

This means softer beds will not provide enough cushioning which might cause pain/pressure points during certain parts of the night (for instance when laying back ).

To ensure this doesn’t happen make sure the mattress has good edge support as well.

How do you find the best Eclipse mattress for your needs

It can be difficult to find the perfect mattress if you’re not sure what it is that determines quality. ​

Eclipse mattresses are exceptional in providing comfort and support, regardless of your sleeping position or preferred firmness level.

It all starts with their unique design which ensures a balanced sleeper experience at an affordable price point! Here are some helpful tips for finding the best fit:

Remember that everyone’s sleep preferences are different so consider yours before making any major investments.

Do you want something plush? Or do you lean towards more dense foam models? This will determine how much weight each model can handle as well as it’s general feel when lying on top of it. – If you have particular aches and pains, look.

The benefits of owning an Eclipse Mattress

The benefits of owning an Eclipse Mattress are to your well-being, health, and overall sleep. There are many different benefits for this mattress that make it the best choice in comfort bedding on the market today.

One of these great features is its ability to help with toning your body while you enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep.

The support system provides an even weight distribution throughout so there isn’t any extra strain or pressure put on certain areas of the body which can cause tossing and turning at night trying to find a comfortable position.

Why should I buy from this company vs others

Eclipse offers a 120 nights trial period and free returns, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

This mattress is ultra comfortable while being extremely affordable – perfect for customers looking to upgrade their sleeping experience without spending thousands of dollars!

You won’t find such an amazing product at such low prices anywhere else on the internet or even offline.

I’m really satisfied with how it’s made and all materials used to make this mattress are high quality that stands up over time unlike other products from different brands which tend to wear out quickly because they aren’t as durable and supportive like Eclipse bedding has been proved by users and reviewers online (e.g., Consumer Reports).

How to get started with ordering a new Eclipse mattress

Eclipse Mattress ships directly to your door and usually arrive within a week or two of delivery.

Be sure you’re ready for it: Remove all bedding, lift the mattress onto the box springs remove any plastic that may be covering up the bottom side of your new mattress, then flip over to allow air pockets to expand before sleeping on it!

What can I expect in terms of shipping? And what about returns?

Shipping costs are noted in checkout along with estimated arrival dates. Of course, you will have 120 Nights from when your order is received by Eclipse if you would like to return unused items for a 100% refund minus original shipping charges AND return fees that may apply.

Eclipse Mattress is one of the most popular direct-to-consumer online mattress brands and has been featured in many media outlets.

What Sizes Is It Available In?

  • Twin: 39 inches x 75 inches
  • Full: 54 inches x 75 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King: 74 inches x 80 inches
  • Eclipse mattress queen size
  • Eclipse mattress king size

The average human body requires seven to nine hours of sleep each night, and that is considered the minimum amount. You can find better quality sleep if you use a mattress like this one from Eclipse.

The price of these mattresses makes them ideal for anyone needing an upgrade on their current sleeping arrangement or who may be looking into getting another bed in addition to their existing set-up.

They are available in all standard sizes including twin, full, queen, and king as well as California King (72 inches x 84 inches).

What Is Eclipse Mattress Warranty?

In Eclipse Mattress Warranty, They Offer 120 Night Risk-Free Trial

There is a lifetime warranty on all of their products. They also give you 120 nights to make a decision whether or not it’s the mattress for you. If they don’t work out for any reason at all, then you can return them with no questions asked and get a full refund back in your pocket!

If You Want More In-Depth Information On Their Warranty Visit The Official Eclipse Mattress Website For Full Details And Instructions On How To Make A Claim!

What Is The Best Way Of Shipping? Typically Shipping Takes Up To 14 Business Days For Delivery Which Is Not Too Bad Since That Will Give You Enough Time To Sleep On It Before Making Your Decision As Long As Everything Goes Smoothly Ordering.

Eclipse Mattress Review about Is it good for?

Side Sleepers

Yes, it is good for side sleepers because the memory foam allows the sleeper to sink into its surface and provides them with adequate support. However, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach or backside, this mattress may not be ideal as they do not have any firmness advantages.

Stomach Sleepers

No, it is not good for stomach sleepers because the memory foam compresses easily when in this position. This means that your hips will sink too much and may cause back pain to develop over time.

Back Pain

Yes, it is a good mattress for back pain sufferers because the memory foam allows them to sink into its surface and relieve pressure on their spines.

Hot Sleepers

Yes, it is good for hot sleepers because the memory foam allows a cool sleeping surface and does not trap body heat.


Yes, it is suitable for those with allergies as its design includes no harmful chemicals or substances that may trigger an allergic reaction.

It also has low dust mite retention which makes them ideal if you have asthma, sensitivities to mold, pollen, etc.

If you are very sensitive to chemical smells then this mattress will suit your needs too as there is absolutely no smell of any kind from new.

The cover of the mattress features a fine-knit cotton weave fabric that breathes well and keeps you feeling fresh all night long.

Heavy People

No, the mattress is not suitable for heavy people due to its low foam density.

It has a high-density memory foam layer which provides good support but also makes it difficult when turning or moving around in bed.

If you are very light, however, the mattress may be too soft and saggy over time so if this is your weight I would recommend looking at another product.

Eclipse mattresses pros and cons




I hope Eclipse Mattress Review helps you very much, Eclipse Mattress offers a high-quality product for an extremely low price, while providing excellent customer service.

The bed is made with eco-friendly materials and uses the latest technology to improve sleep quality.

This mattress will also reduce back pain and help you get better overall health using their exclusive technology such as memory foam or gel-infused layers which provide cooling properties during your night’s rest.

If you are in the market looking for a new mattress at a great deal then we would highly recommend considering Eclipse mattresses before making your purchase!

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