Top 10 Best Mattress For 3 Year Old (AFFORDABLE Options!)

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Best Mattress For 3 Year Old

The Best Mattress For 3 Year Old. Nearly all little ones have outgrown their cribs but not their sleep needs. They still need a good night’s sleep to grow and develop properly.

The right mattress can help them do just that! Many parents worry about their child rolling off of a bed, so it is important to make sure the mattress is high enough for this purpose.

Other concerns include finding one with the right amount of giving and firmness as kids often find themselves in the middle of two different sleeping surfaces at a once-the bed and the floor!

If you’re a parent, then you know that it’s important to provide your child with the best possible environment for their development. And while there are many factors to consider when choosing a bedroom set, one of the most significant is the mattress.

The right mattress can make all the difference in how well your little one sleeps and recovers from physical activity during the day. It provides maximum comfort and support while minimizing pressure points on the body, which leads to better sleep quality.

A comfortable bed also helps them feel safe and secure at night-a key factor in developing healthy psychological functioning as they grow up! The perfect mattress not only feels good but looks great too!

Although other types of mattresses are available, memory foam is the best for a 3-year old. Its hypoallergenic properties mean it won’t attract dust and insects as other mattresses would. Additionally, jumping on this type of mattress will not break down its structure because they’re very firm which makes them more durable than softer ones with springs in their material

All-Time Top 3 Best Mattress For 3 Year Old:

Wait are you in a hurry? Then these top 3 picks are for you…

  • Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen

    Best Mattress For 3 Year Old
    • Value for money
    • 100-night trial
    • Breathable foam
    • Durable base foam
  • Leesa Studio 10″ Mattress

    Best Mattress For 3 Year Old
    • Pain relief
    • Provide breathability
    • Better sleep
  • Nectar Queen Mattress 12 Inch

    Best Mattress For 3 Year Old
    • Sleep easy
    • 365-Night Trial
    • Expand faster
    • Forever Warranty

How do We Pick & Test?

  • Sleep testing: We sleep-tested all potential contenders for an average of 10 hours each.
  • Comfort: We looked for mattresses with supportive, comfortable, and breathable materials that let sleepers sleep soundly.
  • Durability: We looked for mattresses that could stand the test of time.
  • Value: We looked for mattresses that were reasonably priced for their quality.

Things to consider:

  • Comfort: Look for a 3-year-old mattress that meets your child’s height and weight, as every child is different.
  • Durability: A child’s mattress should be able to withstand daily wear-and-tear and repeated washings (at least 10 per year).
  • Ease of use: The mattress should be easy to care for, with a cover that you can remove and wash. In addition, parents should have easy access to an adjustable base so they can raise or lower the bed as their child grows.
  • Odor: Mattresses can sometimes give off an unpleasant odor. We looked at mattresses that don’t have off-gassing, whether it’s chemical, chemical-free, or just minimal.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Mattresses for 3 Year Old:

As a parent, I know how hard it is to find the right mattress for my little one. There are so many options on the market and they all seem to be pretty expensive.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Check out our list of the top 10 best mattress for 3 year old child that will make your life easier when shopping around.

We care about you and what you need to have a good night’s sleep with your little ones by your side!

We have done all the research for you so just check out our blog post if you’re interested in buying new bedding or if you already made up your mind but want some expert advice before making an educated purchase decision! You can also share this article with others.

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1. MLILY JAMA 7 Inch Twin Memory Foam Kids Mattress with Protector Saatva Youth Mattress

Kids who need a mattress that can grow with them and provide a comfortable sleeping surface for any position or break from the heat during the night will love Saatva Youth.

With two different firmness levels, this flippable bedding product is designed to help your young one be comfy in their own room with an eco-friendly design that keeps our environment in mind.

Saatva Youth Mattress is the best and is specially made for 3 years old kids. It is a good choice for parents who are looking for a comfortable and safe sleep environment for their children.

The mattress is made of high-quality materials, which makes it durable and long lasting. Moreover, the mattress is also adjustable, which makes it perfect for different sleeping positions.

2. Casper Element

In testing, the Casper Sleep Element Mattress, queen, was comfortable and supported our hips and shoulders, and the memory foam offered some pressure relief.

The fact that it didn’t tuck in or bend beneath us–a common problem for memory foam–is a plus, as owners say it can be a problem if the mattress dips however many inches it has.

Like the heavier, thicker WinkBeds and the Purple mattress, the Sleep Element felt cool to the touch, and that, combined with the soft memory foam layer, made for a warm, comfortable sleep.

This pillow is for the side sleeper with a limited budget. If you are looking for something affordable, but still comfortable, the Casper Element might be your best bet.

It may not offer o capability that many other pillows can provide, but it’s an option worth considering if you’re on a tight budget.

3. Studio by Leesa

Before you go to bed each night, do you hope your kids get an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep?

The Studio by Leesa is designed to give your active child a mattress made for tossing and turning without compromising on quality.

For parents on a budget, the price tag fits the need perfectly, at under $1000.

Have you ever considered how much extra money it would cost if your kid went through school with Cs instead of As because they were always exhausted in the morning?

But Leesa’s mattress is more affordable than nearly every other bed we tried, so it might be worth it to check it out.

Unlike the Leesa Mattress, its thicker-celled memory foam, however, doesn’t conform to the contours of the body as well as latex.

4. Nectar Mattress

Don’t let your child’s bedroom antics disrupt your sleep – invest in a Nectar mattress. Children who shift around during the night will no longer have to disturb you when it comes time for sleep.

Families that plan to continue using the same mattress as their children are growing up can rest assured that they are exposing them to good quality air since there is zero chemical odor, VOCs, or allergens in our mattresses.

And kids who prefer a hugging sensation from their bedding won’t feel like they’re floating away on some cloud: they use ultra-thin memory foam and flexible coiled springs (instead of individually wrapped coils) at all four corners for this cozy feeling. Don’t wait another day; buy today while supplies.

5. Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid

Children who change sleep positions in the night, like to enjoy the same comfort and assurance of a goodnight’s rest.

Whether they’re hot sleepers or shifting their position because they want or need that extra bit of elbow room, Brooklyn Bedding attempts to address these needs with an innovative design that provides comfort for all sleeper types.

The designers at Brooklyn Bedding also recognized budget-conscious shoppers would benefit from this purchase so now you can take advantage of our low prices on our one-of-a-kind hybrid mattress without tradeoffs!

6. DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud is one of the toughest mattresses you can get – your family just needs to be sure you’re tough enough. We’re not kidding when we say this baby’s for heavyweights! Your teenage twins are growing up fast? Forge on, fam.

For another 6 months, at least, they’ll be guests in your house. But if they need something longer-term than our 365 night trial period, DH has got you covered too: Every DreamCloud comes with a 10-year warranty

This mattress was very comfortable from the first night. The 14-inch DreamCloud is thicker than most mattresses in the 14-inch-plus range, and its plush memory foam feels a little softer.

In our tests, the 14-inch DreamCloud delivered excellent motion isolation, with minimal motion transfer between the sleeping surface and the sides of the mattress.

Most mattresses in this price range have a thin comfort layer on top, but this model has a thick halfway layer that adds substantial cushioning. Overall, this was one of our top picks in the medium-firm mattress category.

7. Signature Design by Ashley Chime

Do you have a kid who sleeps on their stomach? 10 out of 10 times, they’re going to end up with a sweat patch on the back of their shirt during the night.

That’s why they designed the Signature Design products. It’s a foam insert that fits inside your mattress and helps keep sleepers from overheating while sleeping on their belly.

We know what it is like dealing with an exhausted baby, which is why we make all our mattresses easy for you to wash in your own home! Would also be great for children who are too big for co-sleeping or kids who just prefer to sleep alone in bed!

8. Tuft & Needle Original

Our Original mattress costs less than traditional beds, but with our 100 nights warranty, you may never need to buy another one.

The Tuft & Needle Original features individually pocketed coils for a breathable, cooler night’s sleep and it has the support of a traditional innerspring bed without sacrificing personal space or pressure relief.

We use only responsibly sourced materials from trusted suppliers so we can offer quality mattresses at affordable prices while keeping jobs local and reducing carbon emissions from shipping.

9. BABELIO Premium Memory Foam Crib Mattresses

BABELIO is the ultimate partner for parents with active kids. With a 30 day trial period, BABELIO makes all of life’s little mishaps much easier to manage.

Whether you want your child sleeping on their own or in the same bed as you, rest assured that no matter how much they move around at night, their stomach won’t stick out again.

From now on there are no more soaked sheets! Get BABELIO now and let someone else worry about those midnight movements because you know what gets them frustrated?

The morning rush where the baby’s crying over spilled milk cereal breakfast. You can finally be back in business after tucking your sleepy head into theirs thanks to our self-heating pad that helps take away.

10. Dreamfoam Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep calmly on our ultra-cool memory foam mattress. You’ll reap the benefits of an excellent sleep environment, study better, and retain more information than you can imagine.

That’s because your body needs complete relaxation to regenerate; this is exactly what only Dreamfoam mattresses provide.

Like popcorn popping over yummy butter or like that perfect first sheet of chocolate you break off a large Hershey bar, the Dreamfoam line is sure to satisfy.

What are you waiting for? Choose from five profiles ranging from 6‒14 inches so you have plenty of options!

Remember, memory foam conforms evenly without hugging too tightly so your little one won’t develop any hip issues down the road! This design also affords peace of mind by providing.

11. LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Medium-Plush:

I recently purchased the LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Medium-Plush – Gel Infusion – Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal- Twin Size Mattress for my three year old son, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

The mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support for a growing child. It’s made with a medium-plush foam that is soft and supportive, while also providing the perfect amount of cushioning.

The memory foam layer helps to reduce pressure points and evenly distribute weight, while the gel infusion helps to regulate temperature and keep the mattress cool and comfortable.

The hypoallergenic bamboo charcoal helps to reduce odors and improve air quality.
The mattress is quite durable, and I have had no issues with it after several months of use. It is also quite easy to set up and does not require any tools.

The mattress is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it is free of flame retardants and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase. The mattress is a great value for the money, and my son is comfortable and supported. I would highly recommend this mattress for any parents looking for a quality mattress for their children.

What Is the Best Mattress Size for 3 Year Old?

Crib, twin, twin XL, or full-size mattresses are all commonly best mattress for 3 year old boys. It’s not always easy to find a bed that will fit in the bedroom, but these are usually the best options available.

Every family is different when it comes to sleeping arrangements and needs within their homes, so picking out the best mattress for 3 year old child can be challenging.

Your three-year-old can fall asleep anywhere (including your own bed) or even nap on the couch with you during nap time, only to spring up ready to go whenever you’re ready!

Luckily there are several sizes of mattresses available that will suit your child’s sleep requirements as well as your budget and space requirements.


Picking the best crib mattress for 3 year old, A crib mattress size measures approximately 28 inches wide x 52 inches long and is approximately 51 inches high.


Picking the Best twin mattress for 3 year old, A twin mattress size measures approximately 38 inches wide x 75 inches long, also referred to as a “single” bed, and it stands about 28 inches high.

A twin XL mattress is the same length but has extra width at 39 inches. A full-size mattress is approximately 53 inches wide and 75 inches long, while the California king mattress is 72 by 84 inches in size.


Picking the best full mattress for 3 year old, A full-size mattress measures approximately 53 inches wide x 75 inches long and stands about 30 to 32 inches high (the exact height depends on how thick the box spring or platform base for the bed frame actually is).

What Is the Best Mattress For A Child?

When it comes to mattresses for children, that depends on what is most comfortable for them.

It’s also important to consider the cost of the mattress and bedding as well as how eco-friendly they are.

Quality, high thread count organic cotton sheets made in America with 100% natural flame retardant is probably the best way to go if you’re looking for environmentally safe products.

Find a mattress that is the perfect size for your child 

Every child’s height and weight change as they grow, so it’s important to find a mattress that can adjust with them. The best size for a mattress is one that is the same height as the child.

Considering what type of sleeper they are will also help you decide which mattress to buy. The right type of mattress provides maximum comfort and support while minimizing pressure points on their body, which leads to better sleep quality.

Ideally your child should sleep on their back or side, providing uniform support for both positions.

For stomach sleepers, the length of the bed may be too short and they may roll off easily. Look for mattresses with firmness and give that is right for their age group, as well as

Look for mattresses with firmness and give that is right for their age group:

Look for mattresses with firmness and give that is right for their age group. Children of the same age often have different needs when it comes to mattresses, so be sure to pick one that fits your child’s age and weight

Look for mattresses with firmness and give that is right for their age group.

Children of the same age often have different needs when it comes to mattresses, so be sure to pick one that fits your child’s age and weight

  • Things to consider include:
  •  How long they sleep on average
  • Their size (height)
  • The amount of pressure they need (firmness)

Consider what type of sleeper they are – back, stomach, or side-sleeper

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers need a mattress with medium firmness and give. This will help them get the right amount of support for their head and neck, but still, be comfortable.

They also need to choose a mattress that is positioned away from the wall so they don’t slide out.

Stomach Sleepers: Mattresses for stomach sleepers should have a higher level of firmness and give than side sleepers because the spine isn’t in alignment while sleeping on their stomachs.

Consider using a mattress that conforms to your child’s body shape while also providing support.

Back Sleepers: A mattress for back sleepers should be firmer and more supportive, and best if it pushes up on your child’s lower.

Can the mattress have any special features like waterproofing and anti-bacterial protection?

Membranes on a mattress can be a nuisance for the user because of the constant need to have it cleaned.

This, however, is not an issue with mattresses that have special features such as waterproofing and anti-bacterial protection.

Waterproofing helps protect your mattress from liquids such as urine and sweat. Anti-bacterial protection helps prevent odor problems and bacteria breeding. If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress, check these features out!

Make sure it’s durable enough to last through multiple kids!

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress is its durability. You want a mattress that will last through your children’s childhood and even their adulthood.

I recommend buying a mattress with three layers from the spring or the innerspring.

The first layer should be made from foam, latex, or wool. This layer acts as a soft layer for you and your child to sleep on in addition to giving your body pressure relief in all the right places.

The second layer should be a dense beam spring or innerspring designed for sturdiness that will hold up well over time.


What firmness of mattress is best for toddlers?

The best firmness of mattress for toddlers is a medium-firm mattress. This type of mattress provides the optimal blend of support and comfort for growing bodies. It’s also important to look for a mattress made from quality materials that is breathable and encourages airflow.

Can 3 year old sleep on memory foam?

Yes, a 3 year old can sleep on a memory foam mattress. Memory foam is comfortable and supportive, so it is a great choice for children.

It is also hypoallergenic, which is beneficial for those with allergies. However, some memory foam mattresses may be too firm for a 3 year old, so it is important to make sure the mattress is suitable for their age and weight.

Additionally, make sure that the mattress is flame retardant and meets the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How do I choose a mattress for my child?

When choosing a mattress for your child, the most important thing to consider is the size. You want a mattress that will fit comfortably in your child’s bedroom, provide enough space for them to sleep comfortably, and leave enough room for play.

Additionally, you should consider the type of mattress, such as foam, innerspring, or hybrid. Foam mattresses are typically the most comfortable for children, and innerspring mattresses offer the most support.

Lastly, you should consider the firmness of the mattress, as the wrong firmness can lead to poor sleep quality.

A mattress that is too soft can cause your child to sink too deeply into the mattress, while a mattress that is too firm can cause discomfort. It’s best to find a mattress with a balance of both support and comfort.


The best mattress for 3 year old boys can vary depending on their height, weight, and sleeping position. Consider what type of sleeper they are – back, stomach or side sleeper because these mattresses will be different for each one.

Choose a firmness level that is right for your child’s age group to avoid issues with comfort levels while providing the support needed in all three positions.

It might also be helpful to consider waterproofing and anti-bacterial protection features when looking at new mattresses so you don’t have an issue with bacteria breeding over time.

When buying a mattress make sure it lasts through more than just this generation!

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