Purple Mattress Warranty (All You Need To Know!)

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Purple Mattress Warranty

The warranty on a Purple mattress is valid for the whole Purple mattress family. If you need to file a warranty claim due to a faulty bed, it is in your best interest to be familiar with the terms of your new bed’ warranty.

Purple Mattress Warranty Length

The Purple Mattress comes with a limited guarantee for 10 years. The warranty term begins counting down from the day when the mattress was purchased.

The limited warranty is only suitable for the person who first bought the product. This indicates that the guarantee will be invalid if the bed is resold in any condition, even brand new or with minimal use. 

For a warranty claim to be processed, the actual evidence of purchase (such as receipts), the warranty agreement included with your new Purple mattress, and the law tags attached to the bed need to be provided. 

We strongly advise checking Purple’s website for modifications before making a purchase. This will allow you to protect the term of your Purple warranty if any changes are made in the future.

Once Purple has determined that the mattress is flawed following its terms and conditions, the company will not bill the original purchaser for the cost of repairing or replacing the mattress.

However, the buyer is responsible for paying all related fees for transportation, handling, and inspection when the bed has to be repaired or replaced.

Coverage under the Purple Mattress warranty?

Purple’s warranty is comprehensive compared to other mattress companies, covering both their memory foam and hybrid models.

However, the warranty does not extend to the mattress’s cover or the Purple mattress protector.

Note: It is highly recommended that you apply a mattress protector on your brand new Purple mattress to extend the cover’s life.

There are two Purple guarantees, one for the cover and one for the protection.

In addition, the Purple mattress guarantee is only valid for Purple mattresses used in residential settings; documentation of this usage may be requested in case of a claim.

Purple only guarantees its mattresses when used on a solid, level, non-spring base. This includes zero gravity beds and other adjustable bed frames. 

A bed frame for a Queen or King size mattress (or, more significant, such as a California King) needs five or more legs, not including the center support. The guarantee is null and invalid if you utilize an insufficient bed frame, bed base, or foundation.

Body imprints and visible indentations that are more than one (1) inch more profound than the surrounding sections of the mattress are also covered by the Purple mattress guarantee. Mattress sag refers to this common phenomenon

A body imprint is a depression in the bed that is sufficiently long and wide to be distinguished from the average sinking in of the cover fiber-fill materials.

The cover must be unzipped and taken off before the indentation can be measured. Then, using a ruler held vertically, you may determine the depth of the indentation by setting a straight edge on the mattress slightly longer than the indentation. 

Additionally, the mattress must be laid flat on the floor for the duration of the measurement process to eliminate the possibility of errors due to the mattress base or bed frame.

The Purple mattress guarantee extends to cover Damage like cracks and splits that resulting formalr usage and care.

What Damage is excluded from warranty coverage?

If Purple verifies the following findings and confirmations about a mattress, the guarantee will be null and void:

  • Damage is caused by body fluids like blood.
  • Food and drink-related Damage.
  • Incorrect use of a base, box spring, or foundation.
  • Inevitable breakdown of the padding
  • Infestation by vermin and insects.
  • Natural disasters or overexposure to the sun cause damage.
  • Signs of being jumped on include folds, imprints, burns, and wounds.
  • The law tag is removed.
  • Rips, stains, scents, and other visible indicators of physical deterioration on the mattress point to abuse, deliberate harm, or neglect.
  • We can see that the depression is less than an inch deep.

Many manufacturers of mattresses do, in fact, retain the legal power to reject a customer’s warranty claim for reasons that are entirely up to their discretion. Before making any purchases, it is in everyone’s best interest to read the small print.

Replacement Terms and Conditions

After determining that your Purple mattress has flaws covered by the terms of the Purple warranty and after the bed has been examined, Purple will either repair or replace the mattress. 

Keep in mind that whether you choose to get a new mattress or have your current one repaired, you will be responsible for the charges of shipping and handling both beds. 

When it comes to replacements, you do not have a choice between the various mattress types (i.e., If your previous bed was a Purple Mattress, you would get a mattress of the same design and quality).

The Purple mattress does not include the zipped cover as part of its guarantee. It comes with a warranty that is good for two years beginning on the day it was purchased. Within that period, Purple reserves the right to either repair or replace the cover if the cover is faulty. 

Please be aware that the mattress cover may be removed but cannot be washed in a machine; as a result, we strongly recommend that you always wear a mattress protector. In the event of an accident or spill, clean the affected area right away.

Claiming a Purple Mattress Warranty

Purple’s Customer Care may be reached at 888-848-8456 or info@purple.com if you need to file a claim under the terms of your warranty.

Do provide a short description of your warranty problem and include any relevant videos or images.

Warranty Coverage for Purple Models

Every Purple mattress purchased via the official Purple website, a Purple retail shop or an authorized Purple reseller is covered by the same industry-leading guarantee.


The guarantee with a Purple mattress is comparable to the warranties offered by the vast majority of mattress companies today; in other words, it is a standard warranty.

Some mattress manufacturers, like DreamCloud and Layla Sleep, stand behind their products with a guarantee that they are suitable for life or forever.

Before you buy a Purple bed, you should ensure that you have a complete understanding of the terms and conditions so that you don’t end up causing any complications later on.


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