Purple Mattress Return Policy (Explained!)

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What is the Purple Mattress Return Policy? 

Along with every Purple Mattress product, you will get a 100-night testing period. If you will feel that you have not gotten your desired item, you can send it back with a full refund of your purchase. But it is necessary to check the mattress for up to 21 nights before returning the product.

Purple Mattress Return Policy

Purple mattress is one of the most authentic and cutting-edge mattress companies. There are only three types of mattresses available from Purple.

So, there aren’t many alternatives for you to pick from. What would you do if you ordered the wrong product mistakenly? 

You would be happy to know that purple mattresses will provide you with an excellent return policy with a money-back guarantee.

They offer a 100-night checking period to get comfortable with the mattress. A 10-year guarantee is also provided with all the Purple Mattress.

To know more about the purple mattress’s return policy, you must keep reading this article!

What is the Purple Mattress Return Policy? 

The purple mattress provides an excellent return policy according to the customer’s demands and preferences.

In a rush, a buyer can buy something from a specific brand such as a purple mattress and can regret their purchase. What will they do? 

In this case, the item can be returned to the company by the consumer. Not only that but also customers will have the option to get their money back and have a replacement. The company does not add any extra fees for this.

Thus, there is a return policy for Purple. According to public feedback, Purple received a score of 9.5 out of 10. They are famous for providing their customers with the finest services possible. 

According to the Purple Mattress Return Policy, a consumer has 100 days from the time of purchase to replace the mattress.

The purchaser is required to utilize the mattress for at least 21 days. No matter the problem, Purple Mattress will assist you without any hesitation, whether it’s the right length or color.

How can I return a Purple Mattress? 

Everyone appreciates Purple because of its excellent refund policy. Do you want to send back the mattress but are unsure of the procedure for doing it? I’ll guide you about the procedure in detail.

  • You must have a 21-night free trial to see whether or not your mattress is good for you. Normally, the purple mattress overnight trial term is 100 days long. But you can check it out for 21 days before returning it within that time frame.
  • You will have to call the purple customer service staff. Then you will let them know that you would like to return the mattress as you don’t like it.
  • You must check to determine whether your item is now prepared to waste or not.
  • If you have a picture of a contribution or disposal receipts, you must call a purple service staff person.
  • You will now obtain your money within 15 working days.
  • To replace your purple mattress, you must take particular measures.

Is it easy to return a purple mattress? 

Due to their color and design, purple mattresses are one of the most efficient mattresses now available.

There are three sleeping foam options available from purple mattresses. And the company has increased its product range to include bed borders, seat padding, pillows, sheets, and clothing for both children and dogs.

For customers who are looking to buy a new sleeping mattress, purple mattresses are fantastic options. A few of the sleeping mats will also be suitable, depending on the buyer’s preferences.

To make the wrong mattress choice is always a risk. It is because you didn’t test the mattress before making an online purchase. As a result, many individuals avoid online mattress purchases. 

But the good news is that purple mattresses will provide you with a free trial of 100 days.

You can completely check and test the mattress by adjusting your sleeping position on it. In this way, it will prevent the risk of wasting your time and money.

When will I get my refund for the purple mattress? 

All of Purple Mattress’ devoted clients are qualified for a fantastic reward. If you want to return something, you will have 100 days from the time of purchase to do that.

But first, you will have to complete a 21-day trial period for a purple mattress. Within 21 days, you will have the option of applying for a refund or a replacement if you feel uneasy.

So, you will get your complete money back without any additional cost. If you have purchased an item at a discount price, you will get what you have paid for that product.

Also, it is essential to avoid any type of damage to the mattress if you want to refund or replace it. You will have to send back the mattress in its original condition.


Do you know that purple mattresses have the plus point of a 100-nights free trial duration? Yes, it is! What is the purple mattress return policy? If you return your item, you will get a complete refund.  

Your body will get a chance to adjust to the purple mattress if you test and sleep on it for more than 21 days. It will provide you with incredible assistance during this period.

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Do purple mattresses take your old mattresses? 

When the new mattress is shipped, purple will take your old mattress from your house if you selected a house assembly option. You can trust that your mattress will always be recycled properly because they are experts at recycling mattresses.

Is it hard to return a purple mattress? 

A purple mattress can be exchanged or returned easily. If you purchased your mattress at a discount, Purple will refund you the balance. Returning a Purple mattress is not very difficult because mattresses do not have to be re-boxed or re-packaged.

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