Ikea Return Policy Mattress: (Here’s What) Read This First!

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IKEA Return Policy Mattress 

IKEA mattress’s return policy is of 365-days if you have the original receipt with it. You can easily change, replace, or repair your IKEA mattress if there is any defect. You have to take care that your mattress is not broken, hardly used, or marked up. In these cases, your return policy won’t work. 

IKEA Return Policy Mattress 

IKEA is a retailer that is famous to provide high-quality products including mattresses. They don’t have the mattress return policy specifically.

All the mattresses have a return policy of 1 year that covers manufacturing and assembly issues. So, if your IKEA mattress has any defects in manufacturing, you can return or replace it within 365 days.

If you want to return your IKEA mattress within one year or a half, you must bring the original receipt with you.

This will indicate that your claim is authentic and you can avail your policy. In this way, you can easily change or repair your mattress to have a tight sleep on it.

Let’s get more about the IKEA return policy mattress

IKEA Mattress Return Policy 

A damaged mattress can be returned by the consumer for cashback within 90 days or 365 days. But the condition is that it hasn’t been unpacked.

For full cash back, the mattress must not be stained, soiled, or torn. And most importantly, a receipt must be given with the mattress.

They are good at their return policies if you want to replace or want your money back. So, you will not have to worry!

How to Return a Mattress to IKEA? 

IKEA is a retailer of home goods, and they can give you advice and suggestions on how to send your package back to them.

Even though the mattress was delivered in a crate, it will be sent back unpackaged. This way, it can make assembly a little more challenging.

The price of a mattress collection company is based on the location. It can range in price from $50 to $200.

Not only that but also returning IKEA mattresses at a shop will rely on the place. In this way, its price will vary according to the locating area. 

For concerns of sanitation, IKEA stores ask you to replace the mattress in the mattress’ gear package or a mattress cover. This will fulfill all your safety concerns as well. 

What is the Warranty on IKEA mattresses? 

In all the stores, there is a limited warranty on all the mattresses as well as other goods.

When you talk about the IKEA mattresses, they offer a warranty of 25 years and a return policy of 1 year. There are different types of mattresses available in IKEA stores to purchase.

In this way, the warranty and return policies of the mattresses will change according to the type of mattress.

Some mattresses have pads of different varieties that will cost differently. In the same way, their warranty and return policy will be different. Some mattresses will not cover the warranty of 25 years. 

Can I return my mattress without a Receipt? 

A receipt is proof that your purchase is original and you have paid the full money. So, if you want to return your mattress, it is essential to have the receipt.

You must keep your receipt with you when you go to the store to repair or change your item. It will help you to refund your money if you want.

But if you have lost your receipt, the company will refund your money after deducting some amount. Also, if you have an account on the website of the company, you can get an online receipt from the site. 

How long does an IKEA mattress Last? 

IKEA mattresses are famous for offering high-quality products and their mattresses are also of very good quality.

But the drawback is that they are a little expensive but they cover a total warranty of 25 years. It is a long period to use a mattress with a warranty

So, if you experience any defect in the manufacturing and assembly of the mattress, you can claim it from IKEA.

They will be happy to repair or return your mattress and provide you with excellent services. Also, they suggest that you must change or replace your mattress every 10 years. That’s great! 

They suggest that you must keep your mattress in a good position to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Even after being used by the customer, IKEA mattresses maintain their quality. Only the buyer has the option to misplace the mattress. 

It is made to provide you with the utmost comfort and stability. So, if you take good care of your mattress, you can be assured that it will last for several years.


Now I am going to sum up this article that is on the IKEA return policy mattress.

IKEA is a good retailer that offers you high-quality items with limited warranties and returns policies such as mattresses. IKEA mattresses offer a return policy of 365 days. 

Within the return policy, you can test and check your mattress and if you notice any defect, you can return your mattress.

This will allow you to get your desired mattress so that you can get a comfortable sleep all night

If you have an IKEA mattress in your bedroom, how is your experience going? Do suggest to others if it is working well!


How long does an IKEA mattress refund take? 

The refund from IKEA depends upon the location and quality of the mattress.

If your mattress has a lifespan of 20 years along with 100,000 hours of service, you will get your complete money back.

But if you pay your money via card, it will deduct 2% from the total. 

When should I return my mattress to IKEA? s

You must return your mattress within your warranty time. If you need to return your mattress even after one or two days of warranty, some stores will accept it but they can deny accepting your request.

So, it is better to return your mattress within its warranty period. 

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