Walmart Air Mattress Return Policy – [REVEALED]

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Walmart has a generous refund policy for mattresses. But how does it work? Walmart is a retail giant, so they need to keep their customers happy.

The last thing they want you to do is to go elsewhere and buy from their competitors. That’s why Walmart has developed a very interesting program for returning your mattress

Walmart is one of the enormous traders around the globe and has a generous return policy for mattresses. On any mattress, you have the right to return your item within 90 days of purchase for full reimbursement, even if you unboxed it.

Find out what Walmart requires of used mattresses before getting them back here!

Requirements For Returning Air Mattress :

Mattress TypeConditionDays
Air MattressClean90
Air MattressSame Shape90
Air MattressNon Damage90
Air MattressNo Tags90
  • The mattress must be clean and dry at the time of return.
  • The mattress must be in the same shape as the new one.
  • You cannot have used the mattress for commercial or residential purposes (e.g., camping, sleeping, etc.).
  • The mattress cannot contain any liquid or heavy items that could damage the return process (for example, water bottles).
  • You must not have removed any tags from the mattress before returning it to Walmart or sold it to someone else before returning it to Walmart.

Acceptable Reasons For Returning The Mattress:

You can return the air mattress to Walmart for the following reasons:

Defective air mattress. Air mattresses are covered by a one-year warranty that is good for defects in materials and artistry. If your air mattress is wrong, bring it back to the store where you bought it.

Damaged or missing parts of the air mattress. Some common problems with air mattresses include punctures or tears in the outer fabric, puncture holes in the inner vinyl, and broken valves that do not allow for inflation or deflation.

If your air mattress has any of these problems, it may be eligible for replacement under warranty.

If you purchased an air mattress because of its low price tag but later found out that other manufacturers offer similar models at lower prices, there may be something wrong with your purchase decision. You could ask Walmart to refund your money.

In addition to these reasons, you can also return an air mattress at any time if you change your mind about its purchase. The retailer cannot force you to use your new purchase as long as there are other items available in stock!

How long do you have to return an air mattress at Walmart?

The time you have to return an air mattress varies by product and the reason for return.

For example, if you purchase an air mattress in-store and it leaks, it is only covered by Walmart’s warranty if it has been used within 24 hours of its delivery. If you take more than 24 hours to use the product, it is not covered by any warranty period, and you can return it to Walmart.

Suppose you have purchased an air mattress online but decide to return it to a store at any time within 90 days of purchase (excluding special orders).

In that case, you must contact customer service via phone or chat for instructions on how long your return will be processed.

You may also want to contact customer service via email so that we can confirm that the returned item was received before processing a refund.

If you purchase an air mattress from and decide to return it within 90 days after delivery, then you must contact customer service via chat for instructions on how long your return will be processed.

You may also want to contact customer service via email so that we can confirm that the returned item was received before processing a refund.

Is it possible to return a mattress to Walmart without a receipt?

You can replace or even return a mattress to Walmart without a voucher, but you must bring authentic proof of purchase. The store will not accept a credit card as proof of purchase unless it is a Walmart gift card.

If you’re returning something that is not on the list of accepted returns, you must bring a copy of your receipt.

This is because there’s no guarantee that the store will honor any exchanges or refunds since they have no record of what you purchased in the first place.

If you are considering replacing an air mattress, you will also need evidence of buy. This would be easy enough if you purchased it at an in-store or online Walmart location. Just bring along your receipt showing when and where the original purchase occurred.

But if you bought it online from a third-party retailer such as Overstock or eBay, you’ll need to print out an image from your computer screen and bring it along with your original receipt.

Walmart Return Policy for Air Mattresses in Store

If you purchased your air mattress at Walmart with a manufacturer’s warranty, you could return it to any Walmart store. You must take your receipt and show it to the customer service team.

They will check the receipt against their records and see if your air mattress is covered under warranty. The staff will then help you out with the exchange process.

Walmart Return Policy for Air Mattresses online

There are two ways that you can return an air mattress that you purchased online from Walmart.

You can either replace it at a store or dispatch it to their warehouse. In this case, there is no need to take your receipt with you when returning the item, but make sure that you include everything that came with it, including all of its accessories and documentation.


In the end, you should find that the details provided in this article are beneficial. If you are wondering about the return policy for air mattresses and can’t find it on a website, it might be worth going into the store to make sure.

Many things change all the time (especially in retail), so you should always check the back.

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