Is a Double Bed Big Enough for 2? (Facts You Should Know!)

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Is a Double Bed Big Enough for 2

Things You Should Know About A Double Bed:

Many individuals have been wondering if a double bed is big enough for two people. Yes, there are, however, a few elements to take into account before considering whether or not you need to have a larger bed.

When you and your companion are hunting for bedding, there are numerous things to keep in mind.

You simply want to have a bed that suits your room’s measurements and comes with the bed frame of your preference. In this situation, a full-size mattress with memory foam seems somewhat acceptable.

One of the most significant factors to take into consideration when purchasing a bed size is whether the both of you will be able to have a good night’s sleep on the bed of your selection.

Is A Double Bed Big Enough For 2?

Can a double bed fit two persons conveniently? The two individuals who are involved influence all. The situations mentioned below may end up making a double bed perfect:

  • Compact spaces – Do you stay in a little space to sleep? If that’s so, a bed with a reduced size may make the bedroom look bigger. Use the additional space for a small table, a lighting fixture, or even an area to place your exercise mat.
  • Short people and cuddlers – If both of you and your spouse are short, a big bed could not be needed. Conversely, a double bed might certainly offer lots of good resting and cuddling areas if you choose to cuddle instead of stretch out throughout the night.
  • Since double beds were the norm for much more than a decade, it is simple to locate an antique bed frame and headboards that would accommodate this bed size. A wonderful strategy to satisfy your stylish desires would be to go vintage exploring. 
  • If you discover a queen size head, you won’t just have to ponder if a double bed can accommodate one. Due to its double framework, it is convenient to handle.

On the other extreme, some people have found that they demand extra room in order to achieve a good night of sleep.

Dimensions Of A Double Bed’s Mattress

In South Africa, a double bed-sized mattress spans 188 x 137 cm. It is only a bit too small for two people who are not really skin and bones when opposed to a queen bed, which would be 188 X 152 cm, or a single bed, which would be 188 X 92 cm.

Advantages To A Double Bed

A double bed has many advantages, which indicate why it has become so widely known:

  1. Its structure enables it to accommodate many spaces, but a queen or king might be too big in certain rooms, notably in more trendy apartments.
  2. Significantly less expensive than a queen or king-size bed.
  3. They are simpler to come across simply because they are more popular than that of most bed sizes.
  4. Compared to larger size beds, linen seems to be more affordable.
  5. Perfect for a single person.

Drawbacks Of A Double Bed

There are disadvantages to almost anything, and for double bed size, they are as follows:

  1. The framework and bedding cost more than that for a single bed.
  2. For especially tall people, not the finest (if you are a tall person, you can drop a double bed and get yourself a queen-size bed).
  3. Not quite enough area for people to sleep peacefully.
  4. Not possible to accommodate the entire family.
  5. Compared with a single bed, acquiring linens seems to be pricier.

Who Should Consider Purchasing A Double Bed?

The word “double” can create the impression that this bed size is ideal for bedding two people. Most pairs, however, do not meet this requirement. Only 15 inches wider than a twin, a double bed is only about 54 inches in diameter.

You can start to comprehend why a double bed would seem congested for two sleepers when you compare this width with those of a queen bed (60 inches) or a king bed (76 inches).

Who then does a double bed assist? Generally speaking, we recommend double beds for single people who want additional area than a twin. The double bed can appear very big for a single individual and, in a situation, it could also fit a companion.

Considering that it can long-term fit developing individuals, this size is indeed a fantastic option for kids and young adults.

Whereas a twin bed might seem restrictive to a growing teenager, a double bed can adequately house your youngster once they are old enough to acquire their separate bed. 

An ideal solution between a twin and a queen bed is a double or full bed. It is competitively priced, operates well enough in small rooms, and looks considerably broader than a twin. 

Does The Type Of Material Influence The Size Of A Double Bed?

Answering this question definitely will surprise you. The bedding materials seem to have the potential to affect the bed’s dimensions by as much as a half-inch. It is important to consider the material of your mattress after choosing its size.

Beds Made Of Foam

The majority of foam mattresses are the claimed size. You won’t have to bother extending a covering across each foam mattress’s edge since they are stretchier than coiled mattresses.

Bed With Coils

Foam mattresses are just much softer and far less sturdy than coil beds. As a consequence, it may be tough to lay a cover over a Queen bed that is approximately 60 inches x 80 inches.

This process can be simplified by using a queen bed that measures 59 1/2 inches by 79 1/2 inches.

But don’t feel intimidated by the modest size. Each bed must legally meet its marketed dimensions to the closest inch. The last Queen bed, which may be acquired, is 59 inches by 79 inches, even though it is sold as somehow being 60 inches by 80 inches.


Last but not least, Is a double bed big enough for 2? Now you know who will benefit most.

Couples who enjoy cuddling are welcome to do so, but growing and small children who may easily share a bed benefit the most from it. In addition, a queen-sized bed will be comfortable for a tall person.

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