How to Make a Queen Bed Frame Into a Full? (Easy Explained!)

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Most beds are on the adjustable frames. The standard queen bed frame comes with some adjustments.

You can easily make a queen bed frame into a full one by making some simple adjustments to your bed. Unscrew the bolt and adjust the support bar width 54 inches and length to 75 inches and you will convert your queen bed frame into a full bed. 

 Follow some tips that will help you make your bed frame full size.

How to make a queen bed frame into a full?

Adjust the metal mattress frame.

There is a support bar on each side of the bed for a mattress that connects with the headboard and footboard. These support bars come in different widths. Adjust the bed frame support bar by unscrewing the bolts. Make the new hole for the bolts from the center to the headboard and footboard. The new hole should be the same size and aligned.

Now place the box spring in the support bars and then put the mattress on the top of the bed. You have six inches of space on each side of the bed and now you’re the queen bed frame into full size.

The second method is, to remove the boxing spring and push the frame inward from the bottom side support. Now again push the frame from one side to create more space. Now lock the frame, and see the full-size frame of the bed.

Use Brackets

It is a little tricky to adjust the brackets of the bed frame. You can have a full-size queen platform bed frame without a headboard. But if you want to have a headrest then you need the brackets that can easily secure your bed frame.

Adjusting a Platform Bed

This is one of the easy methods to get a full-size queen bed frame. Like the queen, the large-size bed top extends more than the bottom frame. There are enough inches on the top and base.

Cut the excess part and make it a full-size bed. You can mark 3” on the head, middle, foot, and side edge.

Now connect all these lines. Cut the 3” with a circular saw from all sides of the bed frame. Connect the bed frame structure with wood studs with help of glue. Hide the cut edges with wood trim.

How to put a queen mattress on a full-size box spring?

You can easily put a queen mattress on a full-size box spring. It accommodates the mattress, but before checking the dimension of the mattress and box spring. You should know the type of frame boxing spring.  The queen mattress has a 6” in width. The metal frame is adjusted easily with queen size bed.

How to know that a queen-size mattress fits on a full-sized box spring?

There are a few things that will show whether the mattress fin is on a full-sized box spring.

Know box spring type

There are two types of box springs.

  • ·         Standard box spring
  • ·         Split box spring

Standard Box Spring

The standard box spring type of box spring comes as a whole piece, and it is not adjustable. This piece has a metallic frame that stops your queen mattress from sinking in the middle.

The standard box spring comes as a whole piece. You cannot adjust it. The box spring has a metal frame that stops the queen mattress from sinking into the middle of the bed.

Split Box Spring

The split box spring can be split into 2 parts which can easily fit into narrow spaces. It is an ideal spring box for the queen-size bed. But it requires support in the middle to balance the weight. You must know that your bed frame can have this kind of split box spring.

Use Boards

The bead is an affordable choice for the full-sized box springs. You can get the 2 medium density fiberboards with 5-8” thickness from the store. Now placed the box spring between the boards and it will easily stable the mattress.

Using Bed Frames

Use the bed frame to provide mattress support on a full-sized bed. The bed frame must have good depth to accommodate the spring box. Try to avoid the metal bed frame which may cause deformities in the box spring.

Convert Box Spring to Platform Bed

Changing the box spring to the platform bed will lead to the solid and durable foundation which is necessary for the queen mattress.


You can make adjustments to the bed frame or use the brackets to change the queen bed frame into a full double bed. It provides enough comfort with spaces.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do full and queen headboards are interchangeable?

Yes, both full and queen headboards are interchangeable.

Is a full bed a queen?

No, a full bed is not a queen. The queen-size bed is bigger than the full-size bed.

How much bigger is a queen than a full?

The full-sized bed is smaller than the queen bed. The queen size dimension is the bed is 5×6 inches and quite suited for both couples and individuals. Each couple can have 30 inches spaces which is why the queen is quite popular nowadays.

Can you put 2 queen beds together?

Yes, you can
The 2 queen beds together make the large beds which measurements reaching 120” wide and 80” long. The large size bed is then called ace size mattresses.

Is a full-size bed the same as a double?

Both the full and double are the same bed size. People call it different names, and still, people use these two names.

How big is a full bed vs Queen?

The queen bed is almost 60×80” while the full bed is 53×75”.The queen bed is suitable for couples while the full bed is perfect for adults and families.

Do people still use box springs?

It seems outdated but still, boxes spring is used in some cases. The mattress without a box spring is not bad if there is enough support from the platform bed, foundation, etc.

Can you put a full mattress on a queen frame?

Yes, You can put the full mattress on the queen frame. But you have to make little difference in sizes. 

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