Ikea Replacement Hardware (REVEALED!)

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Ikea Replacement Hardware

Ikea Replacement Hardware

When you talk about Ikea replacement hardware, there are many types of tools and accessories. It includes bed frame parts, bookcase parts, crib parts, dresser parts, table parts, and dresser parts that can be missing when you get your order. You can send the request to Ikea for the replacement hardware for free that is missing from the purchase.

Ikea Replacement Hardware

You might be aware that Ikea is a famous company that sells furniture and other home furnishing goods.

They offer high-quality products all over the world. If you want to get any product from Ikea, you can buy it from the market and can order online as well. 

Have you ordered a bookcase and not got the replacement parts with it? No worries, you can order from the Ikea website and request its replacement parts for free.

Sometimes, when you order a product from the Ikea website, it misses some replacement parts. 

Ikea replacement hardware includes crib parts, bed frame parts, bookcase parts, and dresser parts. So, let’s discuss how you can request replacement parts for Ikea hardware.

What is Ikea replacement Hardware? 

While assembling a bed or other furniture, you sometimes miss some parts that you will need to complete installation. They will require some essential tools such as a bolt, a wrench, or some other essential hardware component for assembly.

The missing parts will not let you complete the installation of your furniture. So, what will you do if you miss the essential hardware component? Don’t worry! You can order the parts from the website. 

Also, you can order additional replacement parts from Ikea if you have lost some parts of your furniture. You can order screws, cam locks, dowels, and more for BILLY, HEMNES, POÄNG, MALM, and other IKEA products.

You can get the replacement parts for free without additional cost. So, you can assemble your furniture using Ikea replacement parts without any delay.

You will have to follow some instructions to order from the Ikea website. Also, you can go to the market and ask for replacement parts for free. It is because they are essential with the product you purchase.

How to request Ikea replacement hardware? 

Thus, you can get an entirely free purchase of new components on the IKEA website. First, you will have to find the lost component inside the installation manual.

For this, you must have a printed version of your purchase. Then you will have to input its ID number on the replacement parts website. 

After that, you will add the desired quantity to your shopping basket. And then you can finish the purchase by providing your shipping address. After a day or two, your replacement parts will be delivered to you.

How to get replacement parts if you have ordered from a third party? 

Well, it is not that difficult to order the item that you ordered from a third party. Except for some initial steps, all the instructions are some. 

So, below I am going to tell you some steps that you can follow to order replacement parts when ordered from a third party:

  1. First of all, you will go to the Ikea homepage. There you will have to locate the item that you want to order from the Ikea homepage. 
  2. If you don’t have an idea about the name, you can insert its picture on the website. 
  3. Once you have searched for the product on the page, you will choose the “Assembly & documentation” option there by going below.  
  4. At that screen, you will get a complete file of the Ikea instructions. 
  5. Then you will have to search for the specific item with the ID number and type the ID there. 
  6. In the end, by placing the shipping address, you will complete your order. Before requesting your order, you must consider the shipping policy of Ikea from the website. 

Within 1 or 2 working days, you will receive your order! Thus, you will need to be cautious to order the replacement parts a few days after the shipment arrives. You must check the Ikea return policy to do this.

How long does it take IKEA to order bed parts?

Within 22 hours and 46 minutes, you can order bed frame replacement parts from Ikea. Repair parts from IKEA are available to replace misplaced or ruined bed frame components

IKEA MALM low & high bed frame components package contains the majority of the bed components that are required for assembly. It contains attachment plates, nuts, bolts, and additional bed components.

When you talk about the Ikea parts, it will take only 6 to 7 days to get the delivery for replacement parts from Ikea. 


Now that I have clearly explained about Ikea replacement hardware and how you can request replacement parts. You will have to go through this article to get a complete understanding of Ikea and its replacement parts. 

You will need replacement parts of your furniture if you have damaged or lost some of its detachable parts. In that case, you must have replacement hardware and if you don’t have that, you can order for free from the Ikea website. 

If you have ordered replacement parts using these instructions, then let me know how your experience was!  


What are Ikea replacement parts? 

Ikea replacement hardware is available to the Ikea company to replace missing or ruined bed frame components. IKEA bed frame assembly requires the majority of the bed components for the HEMNES package.

What parts do I need to assemble the Ikea bed? 

IKEA HEMNES bed frame assembly requires the majority of the bed components for the HEMNES package. This contains IKEA nuts, bolts, and additional bed components. Also, you will require professional-grade zinc metal oxide components for optimal sturdiness.

What to replace with an Ikea screw for furniture? 

You will need a bolt, a wrench, or some other essential hardware items to replace with an Ikea screw for furniture. They will help you assemble your furniture if required.

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