How to Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame? (7 Easy Steps!)

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How to Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame

Unquestionably, the bed is perhaps the most crucial type of furniture in any residence. Do beds and bed frames weaken with time? Bed frames deteriorate with time, break, or disintegrate entirely. It would be best if you had it mended right off the bat to avoid any more damage since ordinary wear and tear is an important part of the sport.

How to fix a broken wooden bed frame should now be on your intellect. To assist you, we are here.

Mastering this art is an awesome suggestion because you will demand it once more in a few years. So knowing it thoroughly is a smart option rather than investing cash each moment.

It might be costly purchasing a new bed frame when you have to. Moreover, you will be required to invest a few hundred dollars in craftsmanship.

Alternatively, if you devote two Saturdays to the process, you will indeed be capable of repairing your bedframes on your own.

How To Fix A Broken Wooden Bed Frame: Materials Needed

For the objective of mending your bed frame, you may require a facial mask, rubber gloves, a clamp, a piece of drilling equipment, drill bits, bolts, screwdrivers, woodwork adhesive, and woodwork fillers, hardwood paste, as well as a wood carver. 

You would need sanding paper, tacking towel, wood primers, woodwork color, and a paintbrush to finish the process when you need to color your bed slats and bed frame after repairing it in some scenarios.

To complete the task, you will also need pliers, a nail-puller, a mallet, a hand-saw, a power-saw, and wood adhesive tapes.

How To Mend A Wooden Bed Frame’s Fractures And Splits

A wooden structure’s supporting framework starts to deteriorate with time. In certain instances, the quality is mediocre from the start.

In either situation, if that happens to you, you should repair the broken furniture pieces to minimize any unforeseen mishaps.

With just a little deal of patience and the correct equipment, you can execute the simple steps necessary to repair a wood bed frame.

And if you put in the effort sufficiently, you can recover your wooden bed to its original state in just one day by using the following steps.

Step 1: Make sure your bed is empty.

As you might assume, the first step involves making your bed. The mattresses and bed linens must also be moved from your bed.

Remove extra mattress coverings or box springs you could be using, exposing just the wooden board and slats.

Step 2: Get rid of the splinters.

Use a screwdriver to delicately prise the fracture or crack in the bed’s wooden frame until you have sufficient area to employ a plier to extract every splinter. Use a small knife to accomplish the task more swiftly.

Step 3: Apply wood glue. 

It is preferable not to apply the adhesive right away. Utilize it instead to run the entire length of the fracture.

Finally, seal the wound with only a generous amount of adhesive. Do not worry about putting the adhesive uniformly in that way. Just be careful to encompass the gap thoroughly.

Move the additional glue to the place where there is less adhesive. It operates in the same manner here that it would when you created the framework for your mattress with memory foam.

Step 4: Repair the fracture

Get your C-clamp or bar clamps now, and extend the jaws to the breadth of the bed frame. The size of your break will decide the clamp’s value. Insert the divider in between them and connect the clamps to the framework.

Next, compress the clamps’ jaws, so you can see a small amount of excess glue oozing out. You need to leave it separately and sit for a night to achieve the optimum results.

Step 5: Strengthen the connector.

Determine the width of your bed framework with the help of a meter ruler. Determine the split’s size as well. Now add six inches to your calculation.

Once the assessment is finalized, grab a 1/2 inch sheet of plywood and form it to the specifications. Use any bit of wood you have handy; it wouldn’t really concern exactly what sort of wood it is.

Step 6: Make holes.

Simply grab your power drilling machine and insert a 3/16 inch tip. Grab the plywood you have just carved, then use the drilling machine to create several slots, positioning them two inches away.

Step 7: Put the components together.

Use a considerable quantity of standard wooden adhesive to one section of the plywood before attaching it. The boards then need to be attached to the internal section of your bed frameworks.

Proceed by placing one inch bolts into the wood bedding frame through the pilot hole you created in the previous steps. Congratulations! Now just remain another night to ensure that everything is flawless. You have made it right!

How Do You Repair Tiny Cracks?

Major fractures or splitting seem to be something you occasionally contend with when working with bed frames.

Conversely, you could possibly detect a few small cracks. It is indeed easier to repair tiny cracks in your bed frame than breaks or bigger ones. Follow these steps to repair tiny cracks in materials:

  1. Sanding paper can be employed to flatten out the crack as uniformly as possible.
  2. Cover the crack with wood putty or wooden filler prior to it becoming too big.
  3. Clear the leftover putty by chopping it with a plastering blade or knife.
  4. Allow the putty to set by waiting a little while.
  5. The frame’s crack is now repaired. You could now paint over all that region to conceal the wooden putty.


You should realize how to fix a broken wooden bed frame and how uncomplicated it will be if you properly conduct these instructions.

Sure, you might hire an artisan to complete the task for you, but usually, they don’t provide their services free of charge. And it’s not simply about the cash when you repair your personal damaged bed.

As a consequence, you gain more knowledge and satisfaction. You will indeed be capable of repairing your home furnishings as a solution without asking for expert service.

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