How to Ship a Mattress FedEx? (5 Easy Steps!)

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How to Ship a Mattress FedEx

Is it worth my while to ship a mattress? That depends on why you want the old one back.

If all that’s needed is an extra bed for guests or family members, then there are cheaper ways of obtaining this without having two beds sitting around in storage space-usually by asking friends if they need anything from home before going out yourselves.

A mattress is a big, bulky item to ship. It’s important to package it properly so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Here below some tips on how to ship a mattress via FedEx.

Will FedEx pick up a full-size mattress return?

I recently had to return a full-size mattress and was unsure of the best way to do it. I contacted FedEx and spoke with a customer service representative. They assured me that FedEx would pick up the mattress, no problem.

I was relieved to have found a solution and arranged for pickup. The mattress was picked up without any issues and I was able to get my refund.

I would recommend using FedEx for returning large items like mattresses. They are reliable and easy to work with.

Shipping a Mattress with FedEx

Shipping a mattress with FedEx is simple and easy to do. There are a few different options available, depending on how quickly you need the mattress to arrive. If you need it overnight, FedEx Standard Overnight is the way to go. 

For a cheaper option, FedEx Express Saver can deliver the mattress within 3 business days. Or, for the most economical option,

FedEx Ground can take up to 7 business days. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your mattress will arrive safe and sound. 

What is considered oversized for FedEx?

FedEx defines an oversize package as any package that exceeds 96 inches in length or 130 inches in length and girth.

The oversize charges will be based on either the rounded weight or dimensional weight of the package, whichever is greater, with a 90-lb. maximum. 

In addition, any package that is considered dangerous or hazardous materials may be subject to additional charges. FedEx also offers a variety of packaging options for oversized packages.

How to ship a mattress to FedEx?

Measure the dimensions of the mattress

When shipping a mattress, you’ll need to take its size and weight into account. Use a measuring tape to measure the length, width, and height of your mattress, then look up the average weight for that size bed. 

Additionally, consider the type of mattress you have – innerspring beds are typically lighter than hybrid or memory foam mattresses. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of any packing materials you’ll use as well. 

With this information, you’ll be able to get an accurate estimate of how much your shipment will cost.

The average weights for different mattress sizes are listed in the chart below:

Crib/Toddler28” x 52”15 to 25 pounds
Twin38” x 75”45 to 55 pounds
Twin XL38” x 80”45 to 60 pounds
Full/Double54” x 75”55 to 70 pounds
Queen60” x 80”70 to 110 pounds
King 76” x 80”90 to 125 pounds
California King72” x 8490 to 125 pounds

 If you’re shipping a standard twin-size mattress, you can use a small box or padded envelope. For larger mattresses, you’ll need to choose a larger box.

Wrap the mattress in a protective cover or padding

Before shipping your mattress away, it is important to wrap it in a layer of bubble wrap or another cushioning material to prevent any damage during transit. Additionally, this will protect your mattress from any dust that might accumulate during shipping. 

Bubble wrap is an affordable option for this, costing only $79 for a 24” x 300’ roll from ULINE. Other cushioning materials like packing foam also provide the extra protection that a mattress needs during shipping. 

Ultimately, taking these measures will ensure that your mattress arrives at its destination safely and without any damage.

Use packing materials to fill in any extra space

As any experienced shipper knows, it is important to fill any extra space in a box with packing materials before sealing it shut.

This will help to protect the contents of the package from movement or damage. Here at ULINE, we offer packing materials like packing peanuts so you can safely ship mattresses.

Here, are the prices for purchasing packing peanuts. As we can see, it costs $27 for a 20 cubic ft. bag of packing peanuts. Alternatively, you can purchase packing peanuts at Label Master for about $24.51 for a 12 cubic ft. bag.

Either way, filling in empty space with packing peanuts is a great way to help ensure that your mattress arrives at its destination safe and sound.

Pick the right shipping courier

It’s important to pick the right shipping courier when it comes to shipping mattresses. Say you’re shipping an 80-pound mattress – if you choose USPS, you’ll be charged a fee for an oversized item. 

However, if you choose FedEx or UPS, you won’t be charged an oversized fee because their weight limit for packages is 150 pounds. So, depending on the size and weight of your mattress, the cost of shipping will vary. 

To get an accurate quote, be sure to check the dimensions and weight restrictions for each courier before shipping.

Fill out a shipping label and schedule a pick-up with FedEx

When it comes to shipping a mattress, it is important to choose a reputable and reliable shipping company. FedEx is one of the most trusted names in shipping, and they offer a variety of services to help you get your mattress to its destination safely and on time. 

The first step is to choose the right type of service for your shipment. FedEx offers several options, including ground, express, and overnight shipping.

You will also need to determine the dimensions and weight of your mattress so that you can accurately calculate the shipping costs.

Once you have all of this information, you can fill out a shipping label and schedule a pick-up with FedEx. With their help, you can rest assured that your mattress will arrive at its destination safely and on time.

Is It Worth It to Ship a Mattress?

In general, it is only worth shipping a mattress if the mattress is still relatively new and therefore has a high value.

This is because the average mattress should only be replaced every 5 to 9 years and so an old mattress may not be worth its value once you factor in the cost of shipping. 

However, if you have had your mattress for less than the average lifespan or it is still within its warranty, then shipping it may be the best option as you will not have to pay for a new mattress.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to ship a mattress comes down to its value and whether you are due for a new mattress anyway.

What is the cheapest way to ship 50 lbs?

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping is typically the cheapest way to ship a 50-pound box. It has an average delivery time of 1 day and starts at just $5!


If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on how to ship a mattress via FedEx or have any other questions about our process, please let us know in the comments section below. 

We love hearing from our customers and are happy to help however we can. Thanks for choosing Mattress Firm, and we look forward to shipping your new mattress out soon!

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