Difference Between a Double Bed and a Queen Bed (Solved!)

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Difference Between a Double Bed and a Queen Bed

How many different sizes are available for beds? A bed is available in various sizes, such as twin, double, queen, and king. Even though few of us could comprehend what the measurements truly indicate, it is nothing unexpected. The small twin beds are easily available. Additionally, king beds are the ones that are the biggest. Then what about twin and queen beds? 

Our comprehension of them terminates with the idea that they are larger than twins and smaller than kings.

We certainly would not be able to specify their particular distinctions if someone asked us to. But then, when it boils down to it, double beds and queen beds genuinely vary from one another. In truth, there are a few distinctions.

Difference Between A Double Bed And A Queen Bed 

What is the main difference between a double bed and a queen bed? Therefore, in reaction to your inquiry, a queen-size bed is wider than a double bed.

Particularly when compared to double beds, queen beds are 5 inches longer than normal and 6 inches broader. But we haven’t addressed your more immediate concern: which bed should I acquire?

A double bed is great if you would like a bed to yourself. They won’t even take up a lot of space in your bedroom and therefore will provide you more than enough freedom to wander about.

Also, you will invest too little on linens considering smaller covers are considerably less expensive than bigger ones.

However, a queen size would indeed be advantageous if you would like to share it with a companion or who is taller.

The extra distance will prevent your toes from dangling off the edge of the bed, and the increased width will enable you and your companion more room to move out and then get relaxed. 

Certainly, you will also have to forgo extra living spaces, and then you will certainly pay additional money on bedding. However, obtaining a good night’s sleep seems more crucial than securing a deal.


It is pretty apparent that beds could be hefty. Owing to the difference in size, a double bed would always be less priced than a queen bed, independent of the manufacturer.

This even extends to the accessories. The value of a bed will grow since its size is increased.

As an illustration, costs vary from: 

Bed TypeCost
Double1,195 to 3,245 dollars 
Queen1,295 to 3,395 dollars

Even though there might not be a huge price variation among double and queen-sized beds, this is something to take into account if money is an issue.

Area Dimensions

Double-sized beds are vastly preferable for tiny spaces, whereas queen-sized beds are preferable for bigger spaces.

Guest rooms or apartments that are 10 feet by 12 feet are indeed the ideal settings for double beds. A twin bed could be a perfect choice for your place if you own something small.

12 x 12 foot main bedrooms are optimal for queen beds, although any room greater than 10 × 10 feet would serve.

If you’ve got a substantial amount of furniture or even anything small, you may find walking around your bed challenging.

Ease Of Access 

Solo sleepers do greatest on double beds. A double bed’ 53-inch wide is inadequate for several individuals, so you’d undoubtedly be touching.

A double might be great for you and your companion if you prefer embracing. A double is generally not suggested for partners who love to share their beds with pets or small children.

  1. For example, on a double-size bed, every person wants 26.5 inches of distance if a partner is occupying the bed.
  2. On a queen-sized bed, every person obtains 30 inches.

A queen bed could be a better alternative if you’re taller, walk around a lot while you slumber, or simply wish to sprawl out.

Range Of Movement

Considering that a queen bed is larger than a double mattress, it will load extra. If you constantly move or need to reorganize your room, Queen size beds become much more difficult to maneuver.

Twelve pounds greater than the double, the Queen is bulkier. While also this might not appear to be enough, it is indeed essential to think about if you are physically impaired or stay on a property without an elevator.


If you want to stretch out all of your preferred spread covers or wiggle around while you fall asleep at night, queen beds offer you additional space. Yet, queen beds occupy a smaller space on the ground in your room simply because they are bigger.

Double beds enhance your decorative alternatives as they occupy a smaller space in your apartment. However, if getting stretched out is your specialty, you won’t be able to accommodate so many more pillows or do it as frequently.

The Key Differences Between A Queen Bed And A Double Bed

  1. The Queen size bed has an area of approximately 4,800 square inches, whereas the double bed has a total area of about 4,050 square inches.
  2. The Queen bed spans 60 inches by 80 inches, whereas the Double bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches.
  3. A queen-size bed seems to have an additional limb in the middle that supports the bed, even though a double bed misses this assistance from the central leg.
  4. Relative to a double bed, which will be more accessible and much less pricey, the cushions and covers for queen-size beds seem costlier.
  5. A double bed can be situated in a small bedroom, but a queen-size bed demands a standard size interior.
  6. Compared to a double bed, the expense of a queen bed is relatively higher.


Consequently, what is the difference between a double bed and a queen bed? Think about where you live now. Would you like a bed with extra room to showcase your cherished duvet?

If so, a Queen bed is likely your best alternative, specifically if you share a bed. Are you trying to choose a bed to put in a guest room? Choose a double bed alternatively. They’re lower priced while yet offering single users a reasonable space.

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