Saatva Return Policy: Here’s What to Expect

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It’s never easy to buy an online mattress because of multiple reasons. But, at the same point, it’s great because it provides a night trial.

If you don’t like it, then you have a chance to return or exchange it. Before returning or exchanging your mattress, Saatva provides a lot of time to think about it and decide.

What is Saatva Return Policy?

Mattress firm provides you a time of almost 180 days to try it free, and let’s see if the body gets comfortable. After completing 180 days, you can return our mattress if you don’t get comfortable. Within a time of almost 180 days, you will receive another bed according to your comfort level, You can also claim a refund in those 180 days.

Following is the list of a few products that can be quickly returned according to the Saatva policy are:

  • 1: Saatva Classic mattress
  • 2: Loom & Leaf mattress
  • 3: Saatva Youth mattress
  • 4: Saatva HD mattress
  • 5: Saatva Crib mattress

Another essential thing to know is that Saatva Mattress will never exchange or refund stained and damaged mattresses during the trial period. As mentioned below, we don’t offer a return policy on warranty exchanges and other accessories.

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Does Saatva Allow Exchanges?

Yes, of course. As mentioned earlier that Saatva always allows exchanges. They also have a return/exchange policy, so if you select to exchange your mattress if you want. 

But you will have to pay a $99 fee for transportation. When you make a purchase, you will immediately be able to start this trial. 

What Are the Saatva Warranties?

With excellent services and quality products, Saatva is among the best companies in the industry. So, if you ever purchase from them, Saatva will provide you with a great warranty of about 20 years. 

Not only this, but it also offers fairness replacement, considered one of the best warranties that allows you to keep the original mattress with you and get a new one. Read the article written below to know more about it:

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Saatva Bed Frame Warranty:

It is the best brand for mattresses whose bed frames never come with a limited warranty or for a short period. It always provides you a guarantee to be free of defects for almost all of the frame’s lifetime.

Following are some of the details regarding this policy:

  • 1: If the frame’s upholstery is not made of the original material, it will be considered invalid.
  • 2: Another thing to know about it is that Upholstery fabric never covers a warranty, So, you can’t return it even repair it for free.

Saatva’s Return And Refund Policy       

Everyone is concerned about their comfort, but how would you know the comfort level without trying? So, always buy a mattress from a company that provides a more prolonged trial period. 

So, you can return your mattress to Saatva if you are uncomfortable or don’t like it for any reason.

You can return it quickly within 180 days of purchasing the mattress. It will refund you as soon as possible on your original payment method.

Exchange Policy

If you want to exchange your mattress, then it is also quite simple. You have to pay the transportation fee, which is approx $99 fee as mentioned earlier.

Delivery Services

You might know that its delivery is speedy. Within some time, they deliver your mattress directly to your home.

You need to select your delivery day and method: No matter if you’re buying online from Mattress Firm or any retailer, we’ll work with level best to provide you with excellent services to deliver your new mattress. Select them from any of these options: 

How Do I Choose The Right Mattress?

Saatva mattress is one of the best and most comforting mattresses to use that provides you a trial to enjoy life. If your mattress is old and you have already used it for almost 8-10 years, you are getting aches and pain. 

Then you should now change your mattress and purchase another one. As you know, plenty of beds are available, so wisely choose the right mattress without hassle. 

Follow these instructions to choose the best mattress: 

1: Select the type of mattress you require

Suppose you require a plushy mattress that provides support, comfort, and relief. Then, nothing is better than a memory mattress.

2:  Lumbar support

While finding the best mattress, how can someone ignore lumber support providing a bed? Saatva’s unique lumbar zone technology is probably the best thing for you. So, select a mattress that will give extra support to your back and neck.

3: Must select the company which provides an extended trial period   

Everyone is concerned about their comfort, but how would you know the comfort level without trying? So, always buy a mattress from a company that provides a more prolonged trial period. 

Mattress firm is one of the best companies that provide long trial periods with the best services. It’s all the policies are clear. Whether return exchange or any other approach. 

Also, using a waterproof comforter over your mattress during your trial period is excellent for protecting it from all stains. So, you won’t face any problem in returning it. Otherwise, the company will never exchange stained products.


1: For how many days do they offer a trial?

It offers a trial of almost 180 days to be comfortable and adjust your body.

2: Is it possible for Saatva to do an exchange also?

Yes, it has both returns as well as exchange police. It requires $99.9 as charges.


To conclude, the Saatva is one of the best and is considered the most recommended brand for mattresses. It has multiple types of beds and mattresses. 

You may need a plush mattress that provides comfort, support, and ease. There is no better solution than Saatva. It has the best features and provides a long period of trial of about 180 days.

Only the best mattress companies provide a long and extended trial period, and they also do it. People prefer it because of its honesty, quality, and best services.

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