Novaform Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Queen Mattress Review

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Novaform Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Queen Mattress Review

Novaform Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Queen Mattress

With its staggering design, wide size and long-lasting and soft build Novaform Deluxe memory foam is an excellent queen mattress to use at home. This comfortable mattress has an amazing manufacturing style. When one person is moving on the bed, the other person will not be disturbed due to this movement.

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Novaform Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Queen Mattress Review

Comfort is a dire need when you have worked hard the whole day. Comfortable and cozy bedding can soothe you in this aspect. Of course, you should not neglect your comfort while snapping out a restful mattress from the marketplace.

To make it easier to choose the top-class memory foam, I have decided to provide you with details about Novaform Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Queen Mattress. With its wide size, you and your partner can easily spend a cozy night in its bedding.

To wake up with relaxed body muscles and a fresh mood, a mattress with exclusive features is an important thing to have. Don’t wait for anything else except this wonderful and restful mattress.

How do We Pick & Test?

  • Sleep trials: We slept on mattresses for a week, and we used our sleep data to identify the best model.
  • Responsive support: Good support means that every part of the body gets plenty of support when you move during sleep.
  • Durability: Mattresses should hold up at least 10 years.
  • Price: Our picks fall between $1,000 and $2,000.
  • Materials: Foam toppers, latex, and memory foam are all popular in the mattress world. We tested soft models, firm models, and hybrid models.

Novaform 14″ Comfort Grande Plus Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

In summer, mostly mattresses generate a lot of heat that makes you restless while sleeping.

But now, say no to those average mattresses and snap out this Novaform 14″ memory foam mattress. This exceptional memory foam provides you with extra comfort and a phenomenal feel.

You don’t need to switch on air conditioners due to the low-quality build and heat generation of your mattress.

This mattress is best for home use with its queen size and stylish design. Moreover, there are different firmness levels for this exclusive product on the marketplace.

Restful Construction 

When you are spending your hard-earned money for your comfort then the restful construction is considerable.

Similarly, this extraordinary memory foam is bolting in the market with infused gel technology and cool outer covering.

Triple Layer Design 

There are three supreme layers settled in this queen memory foam to testify to the softness, thermoregulation, and restfulness.

The pearl memory foam layer provides coolness and drastic comfort to sleepers.

On the flip side, the Customwave foam layer is ultra-responsive and provides an exclusive shape and design to the mattress.

The third layer is a foam-based layer to provide support to your lumbar region. Also, it keeps your body posture accurate while sleeping.

Comfortable Feel

When you are not comfortable then how is it possible for you to sleep the whole night and get up in the morning in a fresh mood? Of course, it is not possible at all.

That’s why I am suggesting you this staggering memory foam mattress for enjoying a comfortable and cool feel.

Infused Gel Layer

A bit I have told you about this magical layer in the above while discussing the build of the memory foam. This cool layer is that it provides a cooling effect to you whenever you touch the mattress. 

This wonderful layer is responsible for regulating the body heat from the pores of the mattress and in return provides you with an amazing cool feel. I just love this cooling effect that is essential for the sleep of working people like me.

Easy to Move

Moreover, there is no need to push this mattress to change its place. There are two handles available on the sides of the mattress to change the position of the mattress with convenience.

So, you don’t need to tire your muscles to lift this mattress individually. 

Versatile Firmness Levels

There are three different levels of firmness introduced in this stunning mattress. For pain relief and medical treatment, this mattress is the optimal selection

  • The first level is the plush level which provides wonderful support to your hip and shoulder muscles. This is beneficial for side sleepers.
  • The next is the medium level of firmness. It is perfect for all sleepers including side sleepers, back sleepers, and also for those who sleep on their stomach. It helps the person to keep their spines aligned while sleeping. 
  • The last one is a firm level to provide remarkable restful sleep to the users. The weight is divided on its surface and back and stomach sleepers can easily take advantage of this firm level to keep their muscles elastic and spines relaxed.

Compatible Frame

Another important thing about this mattress is that it is compatible with multiple bed frames.

You can easily adjust it in spring boxing, foundations, and many other frames conveniently. So it will be easy to select this queen mattress for your family.

Isolated Movement

It is disturbing when your partner moves a bit in the bed and the whole mattress feels this movement.

But with this wonderful queen memory foam, you can easily change your side without disturbing your partner. 

This isolated movement will make you and your partner comfortable the whole night. Along with this comfort, this mattress also provides medical support to the user.

Features We Like:

  • Classic design, timeless style, and durable construction
  • Micro-Ventilated cover for a cooler sleep environment
  • 100% hypoallergenic foam
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for side, back, and stomach sleepers

Benefits And Drawbacks:


  • Comfy and durable construction
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy-to-fit shape
  • Multiple firmness levels
  • Wonderful isolated movement


  • Average breathability 

Watch this video on how we tested this product:


Clean your room from those saggy and warm mattresses and set this Novaform Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Queen Mattress in your room. After reading all its stunning features, I hope you also want to order this outclass mattress for yourself.

With its cool covering, flexible manufacturing, and isolated movement feature, this memory foam is gathering the attention of many people in the marketplace. Its comfort, feel and firmness levels are phenomenal for your restful and sweet sleep.

I am looking for your precious feedback in the comment section regarding this article. Thank you!


How long does a Novaform mattress last?

Due to mind-blowing features and a restful and durable build, this mattress can last for more than 20 years. In these 20 years, you can easily enjoy sweet sleep in its bedding. This 20 years warranty is applicable on different sizes of Novaform mattresses.

How long does a Novaform mattress need to expand?

On the whole, this mattress can take 48 hours to expand completely. But don’t worry; there will be no inconvenience for you during its expansion. You can have a pleasant sleep on this mattress during these 48 hours.

Do Novaform mattresses smell?

Unfortunately yes! These mattresses expel an irritating smell of VOCs. But within a few days, this smell vanishes because it is ultimate for some products to expel smell during their initiation level. 

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