Norwalk Mattress Company Review (by Experts!)

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Norwalk Mattress Company Review

The Norwalk Mattress Company is already conducting local business in the Norwalk, Connecticut region since 1918.

The mattresses and other bedding items also get handcrafted by this family-run firm, which got received numerous positive Norwalk mattress company reviews.

Because each bed can get turned over, the lifespan is double that of other brands. Also, The Norwalk Company stays cultivating bedding for more than a century.

Factors To Consider Regarding Norwalk Mattress Company:

  • These mattresses are sumptuous, with mattress options costing between $400 and $7,000.
  • Natural materials like cotton, Joma wool, etc., get used to handcraft each mattress and box spring.
  • Additionally, they are hand-lace tufted and manufactured dual so they may get flipped for added longevity.
  • Grandma Mary Long, 91, who has worked for Norwalk Company in Norwalk, Connecticut, for 51 years, still uses her two vintage Singer sewing machines to cut and sew cloth for the mattress pads and box spring handles.

Benefits of using Norwalk Mattress:

  • The best mattress for back discomfort will provide consistent support without sagging, ease painful pressure spots, and also aid in maintaining good posture.
  • You can also select the ideal mattress from five different firmness levels for your desired sleeping style.
  • Norwalk Mattress Store provides a 100-night free trial and a 20-year warranty for all mattresses purchased online.
  • Discover the proper firmness level for your desired sleep style by browsing this online mattress retailer.
  • Also, The industry is envious of Norwalk mattresses.
  • A personalized sleeping experience gets produced with the exclusive eco-friendly memory foam.
  • In addition to revolutionizing mattresses, the company concentrated on altering consumers’ perceptions of beds.

Deficiencies of Norwalk Mattress company:

  • The locally owned and operated Norwalk Mattress Company only makes in-store sales. 
  • Also, Their mattresses are expensive since they get created with handwork and crafts.
  • This company is out of your pricing range if you can only afford to invest a handful of hundred dollars on such a new bed.

Mattress Coil System:

  • A coil system is present in every bed from Norwalk Mattress Company. Because of this, each of their mattresses is incredibly sturdy and can support various body types and weights.
  • Also, Super foam mattresses are a terrific option if you’re searching for excellent motion isolation.

The Support And Firmness Of The Mattress:

  • Depending on the type of bedding utilized, this brand has a variety of mattress collections.
  • Each collection also features different models, ranging from stiff to medium-firm to soft.
  • The many mattress collections offered by Norwalk Mattress Companies get divided into categories based on the type of bedding.
  • One of today’s top-selling mattresses is flippable and constructed of premium components, including cotton, wool, latex foam, and high-density foam.
  • Also, This type of mattress is more affordable than a typical mattress and will also serve twice as much time as one from another manufacturer.

Reasons For Comfort And Ease Of This Mattress:

  • It’s no secret that the mattresses made by The Ease of Norwalk Company are incredibly comfortable.
  • Also, their mattress design’s extra support and padding help the sleeper quickly.
  • The end product is also a bed that is both cozy and sturdy, which explains why numerous people have got devoted Norwalk customers for decades.
  • The California Gold Rush gave rise to the Norwalk Mattress Company.
  • Also, The original founding family is still in charge of the business. They still provide some of the most excellent mattresses in modern times.
  • Wool and latex, two natural materials, get used to construct Norwalk mattresses.
  • Additionally, soft cotton ticking that promotes airflow covers them.
  • You may rest sure that your purchase will last since Norwalk gives a 20-year guarantee on all of its mattresses.

Positive Norwalk mattress company reviews include:

  • The mattresses are of excellent quality. The price range is vast, and there are no extra fees for delivery and removal. Also, The delivery team was proficient and courteous. When the delivery got made, it was pouring rain. This mattress gets highly recommended by me.
  • A family-run business, Norwalk Mattress provides outstanding customer service. Their delivery personnel is cordial and proficient. Despite being 15 years old, my mattress is just as cozy as when I first bought it.
  • A cotton bedding and bed frame got delivered by Norwalk Mattress Co. about ten years ago. It still has the same firm feel it did the day I used it. This location truly represents a haven for a reason. The prices they set are fair, and the services they provide are as promised.


Can the mattress get customized?

Most purchases now fall within the six average mattress dimensions, but an old bed or a particularly tall customer would necessitate a custom alternative.

Some manufacturers still provide bespoke snip options to accommodate designers’ requests for length, breadth, thickness, and unusual shapes.

Is Norwalk company mattress of high quality?

Norwalk Mattress is a high-quality mattress and a fantastic choice. In addition to having a vast selection of products to meet every demand, they also provide excellent customer service.

Also, a 100-night sleep trial gets offered to make one confident that your latex bed is the ideal fit.

They will also give you a money-back guarantee or replace your bedding if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase.

Final Verdict:

Lastly, Norwalk Mattress Company is an excellent choice if you want a comfy, high-quality mattress.

Also, according to Norwalk Mattress Company’s review on the web, they provide a large selection of products to meet all needs, and the customer support is exceptional. 

To ensure that your mattress topper is the proper fit, the Norwalk firm offers a 100-night sleep trial. Also, If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, they’ll refund your money instantly or give you another mattress.

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