How to Buy a Used Mattress? (Affordable by Experts!)

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Is it OK to use a second-hand mattress?

Because mattresses are expensive, you may be tempted to go for a used one because they are less costly and sometimes even free. On the other hand, secondhand mattresses are often worn-out and unsanitary—in fact, selling used mattresses is illegal in several jurisdictions.

Do people buy used mattresses? 

It’s one of those items that probably wouldn’t even occur to most people, yet there are some circumstances in which used beds might make sense.

A used mattress has been removed from its packing and has never been slept on, rather than one from a dumpster.

A mattress in someone’s guest bedroom is also theoretically one of them. A test mattress at a showroom is also deemed “worn.”

The primary benefit of purchasing a used mattress is its low cost. A mattress that typically costs hundreds of pounds might be bought for a fraction of the price. Nobody should be able to tell the difference as long as it’s in good condition.

Purchasing an old mattress might be a fantastic deal for people on a tight budget, university students, those living alone, and so on.

However, remember that a picture may not necessarily be worth a thousand words when it comes to a used bed for sale offered online.

Tips for Buying Used Mattresses:

What to Look for in a Used Mattress:

Keep in mind all the same considerations you would examine if you were buying a new bed when researching and comparing your alternatives.

First and foremost, evaluate which mattress size is appropriate for your area and requirements. You’ll have fewer options for mattress structure and features, but you should have some control over the mattress material type and firmness level.

How to Inspect a Used Mattress for Cleanliness?

Examining the cleanliness of a used mattress entails more than just looking for surface blemishes.

Look for any dirt, dust, dander, hair, or other particles that are unlikely to come off with a thorough cleaning. Don’t just look at the mattress; give it a good scent. Mould, mildew, sweat, and cigarette smoke may all produce a lingering stench. 

How to Check a Used Mattress for Bed Bugs?

Turn over the mattress. Never transport an old mattress or bring one into your house without first examining for evidence of bed insect infestation.

The honest advice from the United States Environmental Protection Agency may be found here, but here are the essential steps: 

  • Examine the edges and seams for live bed bugs that are large enough to be seen with the naked eye.
  • Examine the area for blood (rusty, reddish streaks) and droppings (tiny dark spots).
  • Look for small eggs (about the size of a poppy seed and white or translucent), eggshells, and lost skin (pale yellow).  

How to Inspect a Used Mattress for Structural Integrity? 

Check first for noticeable sagging, tears, punctures, indentation, and soaked-in stains. While normal wear and tear may not compromise the mattress’s integrity, significant damage or several flaws might imperil the mattress’s support structure.

If the person, organization, or company selling you the mattress permits it, you may wish to test its construction by lying on it. Do you believe you are supported? When you lie down, does your spine remain straight?

Otherwise, you may obtain a broad feel of the quality of a mattress by pressing down on the surface with your hands and inspecting both sides and the mattress edge. Is the bed able to withstand your weight?

Is the surface responsive to pressure applied or removed? It won’t cushion pressure spots or conform to your curves if it doesn’t. Otherwise, it may not give adequate spinal support.

Make an effort to listen as well. Broken or rusty coils are frequently heard in innerspring mattresses.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Mattress: 

Depending on the conditions of the sale, you may be able to inquire about the mattress’s history from the former owner. If necessary, you may ask:

  • How old is the mattress?
  • Is the mattress lightly or heavily used?
  • Was the mattress exposed to bugs, smoke, flooding, or significant spills? 
  • Did pets sleep in the bed? 

Aside from these queries, you should also ask a few logistical questions before buying. You should, for example, organise pick-up or drop-off and negotiate a price.

How to Buy a Used Mattress?

If you nevertheless decide to purchase a second-hand mattress, there are some steps you can follow to make sure you don’t get the short end of the stick.

Buy a slightly or never-used bed:

Always begin with an internet mattress sale search for opened but never-used or slightly used mattresses. Some individuals sell their beds because they are relocating or purchasing a new one.

Others, for whatever reason, did not return it to the maker in time, even though it did not suit them, so they stored it, and so on. Check out the listing for more information. If the information is not listed, contact the vendor directly.

What exactly is a slightly used bed? A mattress that has been in use for 1-2 years would suffice. Always request to see the original receipt from when the item was purchased. Another alternative is to utilize a mattress from a guest room, which may be more comfortable.

Purchase from a reputable source:

One buying used mattress guideline you should always follow is to go for a reliable company that sells repaired and sterilized mattresses.

They usually explain the used mattress’s condition in fair depth. Investigate their repair process a little more. That way, you’ll learn everything you can about the vendor before deciding.

It will also assist if you seek local furniture businesses that sell mattresses. They occasionally offer returned beds on sale at a discount. You might even be able to try it right away.

Inquire from the previous owner:

Some online used mattress vendors allow you to contact the mattress’s prior owner. In the circumstances like these, you depend on the owner’s goodwill to answer all your queries concerning details that may or may not be accurately included in the listing.

If they live close, you may always ask to see the mattress personally, or if you request, other images, aren’t possible.

Check for damage:

It is easy to check a mattress if you acquire it from a used furniture store. You can, for example, check to see if any coils are damaged, or the mattress is uneven. However, this may be difficult, if not impossible, when purchasing online.

You’re always confined to the photographs in the listing, and when it comes to a used mattress, they seldom portray the entire picture.

As previously stated, contact with the other side is critical, and you will pay the repercussions if you do not ask the right questions.

Sanitize it:

Sanitizing should be the first step after purchasing anything from a secondhand market, especially a used mattress. Wipe off the surface with an antibacterial home cleanser to destroy any germs.

The mattress should then be left in the sun to dry for at least a full day. This disinfects the mattress, kills leftover bacteria, and keeps mold at bay.

There should be no surviving nasties after this, not even tiny ones. That way, you may be confident in staying healthy.


Purchasing a new mattress is not always an opportunity, but buying one used may save money and give a used bed a second life.

While there are hazards, exploring carefully and following the precautions outlined in this article can boost your chances of discovering a used mattress you adore. After you’ve cleaned and set up your mattress, you could forget it’s not brand new.

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