Long Black vs Americano (Difference And Which Is Best?)

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Not a big difference between these two types of espressos, and that’s why many people cannot feel the difference between these drinks. The things which make a difference in their taste and their names are their ingredients, pouring order, and the quantity of water and espresso.

Long Black vs. Americano

When you are out with your friends and craving shots of your favorite coffee then, you must look for an established coffee shop.

There are different types of coffees but the main two in which people get confused are Long Black and Americano.

How can you find the difference between Long Black vs. Americano? This is pretty much difficult because both drinks almost use the same ingredients and have similar tastes.

The question arises here if both drinks are the same then what is the difference? Why are similar drinks named differently?

You will find all your answers in this article so, let’s proceed to get the basic difference. 

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Similarities in Long Black vs. Americano

If I talk about the similarities then a normal person cannot feel any difference in both of these drinks.

Their ingredients are almost the same but might be possible the quantity of the espresso and hot water may be changed.

You can easily make both drinks with espresso, hot water, and cream. Both are strong drinks to vanish your laziness and make you fresh while working with their strong shots.

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Differences in Long Black vs. Americano

Along with the similarities, of course, there are some differences between them. For those differences, these are named differently so, without wasting any time let’s check out the basic differences in these super strong drinks.

  1. Quantity of ingredients 

There is a small difference in the number of ingredients in both drinks. For an Americano drink, you will add 2/3 water and 1/3 espresso, and if you want to add milk then up to you. 

If you are making a Long Black cup of coffee then you will add ½ water and ½ espresso and a little creamy layer on it also. 

  1. Method
Long Black vs Americano

The main difference between both drinks is their brewing method. If you are going to make a cup of Americano then you will add espresso to the cup first.

After that, you will pour some cream in it and then add hot water to the prefilled cup. Now your American cup is ready to relish a fresh taste.

Long Black vs Americano

On the other hand, if you are craving a cup of long black coffee then relax. It is not difficult to make a delicious coffee cup filled with Long Black.

First, you will pour hot water and then add some espresso, and the last thing you will add a creamy layer to it. So, you can enjoy a strong cup of long black now.

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  1. Taste
Long Black vs Americano

There is a slight difference in the taste of both but I like long black’s bitterness. Americano is a bit sweeter than Long black because of the layering of espresso.

In Americano the espresso layer is integrated with hot water that’s why its bitterness is decreased. That is the reason American soldiers loved to take it.

However, the layer of espresso in Long Black is present on top of the water layer. Above the espresso, a creamy layer is also present which enhances its taste.

  1. Origination
Long Black vs Americano

The origin of Americano is America because the American soldiers started making this espresso coffee. On the flip side, long black espresso coffee was introduced in New Zealand and Italy. It is a special drink for Americans there. 

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  1. Coffee Color
Long Black vs Americano

There is a slight difference in the color of both fantastic drinks. The color of Americano is black like plain coffee because of the creamy layer mixed with water. But there is a creamy appearance in a Long Black coffee cup.

The color change is due to the topping of cream on the espresso and it looks amazingly brownish and chocolaty. 

  1. Which one is strong?

Both drinks are not as strong as cappuccino or other coffee drinks but long black is strong in comparison to Americano.

Americano is best for those who want to enjoy a sweet and palatable drink at night or in the morning.

But Long Black is best for coffee lovers due to its strong layer of espresso between the cream and hot water. 


So, what have you understood after reading the long black vs. Americano comparison? Mostly, these drinks are similar but the brewing method made them different from one another.

Americano is mostly regarded as plain coffee in America while Long Black is served as a strong drink in New Zealand. 

So, I hope this comparison has made you clear about the major difference between both drinks. So, now which one will be your favorite? 

I am waiting for your feedback in the comment section. Thank you!


What is the difference between Americano and black coffee?

Americano coffee is liquid and plain like simple coffee and there is no crema taste in it. Because, when you pour water over the cream, the creamy surface bursts. On the flip side, Long Black has a creamy taste as the cream is present on the top of the cup.

Why do people drink Americano?

American soldiers used to drink Americano because its taste is less bitter than espresso due to more water content. They drink this coffee due to its sweet and palatable taste.

Which is stronger, long black or Americano?

The layer of espresso left under the water in Americano that’s why the strong shots cannot be enjoyed while taking this coffee. In its comparison, Long Black is stronger than it is due to the presence of a thick espresso layer on the top of the cup and below the cream.

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