DeLonghi KG89 Coffee Grinder Review (by Experts!)

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DeLonghi KG89 Coffee Grinder Review

DeLonghi KG89 Coffee Grinder Review

DeLonghi KG89 is an amazing electric coffee grinder for those who have just started grinding coffee beans. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean coffee grinder with variable grind settings. You can conveniently enjoy 4 to 12 cups of fine coffee with the use of this flat burr grinder.

DeLonghi KG89 Coffee Grinder Review

For coffee lovers like me, the taste and grind of coffee beans mean a lot. And for those who are new to brewing, the selection of the best electric coffee grinder is a big deal.

To assist you in this regard, I will share my experience and DeLonghi KG89 coffee grinder review with you.

Are you in search of a grinder that can provide you with maximum cups of coffee with powdered grind and a drastic taste? This DeLonghi KG89 coffee grinder would be the exact option for you with its astonishing features. 

You can easily make 4 to 12 cups of coffee with its quieter grinding. Also, you can conveniently clean and use it for enjoying coffee with your peers.

De’Longhi KG89 Burr Coffee Grinder

This wonderful De’Longhi KG89 Burr coffee grinder is bolting into the market with its top-notch features to attract coffee lovers.

As I was a new coffee maker, I was afraid of serving a good cup of coffee to the guests. But with the selection of this mind-blowing electric grinder, I got so much appreciation for my coffee from guests.

Let’s talk about the characteristics which are making it a favorite in the marketplace.

Stainless Steel Body

A gadget that occupies less space in the kitchen is the best option to use. Similarly, this De’Longhi KG89 coffee grinder is emerging with easy-to-store size and stainless steel constriction. 

Not only is its manufacturing making it durable for long-term use but also an amazing feature to provide it with an excellent look on the kitchen shelf. 

Exotic Design 

On the flip side, the design of this coffee grinder is appealing with its black plastic lining and stainless steel paneling.

This black plastic lining not only gives a sleek look to the grinder but also provides strength for making coffee with a supreme taste for a long time.

Flat Burr

The most important and advantageous feature of this grinder is its flat burr. Some users prefer conical burr for making tasty coffee.

But I prefer this flat burr because this grinder has provided me with the diversity of the sizes of the ground beans. 

Undoubtedly, this flat burr generates some noise as compared to the conical burr. But you have to ignore this little noise for attaining the finely ground beans for the royal taste of your mug of coffee.

Convenience of Maneuver  

However, coffee bean grinding can be a big deal for those who are not aware of making coffee. But when you have bought this reliable gadget then relax, because your problem is solved now. 

Here are different settings to grind the different sizes of coffee beans. With the easy adjustment, it is easy to use this coffee grinder.

  • You just need to fill the hopper with the coffee beans and set the grinding size with its grinding dial. 
  • Next, you will adjust the capacity dial from 4 to 12 cups. 
  • The last step is to put on the grinder for grinding the desired size of coffee beans.

Hopper’s Capacity

If you have decided to make coffee for your family or your friends then, this grinder is going to be the accurate choice for you. Its hopper can contain up to 4.2 oz beans and also, and you can grind different grind sizes from coarse to fine for making 12 cups of tasty coffee.

To keep the moisture away from the ground beans, its airtight lid plays a vital role. 

Quite Working 

 This emerging electric coffee grinder is the best option for grinding beans quietly. Undoubtedly, electric coffee grinders generate a lot of noise while working.

But believe me, this exceptional electric coffee grinder is quieter than many other electric grinders due to its stainless steel flat burrs.

These burrs will provide you with the consistent size of the grind and the mouth-watering taste of coffee. 

Simple Cleaning 

Some people imagine that cleaning electric gadgets can be challenging. But that’s not always true.

This stunning electric coffee grinder is easy to clean and maintain. Its parts are removable for effortless cleaning. 

After every usage, you can wipe out the coffee bean’s residues. Its plastic edges can make you a bit inconvenient while cleaning but on the whole, it’s not a big deal. It is best for you if you clean the grinder after every use or twice a month.

Safety Features

Additionally, this grinder is best for making 4 to 12 cups of coffee with an accurate taste its safe usage. First of all, its stainless steel body and plastic edges testify to its durability in case it slips from your hand.

On the other side, its double shut-off and rubber foot pads are another addition to its safety. For example, if your grinder slides from your hand then it is easy it will not break. All this is due to its safety features and robust construction.

How do We Pick & Test?

  • Quality grinder: We looked for burr grinders that grind consistently well, have adjustable grind sizes, and have permanent-magnet motors that generate less noise and last longer.
  • Ease of use: We looked for grinders with generous container capacities and multiple grind settings to ensure the right amount for each brew.
  • Portability: De’Longhi’s KG89 is compact and easy to carry, and it works with whole beans or ground coffee.

Watch the video how we tested this products:

Features We Like:

  • Classic Design
  • Removable Container
  • Easy to Clean
  • Burr Grinder
  • Ships Fast

Benefits And Drawbacks:

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel manufacturing 
  • Sleek and exotic plastic edges 
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel flat burr for consistent grind
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Not for a single cup of coffee
  • Average air tightness of the lid


I hope this DeLonghi KG89 coffee grinder review has provided you with much information about this remarkable electric machine. This outstanding electric coffee grinder is coming with a fantastic design keeping it on the kitchen table and durable construction for long-term use.

Also, I have found this electric grinder much more beneficial for quiet working, rubber pads, and dual shut-off safety. 

For feedback and questions, you can contact me in the comment section. Thank you!


Can Delonghi KG89 grind espresso?

Yes, you can enjoy a royal espresso coffee taste after grinding beans in Delonghi KG89 electric coffee grinder. It is all due to its versatile features and variable grind settings to provide the user with coarse to fine grind.

How do you clean KG89?

It is easy to clean the KG89 electric grinder with lukewarm water. You just need to separate its removable parts like the hopper, lid, etc. Keep in mind to switch off the machine before cleaning it.

Why is my Delonghi coffee machine not grinding beans?

If you are facing this issue then you must check the grind setting of your grinder. On the flip side, you also need to set the programming of the machine from the My Coffee icon present on the machine.

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