Cuisinart Coffee Center Review (by Experts!)

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Cuisinart Coffee Center Review

Cuisinart Coffee Center Review

This two-in-one, programmed coffee maker can prepare one espresso mug as well as 12 mugs at the same time. Three alternative sizes such as 10, 6, or 8 ounces can be prepared using the single-serve option. It comes with a 40 Oz tank and a disposable filtration mug that lets you utilize your coffee beans. 

Cuisinart Coffee Center Review

A coffee lover is never sure what to select when it relates to coffee makers. It is because there are so many dual-machine alternatives in the marketplace that can confuse you.

Among the different options, you must consider Cuisinart coffee center as it has all the latest features. 

The dripping coffee machine, single-serve brewers, and 12-cup coffee machine compose this Cuisinart espresso center.

They are all basic variants of this coffee center. What are the other factors to consider while choosing this coffee maker? Is it necessary to check the color, design, and quality? 

All you need to do is start reading this article that is all about the Cuisinart coffee center review.

How do We Pick & Test?

  • Brew multiple flavors: In addition to brewing coffee, we wanted our coffee center to have the option to brew a single cup.
  • Grind setting: We wanted the ability to adjust the grind size for the brew.
  • Cleaning: We wanted to be able to remove and clean the brew basket and pot without opening the unit.
  • Ease of use: We looked for a coffee center that was easy to use and quick to clean.

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffee Maker 

Cuisinart has been in the marketplace for a long time and it has earned popularity for providing excellent customer service. They make high-quality appliances that give you the restaurant-style coffee experience at home.

Besides the standard silver and white color, Cuisinart also provides a stylish silver variant and a version in a sophisticated navy blue. You will have a choice of four colors to give your kitchenette an excellent touch.

Dual-Seve Coffee Maker 

You will get a 12-cup glass decanter dripping coffee machine in one corner of this machine. It contains all the typical settings, such as a heating option and a brew-strength adjustment.

The single-serve maker on the opposite end of the coffee machine uses Keurig K Cup capsules. The settings on this end are simplistic, with just 3 options to choose the mug size. You can choose the mug size according to your choice to prepare the coffee.  

Disposable Filter Mugs 

Cuisinart added a disposable filtering mug with each new device. It is helpful to encourage the more viable source of the single-cup bean. You can buy them individually as well.

This excellent appliance is a perfect idea if you simply like to make one mug at a time. You can utilize freshly roasted coffee made from your preferred beans. This way, you will have a delicious mug of coffee according to your taste.

Different Sizes of Mugs 

The decanter comes in a typical glass design and accommodates 12 cups of your preferred coffee. Based on the size of your mugs, it has twelve 5-ounce cups or fewer.

For the single-serve coffee maker, there are three different mug versions available. For 6 ounces (177 mL), 8 ounces (236 mL), and 10 ounces, there are multiple options (295 milliliters).

Paper Filtering System 

Overall, you can prepare coffee on the 8-ounce level per the company’s directions. You must use this option if you are using a K Cup or disposable filtration cup. There is a coffee cup filtration system along with the green theme. 

Furthermore, it is easy to utilize gold-tone filtering as well. Before moving on to the next kettle, you will have to simply discard and wash away the used beans. Of course, this coffee machine can also utilize paper filtering if you want.

Dual Drip Containers 

For added effects, Cuisinart also provides a couple of testers. But you must be careful to choose just one tester over the other, not both. The brewing bucket will surely spill if you use a paper strainer in the disposable one.

There are two containers on this specific espresso machine. One is specific for single-serve making and the other is specific for drip brewing. The 60-ounce container for the drip brewing is not detachable, to start. 

Charcoal Water Purifier 

To put your water in, you will have an adequate area above the coffee machine.

A strong hand is also sufficient to put in the water reservoir because there isn’t an outlet to look for. For the single-serve maker, there is a distinct 40-ounce (1182 milliliter) detachable tank. 

You will be surprised to see that this storage also has a charcoal water purifier. Furthermore, it is easy to determine when to reload it.

Brew Program Feature 

Like the majority of coffee machines today, The Coffee Center offers a brew program option that lets you set your daily drink up to 24 hours early. First of all, you will have to rotate the slider to Program.

After that, you will choose the period you would like the appliance to begin and then choose Automatically On to program it.

The appliance will begin operating the upcoming day at the period you set. When it is done, your espresso will be prepared after five beeps. 

The water will stop flowing while the decanter is still preparing the coffee. In this way, you can serve yourself a mug.

Energy-Saving Mode 

There are a few energy-saving elements at The Coffee Center as well. Also, there is a customizable auto-off option on the dripping brewing end. This provides you with control when the espresso machine turns off. 

It can be programmed for up to four hours by the end of the brewing process. On the single-serve espresso machine end, there is an energy-saving option that fades the lighting after 30 minutes of no use.

Features We Like:

  • Coffee is Hot and Ready to Serve in Minutes
  • Brews 12 Cups of Coffee
  • Brew Strength Control for Light to Strong
  • Carafe Water Temperature Control
  • Convenient Hot Water Window
  • Brew Pause

Benefits And Drawbacks:

  • A 12-cup capacity glass carafe 
  • Energy-saving and self-cleaning features
  • Three-year complete warranty
  • Designed with a reusable filter cup 
  • Suitable for large families, offices as well as singles
  • 24 hours working program
  • Made with a removable drip tray for a travel mug
  • Limited options 
  • Requires manual cleaning 

Watch this video on how we tested this product:


If you have read this Cuisinart Coffee Center Review, you might be aware that how effective this is. You will get all the latest features and specs in this 2-on-1 coffee center. You will only have to follow the instructions given in the user manual to avoid any mistakes. 

This coffee maker is a bit higher in price. But customers are pleased with the coffee maker and think it is well worth the money.

If you are satisfied with this information, share your positive remarks with me! 


Is Cuisinart and Hamilton beach the same? 

When it comes to the different features, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach are comparable. They both include a decanter and a single-serve brewing mode with a disposable filtering mug on the single-serve side.

Are pods compatible with Cuisinart? 

fNo pods are not compatible with the Cuisinart coffee center type. They are only compatible with espresso makers. They accept Nespresso-created pods.

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