Spinn Coffee Maker Review (by Experts Using Years!)

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Spinn Coffee Maker Review

Spinn Coffee Maker Review

With an exceptional coffee flavor, this Spinn coffee maker can make your morning fresher than ever. It is easy to operate after installing its app on your phone. You can also connect it with Alexa to provide yourself with more comfort. Moreover, its built-in water filter system makes it outstanding in the market.

Spinn Coffee Maker Review

What else do you want if you just order your coffee maker from your bed to make a flavorful cup of coffee for you? I know you will not believe that it is possible to order a coffee maker. But, with the advancement of time, the Spinn Coffee maker has made it possible.

After reading Spinn Coffee Maker Review and using this magical coffee maker, I just got amazed at the use of technology.

This stunning, durable, and stylish coffee maker can make different types of coffee according to your taste by just tapping on your phone.

Let’s get into the details to break the silence about this incredible coffee maker.

How do We Pick & Test?

We tested the Spinn coffee maker on 5 different coffees:

  • Starbucks Decaf Pike Place
  • Starbucks Decaf Pike Place Roast
  • Starbucks Decaf Roast
  • Starbucks Espresso Roast
  • Starbucks Blonde Roast
  • We measured the extraction time of each coffee (10 minutes) and timed how long it took the water to heat up (10 minutes).
  • We calculated the brew time (10 minutes).
  • We estimated the water temperature (140 degrees).
  • We measured the extraction pressure (5 psi).
  • We measured the flow rate of the water (1.6 gallons/minute).

Spinn Coffee Maker

Are you a coffee lover who wants a cup of coffee on his or her bed before waking up in the morning? Then you don’t need to ask anyone else to make a perfect morning coffee for you. Just spend your money on this extraordinary Spinn coffee maker.

This impressive coffee maker can make a staggering cup of coffee with a 6000 RPM grind. With its stylish design, robust construction, and easy-to-carry size, this wonderful machine is catching the attention of many customers in the market.

Without any delay, let’s dive in to attain more information about this magical machine.

Robust Built

When you require a gadget that can provide you with comfort for a long time then, first you need to check its construction. Similarly, I have checked this Spinn coffee maker and I am amazed at its classical stainless steel build and silver color.

Its stainless steel construction keeps the corrosion away from its inner and outer surfaces. On the flip side, this durable build prolongs the age of the coffee maker to provide you with your desired coffee.

Fantastic Design 

A machine that makes you comfortable to keep you fresh but does not occupy enough space in your kitchen is rare. One of those rare machines, the Spinn coffee maker is one with its portable design and easy-to-store size.

If you keep it on your kitchen cabin then its silvery look will give a sleek look to your cabin.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to use any sort of rocket science to use this incredible machine. Just fill the water tank with fresh water and the coffee beans in it. Its built-in system will automatically make interaction between coffee beans and water.

Moreover, you need to install the Spinn app and connect your coffee maker to Wi-Fi. The Alexa option is also programmed in it. Without moving from your bed in the morning, use this Alexa feature to order your favorite cup of coffee according to your subscription.

Automatic Coffee Maker

You don’t need to move to this coffee maker when you are tired of your routine work. Just use Alexa and get your cup of coffee ready before reaching the kitchen.

It also indicates the level of low water and coffee beans in the tank when the quantity is getting lower than the average.

Built-in Water Filter

There is a built-in water filter available in this remarkable machine to cope with the fluoride and chloride in the water. Some people use tap water from making coffee which can affect the taste of the coffee.

But this machine has cleared up this problem also with its built-in water filter system. With this filtration process, there would be no change in the great flavor and aroma of your coffee.

Versatile Coffee Maker 

What if you get a jackpot for making different types of coffee using only one machine? Of course, it would be unbelievable for anyone in town. But yes, the Spinn coffee maker has made it possible for making versatile coffee convenient for you.

You just need to set the subscription according to your desired taste then, everything else depends on this superb coffee maker machine.

Centrifuge Technology

 Another benefit of this phenomenal machine is its advanced centrifuge technology to grind coffee beans at the speed of 6000 RPM. So, without wasting your time, it can provide you with a fresh, creamy, and milky cup of your desired drink.

Easy Cleaning 

Along with its small size, its cleaning is also not time-consuming. Drop the leftover water outside and waste the residues from the drip tray. You can wash the drip tray with Spinn detergent and then place it back in its place.

Now after filling the fresh water and leveling the coffee beans quantity, your Spinn coffee maker is ready to use for the next day.

Conical Burr

Plus, it is bolting with a conical burr to grind the coffee beans evenly and consistently.

No doubt, a conical burr can be a bit expensive but it does not generate noise while grinding coffee beans and extract a classic taste and perfect aroma for making a magical mug of your favorite drink for you.

Features We Like:

  • 10 Cups Per Brew
  • Brews Coffee, Espresso & Cold Brew
  • Coffee Maker with Grinder
  • Smart WiFi App
  • Coffee Maker by Spinn
  • Ceramic Burr Grinder by Breville
  • Wireless Connected
  • Compact Design
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Assembles Quickly and Easily

Benefits And Drawbacks:

  • Long-term build material used 
  • Fascinating silver color and exotic design 
  • Advanced centrifuge technology
  • It makes perfect coffee with versatility 
  • 6000 RPM grind speed
  •  Not best to use for highly roasted beans 
  • A bit pricey

Watch this video on how we tested this product:


Above, I have provided you with the Spinn Coffee Maker Review for making your mood fresh with supreme coffee in the morning. You will feel at ease with its Alexa programming and impressive features. 

With its manufacturing, design, and versatile functionality everything about this marvelous machine is perfect. Without any change in taste, you can get your favorite cup of coffee with this coffee maker.

Looking for your great comments in the comment section! Thank you!


Can you use any coffee with Spinn?

This impressive machine can provide you with an outclass cup of coffee with any sort of coffee. But don’t use ground coffee for making your cup. You need to use whole coffee beans for making the perfect mug of your choice.

Is Spinn coffee worth it?

Yes of course Spinn coffee is worth it for making any type of coffee including espresso, cold coffee, cappuccino, or any other. You would observe its standardized features after using this incredible machine for your cup of coffee.

Can Spinn make cold brew?

Spinn coffee maker is an extraordinary machine with a conical burr. Its advanced features and high-quality programming make it possible to provide you with your desired type of coffee. Also, cold brew is one of those coffee types.

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