[ANSWERED] Can You Put a Box Spring on Top of Slats?

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Yes, you can put a box spring on the top of the slats. It will give you a more pleasant sleep quality, security of your mattress, stability, and more comfort.


Box springs are used in almost every house today and there are approximately 600000 users of box springs. In most houses, they are placed on the floor and cover the slats. Many may doubt the different observations for putting a box spring on top of slats. If you are among those curious guys, you should get awareness about this topic.

Reasons To Put A Box Spring On Top Of Slats

Many reasons are there to put a box spring on top of slats:

The main reason is that the box spring is used to support the mattress and keep it from being damaged at all times. If you have an older mattress, then it may not be able to support itself anymore. If this happens, you’ll need a box spring to help support and keep it in good condition.

Another reason is that the box spring offers extra storage space for things like blankets and pillows, which means more room for other items in your bedroom. This can help make your room look nicer while giving you more options when decorating it.

Benefits of putting box spring on the slats 

Box springs have multiple heights, so you can adjust your bed according to your height or weight while sleeping on it. This will also assist in reducing pressure points on your back while napping. You can also maintain the warmness of your mattress by adjusting the height setting according to your liking.

If you have asthma or allergies, then using box springs will be helpful for you as it reduces allergens from entering your home or room through the gaps between floors or walls where dust particles settle on furniture, etc.

It can be used to sustain the bed and also gives a good sleeping experience.

The most important benefit of putting a box spring on top of a slat is that it is used for security; it provides extra support for the mattress.

A box spring can be an extra seating option for guests or children watching TV or playing video games.

It helps provide stability to the bed frame and helps keep the bed from getting damaged due to pressure from heavy furniture.

Drawbacks Of Putting Box Spring On The Slats

The main drawback of putting a box spring on top of slats is that it can cause damage to the wood frame of your bed frame if you have an older style one with wooden slats instead of metal ones.

You should know that a box spring is not designed for use with a mattress, so when you put one in the middle of your bed, it will cause your mattress to slide around.

If you have a platform bed or something similar, this won’t be an issue because there’s no way for your mattress to move around. However, if you have a regular bed frame and put a box spring on top, you may experience some shifting over time.

Which Types of Slats Are Better For Box Spring?

Wooden slats are usually made from wood and have a natural finish. They may be stained or painted to match the decor of your room. Wooden slats are usually more durable than metal or plastic ones and can last for many years if you take good care of them.

Wood slats are probably the best choice if you want to put a box spring on it that’s lightweight and easy to move around. Wood is also very affordable compared to other materials like metal or plastic.

Plus, wood is an inherently eco-friendly material that doesn’t require much maintenance aside from cleaning up spills occasionally. However, wood may warp over time or shrink in width slightly after being used for a while.

Is It Possible To Use a Box Spring Without Slats?

Yes, you can. Many box spring companies sell their products without slats. This means you can have a box spring without the slats and still have it function as a box spring. However, you may face some weaknesses after this type of investment.

The first drawback is that there is no support for the mattress. The mattress will sag in the middle and become very uncomfortable to sleep on it. To avoid this situation, you need to buy another type of bed frame for your mattress.

The next drawback is that if you have pets or children, they could get hurt from jumping on the bed because nothing is holding them back!

If you are looking for a new bed frame for your mattress and don’t want any slats or support, we recommend purchasing a platform bed frame instead of a traditional one with slats.

What If I Use a Slat Without a Box Spring?

This is another frequently asked question that we get all the time. The answer is yes, and you can use a slat without a box spring. It is just not recommended.

The reason for this is that when you are using a slat without a box spring, there is a greater chance that your mattress will shift over time and cause you to wake up with back pain.

A box spring helps to hold the mattress in place so that it doesn’t shift around too much and can help prevent back pain in the first place.

We always recommend using a box spring when considering any new bedding set. It will provide extra support and protection for your mattress and give you peace of mind that it is protected from any damage caused by heavy people moving around.


In short, a box spring on slats supports your mattress like a platform bed with a more authentic look. Given that the only difference between box springs and slats is what’s below them, you could put a box spring on top of wood slats or even plastic slats.

Or, if you want to spend less money, you could use plain plywood and still get the same firmness.

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