Can You Bring an Air Mattress to a Hotel? (Secret Facts!)

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Can You Bring an Air Mattress to a Hotel

Can You Bring An Air Mattress To A Hotel?

Many Hotels worldwide allow people to bring their air mattresses or sleeping bags. Beds in standard hotel rooms might not stay sufficient, or some of you prefer not to use the hotel beds because you are habitual to napping on the floor; this is one reason people need air mattresses, so the hotel allows bringing these mattresses too.

Mainly, an Air mattress is an excellent alternative and option against hotel beds. Air beds are a terrific way to rest in a hotel room because they are portable and simple to set up.

So can you bring an air mattress to a hotel? Yes, you can rent an air mattress to many hotels, including Disney, and if you need more time, confirm when making a reservation.

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When Bringing An Air Mattress:

To An Average Hotel

Most hotels permit visitors to carry air mattresses, although each hotel has a unique set of policies. Before visiting, make sure to confirm with the hotel management. Also, make sure your hotel room has enough space for your mattress.

To A Disney Hotel

You can bring an air mattress to a Disneyland hotel, but you must fill it with air before checking in. In the hot tubs and pools, air beds are not permitted. Also, the mattress must be inflated prior to using it in your accommodation.

Consequently, consider bringing earbuds if you intend to use an air mattress in your bedroom because they can be noisy. Please withhold from bringing an air mattress for your pet since Disney hotels have a stringent no-pets rule.

 Air mattresses: Things to know

  • Choose a double or full if capacity is a concern. A twin is fantastic for kids but too small for adults or teens. Additionally, think about the room’s size and the number of beds already there. The most popular air mattress sizes are listed below.
  • Depending on the air mattress’s size, you might need to create additional room. Plus, While the smaller sizes might work, a king might be too big for a double room. It is transportable and fits in luggage because it deflates.
  • It should easily fit most rooms if it’s a twin, especially if the hotel already offers additional bedding space. During the day, you can bend the air mattress against the wall to efficiently access the space.

Reasons Why An Air Mattress Is Needed:

The following are some common reasons why air mattresses are necessary;

Hygiene Problems

There were sanitary issues seen in even prosperous 5-star hotels. Over time, public inspectors have exposed a lot of corrupt behaviors of many hotels in town. Mainly, No new bed linens or pillowcases are provided.

Some accommodations didn’t even bother to alter them when new travelers arrived. Lastly, The linens appear clean, but the mattress appears outdated and last got replaced a while ago.


For further precaution from bedbugs in the hotel, many people take off all the sheets and pillowcases from the bed. Also,

For dried red or black patches, they look under the bed and within the bed frame, paying specific attention to the folds and seams. 

Some lodging establishments don’t regularly turn mattresses or clean the underside, which is the cause of bedbugs’ growth.

Along with Kids

People with kids might need an extra mattress mainly because most kids don’t share beds with parents or siblings.

Consequently, The maximum number of guests per room is typically strictly governed by hotel policies.

Also, Check to see whether you’re not going over that limit. Many hotels do not charge extra for children, but they may charge around 50 dollars per night for adult rooms.

Asking For Extra Bedding In A Hotel

Some hotels give away more bedding for free, while others don’t. Mainly, You must speak with the hotel directly to obtain an additional bed.

The daily cost for a fully flat bed or infant cot at hotels that don’t provide extra complimentary beds is often around 25 dollars.

In most hotels, extra bedding is available upon request, for example, cots, portable beds, and cribs.

Also, The ideal time to ask a hotel about extra beds is before making a reservation. A moveable bed is a twin-sized mattress that can be rolled up and is portable.

Best Air mattresses:

1.    SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress:

Using Comfort Coil Advanced technologies and a Grip bottom to guarantee firmness and stability, Sound Asleep mattresses are the only ones on the market.

Plus, Your bed will stay level and firm with 40 internal air coils for increased strength and support, allowing you to sleep well. The official Sound Asleep logo got added in 2019 on the air mattress.

In less than 4 minutes, the queen-size Dream Sequence mattress reaches its maximum inflation and will remain there for several days. Additionally, This mattress can sleep two persons comfortably or one individual like a king with its inflated measurements of 78 x 58.

2.    Beautyrest Skyrise Full Raised Express Air Mattress:

While traveling, an express inflated air mattress offers you or your guests comfort similar to a standard mattress in a hotel easily.

The amazing pressure-relieving support offered by the offset coil design molds your body as you sleep.

Hence, The express bed has a button that you can click to easily alter the firmness from firm to soft and provide a comfortable sleep.

Alternatives Of Air Mattress:

  • Rolling and unrolling sleeping bags make them quite simple to use. Just clean your sleeping bag before bringing it to the hotel.
  • A cot is a small, folding bed typically used while camping. Plus, some come with mattress pads to make sleeping on cots more comfortable. While cots weigh more than air mattresses, they are more convenient to put up and so nicer to sleep on.
  • Folding mattresses are typically hefty and clumsy. Compared to cots, these mattresses are more comfortable and lighter. Additionally, they are equally simple to assemble and store when unused.


The beds in normal hotels might stay uncomfortable, and a few of you might choose to take your naps on the floor instead of the beds because of other hygiene issues or kids. Hence, a good option is to bring an air mattress. 

Due to their flexibility and ease of setup, air beds are a great alternative for resting in a hotel room.

So Can you bring an air mattress to a hotel? Yes, Most hotels allow air mattresses brought in by guests, but make sure your hotel has adequate area for your mattress.

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