Can You Bring A Mattress On A Plane? (REVEALED!)

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Can You Bring A Mattress On A Plane

Most airlines allow air mattresses as carry-on or checked baggage to meet the weight and size restrictions. If your Mattress is bigger than the size that the airline allows, you will be charged more, and it will be transported as checked luggage.

Pump-equipped air mattresses can be brought on board or as checked as luggage. Mainly, The airline’s weight and bag size limitations will impact you. 

So Can you bring a mattress on a plane? Yes, The TSA also permits the carriage of air mattresses with pumps, although the added weight makes it more challenging.

Important Mattress Guidelines:

Here are some important guidelines about mattresses on a plane you need to know;

Passing it through a checkpoint

Keeping your air mattress in its original box will make it simplest for you to keep it compact.

Also, If you want to determine if the Mattress satisfies the airline’s standards quickly, you may discover the dimensions and weight of the box. The carrying bag that many air mattresses have is another option.

Air mattresses with and without pumps are allowed since there are no size or space limitations.

The TSA has no guidelines for passing through the checkpoint operating an air mattress. All they have to do is ensure your bag has no dangerous items.

Pumps for air mattresses work just nicely. Also, an air mattress is allowed in both your checked and carry-on luggage.

Make sure it stays within the airline’s permitted size restrictions. Hence, Observe the baggage weight restrictions to avoid any further problems.

As a Carry on luggage

Mainly, Traveling with a lightweight, compact air mattress will stay much simpler. Plus, You need to think narrow and tiny because certain airlines have minimal space on board.

There are many better ideas for carrying on than bringing a big, double-sized air mattress. 

Air mattresses are therefore permitted in carry-on baggage, but one must ensure that the product will fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat.

Large air mattresses frequently do not fit in carry-on luggage, but compact, fold-up air mattresses always do.

Average size limit

Any moderate airline permits an average baggage size of 22 x 14. However, the limit is lower for some low-cost airlines.

Additionally, you must ensure that weight or size restrictions are not violated if your air mattress is traveling in your checked luggage.

Unless you are traveling first class or on a long-haul aircraft, your maximum weight for checked baggage is normally 50 pounds.

Plus, King-size and queen-sized air mattresses typically weigh more than 10 pounds each slightly.

Packing it

Most air mattresses include a traveling case. However, the most frequent problem is knowing how to pack it so it will fit.

Additionally, Make sure your Mattress is as flat as you can before folding it. You can achieve this by using the palm of your hand to pump out the air from end to end.

Mainly, It advised against packing a double air mattress when flying; instead, bring a single one.

Consider carrying a manual pump if you have a self-inflating mattress. To avoid damaging other things in your backpack, roll up your Mattress and place it inside the carrying case.

Inflatable Mattresses:

How do inflatable mattresses work on airplanes?

Airplanes allow inflatable mattresses as long as they don’t exceed the permitted size and weight limits.

Also, The Mattress must be deflated to fit inside your carry-on or checked luggage. You could have to pay more for your Mattress if it is larger than permitted. 

However, airlines can decline to let them into their cabins for safety reasons. Plus, Most airlines require that travelers wait 24 hours upon reaching their destination before utilizing them for sleep.

Restrictions regarding them:

Many airlines restrict the amount of checked or carry-on luggage containing inflatable mattresses.

The reason is that it would impossible for travelers or crew members to rapidly replace one if it unintentionally deflates during one flight, according to safety concerns.

Hence, Passengers are not permitted by the FAA to use air mattresses while seated in their seats. Lastly,

A lack of additional cushioning results from the requirement to turn off personal electronics during takeoff and landing, as it can cause dangerous results.

Best Mattress to carry:

  1. Milliard Tri-Folding Memory Foam Foldable Memory Foam Mattress

Thanks to the Milliard Foam Tri-fold Mattress, you can sleep easily wherever you are. In addition, spread out the cushion bed on the ground of any space, including an airport or tent.

This bed comfortably fits all your sleeping needs and folds up neatly for storage in seconds.

The perfect option for short-term sleeping arrangements is this Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress.

Also, Ideal for unexpected overnight guests, gatherings, and vacations. A comfortable memory foam layer is layered with a firm base to create the Milliard 6″ tri-fold mattress.

  1. Olee Sleep Tri-fold Memory Foam Mattress

This 4-inch tri-folding foam mattress is the best choice for a portable and carrier Mattress. Also, No back or neck ache is felt when people sleep on this lightweight, comfy topper. 

Additionally, the foam topper provides supportive Sleeping and comfort. For a comfortable night’s sleep, the mattress includes a memory foam topper. 

The topper is delivered in a box to your front door thanks to smart package technology.

Additionally, an ideal portable topper for dorm rooms, unexpected airport stays, and vacations. Hence, No health or sleeping problems when individuals sleep on it.


Lastly, Can you bring a mattress on a plane? There are usually no weight or size restrictions on checked baggage when it comes to air mattresses.

There are usually no weight or size restrictions on checked baggage when it comes to air mattresses. 

Additionally, you will pay more and have to check your Mattress as checked luggage if it is larger than the Mattress limit the airline will allow.

It is also permitted to check mattresses with pumps as luggage or bring them on board.

Due to this, there are no dimension or capacity restrictions allowing for the use of air mattresses either with or without built-in pumps. Hence, Your carry-on and checked luggage can both contain an air mattress.

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