Can Bed Bugs Live in Clothes? (ANSWERED!)

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Can Bed Bugs Live in Clothes?

The main concern is, can bed bugs live in clothes? Well, the answer is a big yes. They can easily crawl onto your clothes from an infected area and consequently get to your bedding and closets. Your wardrobes will then serve as their living spots.

If you encounter bed bugs in your household, you could experience anxiety even if you don’t frequently suffer from a phobia of pests.

Not at all a single bed bug, but a cluster of them will be what you will observe. Bed bugs absolutely adore clothes, so if you encounter them in your bed, they are certainly now in your garments.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Clothes?

Bed bugs love your mattress. However, your adjacent wardrobe also serves as an ideal spot in which they can reside.

Bed bugs adore a closet that is also absolutely stuffed! This means that bed bug invasions can grow so terrible that it is occasionally essential to get away from your clothing and bedding completely.

Why Are Your Clothes Invaded With Bed Bugs?

One day you dress in your best clothes for the job, open your closet, and are astonished to see stains on your beautiful outfit.

You immediately assume these smears are ordinary, but upon more inspection, you realize they are actual bed bug excrement! 

How in the world did they get on your garments? We travel a lot every single day to go to schools, workplaces, local churches, and so on.

Since we have a full, busy schedule. Being one of the most remarkable stowaways, bed bugs can roam on your garments, jacket, blouse, purse, or luggage, and then when they do, the outbreak has already commenced.

If your acquaintances already have bed bugs, that is yet another possibility to acquire them. They give away their mattresses in an attempt to get free of pests, but if there is a canister handy, the bed bugs will be able to sneak into your property.

The great spots to meet them are public transportation and railway terminals, airlines, universities, grocery stores, and notably, guesthouses.

How Did Bed Bugs Get Inside Your Clothing?

Bed bugs can effortlessly attach to just about every object, such as ceilings as well as your bedding and garments.

They do not have any habitats and conceal from humans in garments or any other acceptable places to reside. 

Bed bugs are infrequently noticeable during daylight hours. Yet, while you rest, bed bugs will arise from hibernation and feast on your lifeblood.

Bed bugs would certainly invade your clothes from your mattress or by infecting the clothes of others. 

It is indeed conceivable that some other colleagues and you have the same closet. However, if you wash your garments occasionally, the probability of bed bug transmission is minimized.

What Is the Lifespan of Bed Bugs on Clothes?

Do not consider that placing your contaminated clothes on the ground will force the bed bugs to eventual death.

They can remain on your clothes for four months at ambient temperature without consumption. Yet, bed bugs remain in existence and spread if you use these clothes repeatedly.

Can Bed Bugs Attack Through Garments?

What about getting attacked under clothing because we’re discussing chews? Does that happen? Generally, the conclusion is no.

You usually don’t have to be concerned about getting stung through your clothes since bed bugs only bite in a few special cases. 

Although most clothing is impenetrable to a bed bug’s mouth, wearing an outfit won’t assist you in avoiding stings if you’ve got an invasion.

They are delighted to nibble on bare skin, such as the cheeks and neck, and they can sneak under clothing. 

If you use very thin fabric, bed bugs can attack your clothing. Therefore, it may be possible to get stung through the cloth.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Clothes?

Frequently washing and drying your clothing is the simplest but also the most efficient technique to get away from bed bugs.

Employ a high-quality facial mask and protective gloves before attempting the recommended treatment. Follow the comprehensive remedy below to get rid of the bed bugs that depend on blood.

Supplies you will require

  1. Washing Machine 
  2. Washing powder for Washing
  3. Plastic sheeting Liners
  4. Bags with zippers
  5. drying system


1. Keep “Dry Clean Only” clothes separately

To begin, divide the items labeled “Dry Clean Only” from the other clothes because all these articles cannot be laundered. The bed bugs are cleaned away during the dry cleaning phase. 

Bring your clothes to be dry-cleaned by keeping them in zip-lock containers. Notify the dry cleaners of your issues, so they are able to act correspondingly.

2. Sort your clothes

Pre-sort your items by whites, dark colors, and delicates while sorting the “Dry Clean Only” articles.

Arrange every stack of clothes in a zip-lock plastic bag, then securely cover it. It will enable you to pick the maximum possible drying and laundering temperature for your clothes.

3. Turn on the washer

Pour the liquids or powdered detergent into your washer’s programmed distributor. If your washer is without it, then add the necessary amounts of detergent into the cylinder.

Bring it to the warmest temperature of the water level indicated for your fabrics and the suitable cycles.

4. Put the clothes in the washing machine

Make sure to place your garments in the washing machine after you have set it up because bed bugs could transfer to many other locations. Don’t ignore safely disposing of plastic shopping bags.

5. After the Dryer

Move your items to the clothes dryer once the cleaning is done. Turn the dryer to the highest temperature option advised for the cloth and allow it to spin for half an hour.

Bed bugs and their eggs will undoubtedly be eliminated once the dryer gets to a temperature of 120°F or greater.

6. Manage the laundry

After drying, protect your clothing in fresh zip-top sacks until bed bugs are exterminated from your household.

If you do not really want to go through the whole laundry procedure, store your garments in black polythene sacks and subject them to sunlight for a couple of hours to remove any bed bugs.


The question arises: Can bed bugs live in clothes? The answer is yes. Even though bed bugs on clothing are nasty, you can get rid of them while preventing them from expanding by adhering to the steps in this post.

After disinfecting your clothing, you must keep it separate from other affected objects in the home.

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