Can Bed Bugs Survive in Washing Machine? (ANSWERED!)

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Can Bed Bugs Survive in Washing Machine

Can Bed Bugs Survive In A Washing Machine?

Bed bugs are a major concern. Can bed bugs survive in a washing machine Well, yes, they definitely can under specific conditions. No matter how many instances you launder the clothes, bed bugs could endure in the washing machine if you are using chilled water. 

There really is no actual evidence that detergents or even other substances can eliminate bed bugs, regardless of the fact that almost everyone employs them to wash their clothes. This demonstrates that bed bugs can persist if you are not using warm water.

What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that devour human or animal blood for nutrition. It is somewhat scary that they commonly attack while we are taking a nap.

Thankfully, they do not even transmit infection or trigger any other health complications. They are just really unpleasant.

A bed bug can be distinguished if you witness a relatively small reddish-brown creature, about just the size of a fruit seed, trying to crawl all over your bedding. It is indeed time to wave them farewell!

As it turns out, bedbugs are nomads. They transfer themselves from one area to some other with the help of handbags, wallets, and backpacks.

They often emerge from secondhand furniture and contaminated places. They could travel from your neighbors’ house to yours if you reside in an apartment.

What Common Places Do Bedbugs Keep Hiding?

Due to their extreme skinniness, bed bugs may slip into the tiniest openings. They will get trapped between your bedding, your clothes, your sofas, and your baggage.

Along these, they generally reside in clusters, so when you discover one bed bug, there may well be many of these.

As unsettling as it may seem, they have discovered that by sheltering in your bed at night, they have quick access to adequate food.

This evolves into a bed bug refuge if you leave your dirty, disgusting clothing in the basket for a prolonged period before cleaning it. They migrate from one location to another wearing unclean clothing.

If you previously booked a hotel and stayed in for a night (where bed bugs are still a huge issue), it seems to be possible that bedbugs crept onto your contaminated clothing and found their way back into your residence.

Do Bedbugs Die When Clothes Are Washed?

If done the right way, washing your clothing can eradicate bed bugs. It is indeed common to experience anxiety when you first encounter bedbugs in your residence. As a matter of fact, there are solutions to dumping away your complete collection.

Is It Possible For Bedbugs To Survive In Water?

It tends to vary. The short answer is no. Bedbugs cannot thrive in water. If exposed to water, bed bugs generally drown.

If they rise above the water in a washing machine, there seems to be some accessibility to air. They have a minimal likelihood of survival in the situation.

Make very sure a bedbug has entirely emerged into the water before trying to kill it there. Moreover, the water should be exceptionally hot, more than 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Important Measures For Washing Clothing To Eliminate Bed Bugs

When washing belongings to get away from bed bugs, there are three major measures to take into account. These stages include organizing clothes, washing and drying them, and keeping clean clothes away.

Organizing Clothing

  • Pre-sort clothing in the contaminated area as you would when laundering it ordinarily, and afterward, place each organized bundle into its own plastic shopping bag. Keep the cleaning instructions in consideration. You could do this to find out the optimum temperatures where you can also clean and dry your clothing.
  • Sort out your dry-clean-only clothing since while they may not get wet, they could go in the drying machine.
  • Prior to transporting your clothing, cover the bags. By doing this, bed bugs won’t spread to other regions of your household or the laundry.

Washing And Drying Garments

  • Place each packet in a washer (for dry-clean-only, place in the dryer).
  • After dumping every bag, bend the entrance into the center and then close it with the surrounding material.
  • Leftover bags should be stored right off the bat in a clean pack and secured before even being disposed of.
  • The fabric should indeed be cleaned and dried at the maximum temperature practicable.
  • If dry cleaned clothes can be dried, turn the dryer to a moderate to high setting and then let it spin for at least half an hour. Bring your dry-cleaned clothing to a dry-cleaning agency so it can be cleaned and ironed. Bugs can be eliminated by drying, but clothing won’t be laundered.
  • If you just want to eliminate bed bugs but don’t want to launder your clothes, you can eliminate all the bed bugs by gently drying the contaminated clothes for half an hour at a hot temperature.

Preserving Clean Clothing

  • Parasitized clothing should be placed in a plastic container. To make your garments out of the dryer, fold them as soon as possible. If you are doing your clothes at a condominium building’s laundry room or a professional laundry, toss the garments straight away in a clean plastic shopping bag. Place your things on a folding table after you have already examined them for bed bugs.
  • The cleaned clothes must be preserved in bags until you can get to your residence.
  • Take the laundry out of the bags and preserve it if you have succeeded in getting free of bed bugs in your residence.
  • Retain the folded clothes in the bag if you still have an outbreak and take them out as necessary. By doing this, the garment will minimize re-infestation.


In conclusion, bed bugs can survive in a washing machine only if you are not thoroughly washing your clothes. Those who properly examine this article will comprehend how to wash clothes appropriately, eliminating bed bugs.

Even though they are tough and persistent organisms, bed bugs can indeed be effectively eliminated if you understand how.

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