Can Bed Bugs Live on Plastic Mattresses? [ANSWERED]

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Can Bed Bugs Live on Plastic Mattresses? 

Bed bugs love to stay on mattresses of all types excluding plastic mattresses. It is because plastic mattresses are not convenient for bed bugs to reside there. Normally, bed bugs infest planes, buses, and trains. From these places, they spread on your clothes and bags and get the way to enter your homes and bedrooms.  

Can Bed Bugs Live on Plastic Mattresses? 

Do you know that the beds are the favorite places of bed bugs and that’s the reason they are known as bed bugs?

They always choose a bed that can be of any type, to stay and reside in. Can bed bugs live on plastic mattresses? No, they cannot reside on a plastic mattress. 

Plastic mattresses are not a good place for bed bugs to live there. The bed bugs are so small in size and they hide under the pillows and sheets that you cannot reach them. But if you use plastic coverings and mattresses, you can quickly reach them. 

So, to completely kill the bed bugs and find out the hacks, read out my guide! 

Can bed bugs Live under Plastic Mattresses? 

A mattress is where bed bugs are commonly located because it enables them to get nearer to the human body. Humans are their hosts. Bed bugs do not feel as comfortable on plastic beds as they do on mattresses that are made of fiber. 

Plastic mattresses can serve as a net for already present bed bugs. They help to prevent their further growth. So, bed bugs dislike living in plastic mattresses because of this. But they can reside within the pillows or in the bottom of the box spring.

Plastic mattresses are efficient and good but as they deteriorate, they tend to shred through the sides and edges.

In this way, they will create an entry point for bed bugs. Your plastic mattress will become infested with bed bugs if they get inside of it without knowing. After that, this issue will increase daily.

Bed bugs will damage your pillows and metal frame once they have infested your plastic mattress. Additionally, it is very difficult to dispose of them after they have infested your mattress.

Don’t worry, there are numerous remedies available that will help eliminate bed bugs from your plastic mattresses. Also, using the appropriate method, you can remove bed bugs from other items.

Do bed bugs Survive under Plastic Covers? 

It includes in their daily activities such as drinking blood from humans and breeding with other bed bugs. For this, bed bugs need both oxygen and blood. So, covering your mattress with plastic wrapping will prevent bed bugs from getting inside. 

You will be able to contain them all in that mattress with the assistance of this. After you have wrapped your mattress, keep it there for a couple of weeks. As a result, the bed insect starves to death.

Keep in mind that you were wrong if you thought that bed bugs will die if they won’t get food for three to four days. Also, if they will not feed for three-four days, they will not die due to the plastic coatings. 

In comparison to many other pests, bed bugs can survive up to one year without eating. So, encasing bed bugs for two or three days is not a good idea.

To prevent these bugs from receiving adequate oxygen, you must do this for a week or a month. In this way, this idea will work amazingly and effectively to kill bed bugs.

Additionally, you will have to select a covering that avoids tearing quickly. Also, the cover you choose must have zippers to support the mattress in the airflow.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Mattresses? 

There are different ways of getting rid of the bed bugs as you will have to find out the right method.

Bed bugs are so small in size and they hid under the mattresses and pillows. In this way, they become invisible to the eyes and difficult to reach.

In this case, you will have to use the right solution to reach and kill the bed bugs. To kill the bed bugs, you can use heat treatment, some pesticides, and mattress toppers or covers.

All these methods are very effective and efficient to remove bed bugs from the mattresses. 

Plastic Mattresses 

When you talk about plastic mattresses, they are not good for bed bugs. They have a solid construction that even a drop of water cannot pass through the mattress. So, the bed bugs don’t get the path to enter the plastic mattresses. 

It is also preferable to use plastic covers and toppers to use on the mattresses. They will help to prevent bed bugs from reaching your mattress. Also, you must purchase a good-quality mattress that will not allow the bed bugs to enter in. 

Can Bed Bugs Survive Under a Plastic Cover?

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of and can survive for long periods of time without a blood meal. Some people have suggested using a plastic cover to trap bed bugs and starve them to death. But does this really work?

To find out, a study was conducted in which bed bugs were placed under a variety of different types of plastic covers. The results showed that bed bugs could survive under all types of covers, including those made from plastic, vinyl, or cloth.


If you have gone through this article thoroughly, you won’t ask can bed bugs live on plastic mattresses. 

It is because I have explained all the facts and figures about bed bugs and how to reach and kill them using easy ways. 

However, it is a normal thing to have bed bugs in your mattress, but if you use a plastic mattress, you will get rid of them.

You can’t sleep comfortably if you have bed bugs. So, you must find out the best and finest solution as the plastic mattress to avoid bed bugs. 

Have you found the best method for bed bugs? Share your interesting experience with me! 


How do I get rid of bed bugs in the plastic mattresses?

There are various strategies for eliminating bed bugs. The most popular techniques are employing heat treatment, certain insecticides, or mattress toppers.

Also, you can use quality mattresses and covers to avoid bed bugs.

How do I prevent bed bugs from getting into the mattresses?  

Utilizing vinyl/plastic coverings and mattress protectors is among the quickest and most affordable solutions to insulate the mattress.

By doing this, you will completely protect your mattress from bed bugs. It is because these fabrics are not good for bed bugs.

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