Are Sleep Number Beds Worth It? (Expectations Vs. Reality!)

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Are Sleep Number Beds Worth It?

The question you’re probably asking is, are sleep number beds worth it? Yes, they are.

Are Sleep Number Beds Worth It?

Sleep Number beds are definitely worth it because they have several features that are supposed to make sleeping on them more comfortable. They include a memory foam mattress, a contoured headboard, and a contoured footboard. These features are supposed to help you get a better night’s sleep by molding your body.

Back discomfort, sleep apnea, and other conditions can all get helped by adjustable beds. One or two air chambers are in Sleep Number mattresses, and the Air is inflated or deflated using a pump. 

Select Comfort Sleep Number has various features of bed and functionality, and the business now holds 21 copyrights and 34 international patents.

In addition to its many physical locations across the country, Sleep Number now sells its products online.

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Benefits of Sleep Number Beds Mattresses:

Sleep Number is among the most popular brands in the air flow bed industry. Also, you may inflate 11 kinds with varying degrees of cushioning to the stiffness you want.

Sleep Number is expensive if you stay alone and consistently desire a firm mattress.

By utilizing the remote control and companion app, Sleep Number beds are simple to use. Some reasons and benefits to buy it get mentioned below;

  • Also, The matching mattress, which has several comfort elements, gets firmly supported by the bed’s robust base.
  • The bed position can get managed using SleepIQ technology, which also tracks sleep patterns and illustrates how sleep affects general health and wellbeing.
  • Firmness levels vary with one being the softest and 100 being the firmest. Also, Air technology reacts to changes in your position and variations in air pressure.
  • Twin, fuller, king, and queen sizes are available for the mattress from Sleep Number. Also, There is one air chamber in the twin and twin XL sizes, and there are two air chambers in the bigger sizes.
  • When placed on an adjustable foundation, the split king enables each person to select their preferred position independently of the other.
  • Sleep Number’s SleepIQ sensors monitor your heart, breathing, and body movements. Also, The sensors transmit these data to the server, where a program generates a sleep report. This report appears in an app along with suggestions for improving sleep quality.

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Features of Sleep Number Beds mattress:

Some crucial elements to remember get mentioned below;

Built air pump:

Three hundred sixty beds have an air pump built into the bed foundation that can get purchased separately for a fee. Also, The pump rests on the floor if you don’t buy the bed base.

Adjustable beds:

Even if you buy a base, the pump from the value beds series is made to sit on the ground.

All Sleep Number adjustable beds measure their sleep and get individualized feedback on the quality of their night’s rest.

The adjustable beds include a base that may get used with several mattresses. Also, Sleep Number beds have SleepIQ technology, enabling users to monitor their slumber and comprehend how their general health and wellness are impacted by sleep. 


The Ballistocardiography sensors embedded inside the mattress monitor the user’s breathing and heart rate while they sleep, which makes it worth buying.

Automatic changes in firmness levels:

The sleep number bed also automatically changes the firmness on either side. Throughout the night, intelligent mattresses can also automatically adjust the firmness setting.

Responsive Air reacts to changes in your sleeping position and air pressure changes brought on by temperature changes.

Different bases to choose from:

The beds get offered in king, California king, queen, etc. sizes. Users have various base options, including integrated base and frame, Flexfit or Smart base.

Also, a pump, air hose, and remote are all part of the control system. The Sleep Number i10 360 is one of three models in their 360 line.

Air chambers:

Users can select their preferred level of comfort from two air chambers on the inside. Depending on the type, a queen-size Mattress Topper mattress might cost anywhere from one to six thousand dollars.

According to our estimate, this is also roughly the cost of a new mattress. The Smart Bed mattress and 360 E mattress are the priciest mattresses made by Sleep Number.

App tracking:

Additionally, The SleepIQ app tracks motion, heart rate, respiration rate, and sleep time every night.

Insurance and warranty:

Most private insurance firms will pay for Sleep Number adjustable beds, but only if recommended by a doctor. 

You’ll have to ask your doctor why an adjustable bed is necessary. Also, Make sure your insurance covers a Sleep Number mattress by contacting your insurance company.

For customers seeking a premium sleeping experience, the Sleep Number Mattresses are a fantastic choice. Also, Users of adjustable air beds can choose how firm and supportive their mattress should stay. 

Remember that while these mattresses provide a luxurious experience, these mattresses are expensive.

A 15-year warranty gets offered on Sleep Number adjustable beds. Before returning to a bed, users also must use it for at least 30 days of uninterrupted sleep.

Additionally, the business provides 12 and 36-month finance plans online. Return shipping costs can reach over 200 dollars.

Our Recommendations:

The 35 to 40 range is the most common Sleep Number. Additionally, the C2 for the pricing point and the P5 again for best value are two popular choices, and the I8 offers the ultimate comfort and additional cooling. 

Also, Each side of the Sleep Number movable bed has a variable hardness, which can appeal to couples with differing sleeping preferences. 

You may change the firmness of your mattress using the air chamber on the SleepIQ Intelligent Beds.

Also, a remote or an app can get used for this function. The pump will rest on the floor if you don’t get the $300 foundation base for a queen mattress.


In conclusion, Adjustable beds are a fantastic option for those with back discomfort and sleep-related problems.

Sleep Number’s SleepIQ software is an additional tool for people who want to understand their sleeping habits better. 

It is perfect for various body shapes and sleeping positions because of its high adjustability.

Great body shaping and pressure reduction get provided by its comfort layer. Hoping that you have read thoroughly to know are sleep number beds worth it or not.

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