How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last? (Reality!)

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A Sleep Number bed could stay as a fantastic alternative for people who want flexibility and various firmness options. Also, The business unveiled its smartphone-controlled bright bed, the Sleep Number 360, in 2017. 

Sleepers could observe the sleep analysis and durability results, which improved their sleep quality and that it lasted longer for 12 years or more. The answer to How long do sleep number of beds last gets mentioned below.

How Long Do Sleep Number Beds Last?

Sleep Number beds are designed to last around 10 years to 15 years, depending on how often the bed is slept in and how it is treated. The Sleep Number bed is made with a cloth cover that is machine-washable. The bed is also made with a Tencel cover that is soft, durable, and machine-washable.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably pretty careful about the way you use your furniture. You try to take care of it and keep it in good condition so that it lasts for years to come. But what about your sleep number bed? Do you know how long it will last?

Sleep number beds are designed to help you get a good night’s sleep. The bed is made up of a number of panels that move and adjust to help you find the perfect sleeping position.

Over time, these panels can wear out. If you’re experiencing trouble sleeping or your bed is no longer providing the support it once did, it might be time to replace your sleep number bed.

But don’t worry, sleep number beds are usually fairly easy to replace. You can usually find replacement panels online or in your local sleep number store. Just be sure to measure your bed before you buy it to make sure the replacement panels will fit.

And don’t forget to take care of your sleep number bed the way you would care for any other piece of furniture in your home!

The Sleep Number smart bed comes with nine different mattresses. Moreover, the company manufactures adjustable headboards and bases that are compatible with all of its mattresses. 

When Does Sleep Number Have the Best Sales? (REVEALED!)

Factors Why Sleep Number Of Beds Last More Than 10 Years

The Sleep mattress has many benefits and reasons to use as it lasts longer (for 10 years or more) than many other mattresses. Some of them get mentioned below;


Beds made by Sleep Number have remote-adjustable air bladders integrated right in. Also, These air mattress bags are more durable than a typical foam padding or innerspring mattress.

Mattresses from the Sleeping Number 360 Performance Series feature memory foam and Reactive Air technologies. 

Also, the Features of the Special Edition mattresses that regulate temperature absorb energy and release it as you cool, making sleeping easy. Hence, it can make them last for 12 years or more.

It comes With a Foam Pad

Many Sleep Number beds come with something like a foam pad. According to the firm, the pad increases the mattress’ longevity of the mattress and helps it last longer.

Your Sleep Number mattress’ lifespan may get prolonged by a few months with a mattress pad, but not significantly.

Dual Air Adjustment

The Dual Air adjustment feature on each brand’s beds enables customers to alter the hardness level each night.

Additionally, the firmness level of the Sleep Number mattress may be automatically adjusted throughout the night.

 Aside from adapting to changes in air pressure brought on by temperature changes, Responsive Air also adapts to shifts in your sleeping position.

Firmness Range

The personalized experience of innovative mattresses is designed to relieve pressure points. Sleepers can soften their mattresses through the Sleep IQ app or remote control.

The range of firmness, or number, is from 1 to 100, having one being the softest and 100 becoming the firmest.

Sleep IQ app

Activity, heartbeat, respiratory rate, and amount of sleep are all tracked by the Sleep IQ app every night. Also, The software calculates a Sleep IQ score between 10 and 100 using these statistics. 

Each sleep session should have a score of at least 60. Mattress sizes for Sleep Number beds include twin, half, king, and queen. Also, there are two air chambers, one on each side and in larger sizes.

Distinct portions

When placed on an adjustable foundation, the split king enables each person to select their preferred position independently of the other. The king bed is a king-size mattress with a split top half that creates two distinct upper portions. 

Also, Each partner can adjust the height of the mattress’s upper half to their level for varying degrees of comfort.

Material That Increases Mattress Longevity

Dual air chambers

The only model that has two remote controls and only has dual air chambers is the i-10. Your mattresses will also get firmer with more significant portions, and Depending on their preferences, each person can change the air volume in their air chamber.

Foam layers

Various comfort foam layers are available from Sleep Number in various densities and thicknesses. Also, each bedding will have a thicker layer; the more cushioned, the higher the series.

Memory foam layers can get found in some mattresses, while others feature PlushFit or improved foam.

Mattress top variety

There are various mattress top options for Sleep Number beds. A Duvet-style mattress top is also available on the wealthy I variants. Every other mattress has a zipper, so it’s easy to get to the air chamber.

Several Factors Can Reduce The Durability Of Mattresses

Due to the two adjustable sides of Sleep Number mattresses, the middle of the bed can occasionally sag. 

Also, the trench effect describes this in the mattress industry. You can send the bedding to the designer for repairs or a complete substitute.

The air supply line or the chamber itself may develop issues, causing Sleep Number mattresses to start leaking air. Also, your mattress’s comfort will get reduced if the air escapes.

Malfunctioning high-tech beds may hamper your ability to sleep. It is also admirable how well Sleep Number has educated its customers on using these mattresses. 

Tech knowledge is not universal. Also, The technological components will eventually break down as well.

Mattress Warranty

A 100-night trial is available from Sleep Number, starting when your mattress gets delivered.

Also, after 30 nights, if you’re not satisfied, get in touch with the business to arrange a refund or exchange. Some accessories, such as bases, are non-returnable.

A 15-year guaranteed warranty against material and artistry flaws gets offered with Sleep Number mattresses. In the contract’s first year, you are also not responsible for paying for repairs. 

Also, any allowed returns are subject to shipping and delivery charges. In retail establishments, returns cannot get handled.


What is Sleep IQ technology in these mattresses?

The software program used with Sleep Number mattresses gets called Sleep IQ Technology. Also, you can connect your wellness and health apps with it, and it can tell you when you sleep the best. Although you can later install the Sleep IQ Technology, it necessitates a particular pump for your bed.

Final words

In conclusion, Sleep Number has become the most popular brand in the adjustable air bed market and lasts for atleast 10 years. Also, You may increase mattresses longevity with varying degrees of cushioning to the stiffness you want. 

Sleep Number is a pricey alternative if you sleep alone. However, it might get worthwhile for pairs with radically differing preferences for mattress firmness. Hence, the answer to How long the number of beds last is mentioned above thoroughly.

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