What to Eat With Garlic Bread? (Secret Options!)

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What to Eat With Garlic Bread

What to eat with Garlic Bread? 

Garlic bread is a great side item that pairs well with different types of dishes. Spaghetti is the most commonly used item as a side dish with garlic bread. Besides that, you can eat cheese bomb bread, Italian food, soups or curries, salad and vegetables, seafood, pizza and sandwiches, and dops with garlic bread.

What to eat with Garlic Bread?

Garlic bread is a customizable dish that is delicious both on its own and when served with the main dish!

The traditional spaghetti and garlic bread combination is widely known. But what if you don’t like spaghetti but still need to enjoy some garlic bread? Then what to eat with garlic bread? 

Are there other methods to enjoy it? Of course, yes! Many different foods, including soup, salad, fish, and vegetables, amazingly match with garlic bread. So, you can choose any of them and make your deal better and super delicious.

Let’s discuss in detail about different dishes that will work best with garlic bread! 

What is Garlic Bread? 

Besides what most people think, garlic bread is not only an Italian dish. It is an Italian-American meal that was invented by Italian people. They were having trouble finding the right ingredients in America! 

Fettunta, which means “oily cut” is known as “Italian garlic bread.” It is the best Italian item comparable to garlic bread.

A baked or cooked loaf of crispy, light bread called Fettunta has garnished with salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and mashed garlic. In this way, the methods are different in different areas. 

 It is among the most famous main dishes in the U.s and is offered in hotels throughout the country. It is due to its creamy flavor and crunchy consistency that every person loves.

What to eat with Garlic Bread? 

You would be wrong to think that the only dish that can be eaten with garlic bread is spaghetti.

Although this is among the most well-known cuisine matches, many other foods can fit with this creamy, garlicky, and cheesy bread. 

There are countless spaghetti, broth, soup, and sauce dish varieties. It matches with both buttery and creamy sauces, while it is served with spaghetti in tomato-based curries. In this way, the options for delicious garlic bread can never end. 

It goes well with a crisp salad, chicken dish, grilled vegetables, seafood, cooked or smoked meat, and chili. Anything you can enjoy when it comes to pairings with garlic bread.

Italian Food: 

Spaghetti/noodles might not be a symbol of an Italian meal. Chicken alfredo, filled scallops, and fettucini alfredo are three amazing Italian dishes. Garlic bread is highly liked when served in Italian cuisine. 

You can give garlic bread and be satisfied that you have done it. It fits well whether you are looking for vibrant and flavorful basil or a thick and delicious alfredo.

Even a simply prepared meatloaf platter with tomato and cheese matches nicely with garlic bread!

Soups and Stews: 

There aren’t many foods that go as well with stews or soups as garlic bread. Dipping this delicious bread into a warm bowl of stews or soups is among the best methods for eating it. 

It is served with tomato-based stews and soups. But it also can be enjoyed with soups and stews made with vegetables, poultry, beef, and fish.

Garlic bread on the other side can take your food to the next level whether you are presenting it with silky or broth-based soups or stews. 

As the bread can be immersed in the soups for a creamy flavor, broccoli parmesan soup is a wonderful pairing with a large serving of creamy garlic bread.

Salad and Vegetables: 

A fresh salad is a perfect side item to serve with your garlic bread. Your salads will taste more delicious and keep you feeling full. Garlic bread and salad are an unusual pairing that could work or not. 

Vegetable salads can be replaced with Romaine salads. And garlicky crackers can be swapped out with buttered baked bread. You can serve it with a healthy summer combination that has fruits mixed into it.

Also, you can pair it with a Caprese salad of fresh tomatoes, blue cheese, fresh basil, and avocado oil. It is simple to increase the number of healthy vegetables in your meals.

You can enjoy this delectable combination of a crisp, mixed salad and toasted, flavorful garlic bread.


Many people ask about garlic bread and seafood combinations. The combo might be weird but you will be surprised by its amazing flavor and taste.

When you serve your favorite seafood with garlic bread, it will enhance the taste of your meal combination. 

You will not be disappointed to add garlic bread to your meal. You can add it whether you are roasting a luscious crab coated in oil or making some mackerel filters with peppers.

Pizza and Sandwiches: 

Garlic bread is a loaf of amazing bread. You should not be worried about using garlic bread to prepare your brunch sandwiches.

It is a delicious meal that can be enjoyed with eggs, bacon, vegetables, cheese, and all of your other morning delights.

Pizza is another amazing meal that you can prepare easily at home as well. You can simply sprinkle it with your desired salsa, cheese, and toppings to turn it into a pizza snack.


You have arrived at the correct place if you are thinking about what to serve with garlic bread that isn’t spaghetti. What to have with garlic bread is a big issue right now, and I have some ideas that would amaze you.

In this blog post, I have explained all about what to eat with garlic bread. You can consider eating spaghetti, soups, stews, dips, Italian foods, and sauces with garlic bread. Also, it all depends upon your taste and preference to choose any item. 

What are you going to eat with garlic bread?


What food goes well with garlic bread? 

There are many foods that you can eat with garlic bread, and you can eat it with whatever you want. But because pasta recipes seem to be enjoyed with it, Italian meals will be preferable. Also, you can enjoy it with shrimp, salad, soup, curry, and other foods.

How do you eat a loaf of garlic bread? 

You can grab it and consume it whole! The most effective approach is to chop it into more manageable pieces. What you aren’t going to eat should be frozen. All of your favorite meals will match with more slices of bread on the table.

How to store garlic bread? 

Garlic bread that has been left over can be preserved for up to three days in the refrigerator. You will have to tightly seal it in the aluminum paper. You can bake the folded garlic bread for 10 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to defrost it.

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