What to Ask When Buying a Mattress? (by Experts After Trying!)

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When it’s time to buy a new mattress, there’s a lot to consider: What type of mattress is best for you? At what price can you afford it? Do you have any preferences? By asking such questions, you can choose a mattress that fits your individual needs and budget.

It is quite evident that choosing a mattress that fits the bill aptly can be a challenging task for you. Some of you probably don’t know what to do before buying a mattress. Ahead of all, are you ready to find the perfect mattress?

Hold on for a while; we have everything you look forward to. In this article, you’ll find the important questions to ask when purchasing a mattress. Then, spare a moment to learn about the description mentioned next. 

8 Important Questions to Consider Before Buying A Mattress:

Below are some questions we have compiled to help you. These are eight important questions you must consider while going to buy a mattress. It is significant because you might get confused when choosing the perfect one. We will delve in to assist you in your decision. Keep reading to learn more!

How to increase the mattress lifespan?

Care is the most striking element to consider for increasing your mattress’s lifespan. Avoid jumping, bending or pet snuggling over the new mattress. Moreover, the sleeping style also greatly makes your mattress live a bit longer.

Usually, the average lifespan of a mattress is 7 to 10 years. On the other side, with full care and consideration it can last longer than 30 years. The long and short is you can maintain your mattress for a long time by washing, rotating, and putting protectors on it. 

What are you looking for in a mattress – edge support or comfort?

Your preferences completely determine what you prefer. For example, some people require a comfortable mattress rather than a supportive one.

On that account, a comfortable mattress offers a good sleep with bare minimum pain and aches. Meanwhile, the edge support of the mattress is crucial too. The former might not provide the necessary support to your back or spine.

For that, you will probably need a mattress with edge support. In short, it’s all up to you what are your preferences in a mattress- comfortability or support as both are important. 

What is the trial period of the mattress?

Before buying a mattress, don’t forget to check its trial period. Because of that, it is necessary because each mattress has its trial period entirely different from others.

However, the approximate trial period is estimated to be 3 to 4 months. Meanwhile, some mattresses have a 60-night sleep trial.

So whichever mattress you choose, remember this period before you buy one. It seems like a good amount of time to though whether the mattress is optimal for you or not. 

Is the new mattress highly durable?

Another significant question you should ask while buying a new mattress is its longevity. As long as the mattress withholds strength and support, you’ll have a pretty good sleep. However, if it starts to wear out soon, then it is not favourable.

In that case, you must inquire about the mattress’s lifespan or how long it will last. Make a good investment in your mattress to get a peaceful sleep.   

Soft or hard – what mattress is right for you?

Every time you buy a mattress, check for the firmness level. Remember that a mattress that is too soft or too hard will result in terrible sleep outcomes. Therefore, whenever you decide to get a new mattress, you must know whether it is soft or hard.

So, for an inside sleeper, a soft mattress is highly supportive for the upper limbs and vertebrae. Contrary to that, hard mattresses offer a firm surface that puts less strain on the muscles and blood vessels. Thus, the choice is again yours regarding what suits you best. 

Does the new mattress come at an affordable price?

It is not a big deal if you want to buy a new mattress at an affordable price. Since various companies offer cost-effective mattresses, why not give it a shot. Moreover, before getting a new mattress, it is essential to consider its price and your budget.

It would require you to spend 10% of your annual income on a mattress. Usually, the price range falls between $100 to $1000. Hence, try to set up a feasible budget to purchase a new mattress. 

What is the warranty period of a new mattress?

The warranty period of an A1 quality mattress is 10 to 20 years. However, it varies from higher to lower quality. These include a replacement, refund or exchange services within warranty offers. 

In addition, there are two types of warranty periods for mattresses. Mainly they come with a short warranty time or lifetime warranty. As a result, you should not be a meek to ask the mattress warranty period while purchasing one. 

What type of mattress is best to buy?

Among different types of mattresses, it is hard for you to choose the most incredible one.

That’s why whenever you buy one, don’t forget to consider this question. So, you must choose that suit both yourself and your budget, ranging from innerspring later to memory foam and hybrid. 

The innerspring mattress contains an in-built spring system for duly supporting body weight. In addition, the latex mattress has latex foam that is long-standing and top-notch.

At the same time, memory foam is well-known for reducing body pain. Last but not least, you should consider which type is best for you before buying a new mattress. 


Summing up the whole discourse, you should not be ignorant of a mattress’s significance in your life.

People often don’t realize how critical it is to sleep on a comfortable mattress; however, the type of mattress you choose can impact your body too.

For example, your spine might not get the support it needs if you sleep on a low-grade mattress. Thus, before buying a new mattress, ponder some questions like cost, comfort, type, and lifespan. 

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