Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Review (by Experts!)

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Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Review

Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Review

The Serta Sleep to go Memory Foam mattress is moderately firm, affordable, and well-liked. Overall, it receives favorable reviews for both ease and stability. The new mattress from Serta can get used immediately for a nice night’s sleep. Plus, These new mattresses are simple to unpack and relax on. 

The combination of air medium and memory foam with gel infusion in these mattresses offers the ideal balance of cooling comfort and pressure relief. So continue to read the Serta sleep-to-go mattress review below to gain further info about its 10 and 12-inch mattresses.

Top 2 The Best Serta Sleep To Go Mattress Review:

We’ve reviewed two of the best Serta sleep-to-go mattresses we’ve recently tested. Check out these reviews and pick a mattress for your comfortable sleep.

  1. Serta 10-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Review

My Parents used this mattress for a very long time, and this mattress was a good help in providing them with better sleep. Hence some of its famous features get mentioned below;


  • Three layers with Guarantee

The exclusive Construction of this Serta Memory Foam Mattress includes 3 layers. It got made in America and has a 20-year manufacturer’s Guarantee.

  • Relieve on pressure points

It reduces night tossing and turning and provides greater relief from specific points that lead to awakenings in the middle of the night, such as pressure areas in the back and neck.

Consequently, Superior pressure point relief in this mattress prevents awakenings in the middle of the night. Additionally, this mattress offers major spinal alignment.

  • Personalized Support

The ground-breaking 10-inch memory foam mattress from Serta is made to offer personalized support where you most require it and a cooler sleeping surface.

Also, The Serta bed has a luxury cover for maximum comfort and gets created with unique perforated foam mattresses and gel support beads.

  • Gel foam layers

This mattress is a ground-breaking development in sleep technology that offers a truly comfortable sleep that relieves, restores, and renews sleep cycles.

It has heavy inches of gel foam for comfort and support. Hence, With personalized support and ongoing airflow, ActivAir foam reacts to body pressure.

  1. Serta 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress Review

I have used this mattress, and overall it was a very good experience. I have not slept properly and had body pain from my previous mattress.

But this mattress has helped relieve my body pain and relax my pressure points. Some of its key features get mentioned below;


  • Pressure release system

In this mattress, there is a superior pressure release system. Additionally, the gel mattress will remain cool for longer, making it the perfect choice for warm sleepers. Additionally, it uses advanced technologies from this Serta mattress.

  • Cool sleeping

With personalized support and a cool sleeping surface, Serta’s innovative gel-infused memory mattresses are changing the way of sleeping. It is created in the USA. It offers a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating sleep.

  • Layered structure

This 12-inch mattress got made of gel memory foam with a plush cover.

Also, a 3-layer structure that is unique to Serta and support foam with a high density for extra stiffness and support is its key feature. More airflow is available for more customization in this mattress.

  • Supports Spinal Alignment

The mattress’ hybrid structure eases pressure spots and supports spinal alignment. More sinkage into the Mattress is made possible by the comfort layer’s softer foam. 

In addition, it holds places where stress is most likely to build, such as the shoulders and hips. For pressure reduction, this model scores incredibly well.

Moreover, You can wake up feeling revitalized and fresh thanks to these mattresses that change depending on you and how you sleep.

The memory gel foam in the Mattress enables it to work to the curves of your body and give extra support and comfort to delicate regions.

What are the health benefits of Serta mattresses?

These mattress gets considered healthy as it has Gel memory foam, the main feature of Serta mattresses, which supports your body and ensures that your spine is aligned correctly while you sleep. 

Also, This enables your back to avoid becoming tense and rigid while sleeping, which may even begin to relieve back discomfort.

Gel memory foam mattresses work to your body’s curves and give proper assistance and padding to delicate areas. 

Also, regardless of how frequently you shift and turn while sleeping, this enables pressure on your joints to stay at ease. The final consequence is having a good rest and waking up feeling renewed and fresh.

How Long Does It Take Serta Sleep To Go Mattress To Expand? 

After being opened, this mattress will nearly instantly expand to its full size. Over the following 24 hours, it will keep spreading and expand the final few inches. 

The main purpose of expanding rules is to ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep on the mattress.

Only a box may get used to convey this mattress since there are many fibers for it to get easily crushed. Mainly, It takes about 6 hours to properly grow and take on its original form before you can sleep on it again.

How Long Are Serta Mattresses Good For?

This mattress gets made to last just as long as any other kind of mattress. Depending on how well these mattresses are taken care of, these sleep-to-go foam mattresses can last around 10 years. 

Consequently, these mattresses need to get rotated from end to end every three months. According to Consumer Reports, a mattress should get replaced every seven to ten years.

The strength of these mattress sides can get determined by their edge support. Also, this mattress has strong edge support, which can last longer when you turn it over.


In conclusion, some people enjoy the shaping of gel foam mattresses, while others prefer it because it allows for better airflow.

Memory foam fits the curves of your body, creating a cradling effect that may aid in maintaining proper spinal alignment and averting potential back problems.

Consequently, the extra comfort offered by these mattresses makes it simpler to change positions and customize to individual sleepers.

Due to the coil and foam construction of Serta mattresses, movement isolation and ease of motion are often balanced. Hence, the Serta sleep to go mattress review is all praise for Serta mattresses.

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