Purple Mattress Lawsuit (Must Read This First!)

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Purple Mattress Lawsuit

A year and more got passed since the Purple mattress lawsuit began. The safety of the Purple mattress had come under fire from unfavorable reviews.

Also, a critical appraisal of the Purple brand catalyzed the lawsuit. According to the review, the business filled its beds with poisonous white powder.

Was the information in the allegations accurate, or were they false? For the most recent details on the lawsuit, keep reading.

Why did the Purple Mattress Lawsuit start?

White powder causes permanent harm to users’ skin and health, according to a study revised in 2016 by The HonestMattressReviews.com.

Also, Numerous allegations exist that Purple utilizes an anti-tack substance on its mattress that permanently harms the body. 

According to Purple, the website is purposefully assaulting it to damage its reputation. According to allegations, GhostBed, along with Monahan, is a business partner conspiring to ruin Purple’s name.

Mohanan claims that he questioned Purple more about white powder and if it had any adverse effects on people who inhaled it.

Also, Purple refuted the allegations, claiming Monahan had ties to GhostBed and deliberately misled customers to harm the company’s reputation.

Main Reason behind suing honestmattressreviews.com:

This website gets dedicated to offering frank assessments of mattresses by those who enjoy getting a good night’s sleep, namely honestmattressreviews.com.

In 2016, a study got presented on the website alleging that some Purple mattresses contained white powder. 

Also, The website published several publications and videos that corroborate the study’s conclusions. In their opinion, anyone else exposed to the powder could suffer significant health consequences.

This study issue by the website caused damage to the image of the Purple company, and that’s why they sued this website.

The Reality Of Powder Mentioned In The Lawsuit:

  • Mattresses made of Purple get made using white powder. It also makes sure that the bed is not damaged when compressed. 
  • According to research, this powder with a polyethylene base is allegedly hazardous. But it gets used in the packaging, delivering, and unloading the goods.
  • According to the company, the powder’s non-toxic nature and lack of impact on consumers’ skin. Also, The powder keeps the mattress from adhering after compacting it for shipping and transit. 
  • According to the makers, it doesn’t penetrate the mattress cover or harms the skin.
  • After allegedly saying that the granules in their mattress could harm health, Purple Mattress sued Honest Mattress Reviews.

Important Uncovering During The Investigation:

  • The petition claimed that the powder Purple employs in their mattresses is secure. Purple has a private investigation planned to show the smear effort was nothing more than a ruse. 
  • The court order got resisted by Werner and Monahan, who both denied any association.
  • The examination discovered the defendants’ deliberate plans for dismantling the purple mattress metaphor. 
  • Also, The former Head Board Member of Ghost bed was Ryan Monahan, and all investigations favored Purple. 
  • They demonstrated the falsity of each indicated allegation. It also shows that the two defendants get connected in a way.
  • In addition, the court received information on evidence about Monahan’s other website, sharks, which gets a $10,000 monthly payment from GhostBed via other businesses to promote their brand. 
  • Additionally, the Media Hate Campaign by both defendants was harming the Purple business.

Verdict Of Purple Mattress Lawsuit:

Monahan gets revealed in the lawsuit to stay the previous global chief manager of GhostBed, and the current marketing director of the reports.

Also, The firm appointed a new marketing director to hide that Brian Monahan, the previous GhostBed Principal Brand Officer, was working with them.

Also, the court has determined that Purple has got to stay the target of a slander campaign.

GhostBed paid $10,000 monthly to Monahan’s other business, Social Media Sharks. The results provide direct evidence of their efforts to damage its image to increase sales.

About The Purple Company:

  • In 1989, Terry and Tony Pearce created the Purple Mattress company. 
  • Also, Their cutting-edge technologies completely changed the comfort sector over the following few decades. 
  • The company has a thriving niche for itself among its users.

Benefits Of Purple Mattress:

  • More than 1,400 air channels get integrated into the thermal Grid, and the base’s use of breathable foams ensures you stay cool all night.
  • Also, to support pressure points like your shoulder blades and hips while maintaining the remainder of your body, there are two inches of permeable GelFlex Grid. 
  • A solid, supporting layer and a softer, cushioned layer work together perfectly in SoftFlex Cover. 
  • Also, The substantial density of both foams provides a robust and long-lasting foundation.
  • In addition to having greater alignment and back support, the further Purple Panel will make you feel like you are floating. 
  • You will experience deeper pressure cradling and a greater sense of weightlessness as the Purple Grid layer becomes thicker. 
  • The Purple Mattress, when paired with Responsive Support Coils, is the ultimate No Pressure mattress.
  • https://purple.com/mattresses/purple-bed

Purple Mattress Negatives:

  • Fresh sheets may get required to fit the bed.
  • According to numerous reviewers, the polymer grid needs some to get used to rather than others. 
  • Also, You might find the Purple difficult to adapt to if you adore your polyurethane or gel mattress. 
  • The stretchable sheets from Purple are what they advise using as this cost a fair bit of money.


Because they are incredibly comfy and have a texture similar to gel, purple beds are a favorite among internet shoppers.

It is the only accommodation made with an ultra polymer that has both pressure relief and support capabilities. Also, a bag can get used to package, ship, and deliver Purple mattresses.


A preliminary injunction got granted in favor of the Purple mattress in the famous purple mattress lawsuit over Werner and Monahan. 

Also, The judge concluded that the appellants had acted corruptly in front of the court by knowingly publishing incorrect data on their website and creating fake content. Purple got awarded judicial costs and the expense of filing the action as compensation for their successful case. 

Also, The research and strategies employed to dispel the controversy before the court demonstrated that the white-based material used in the mattress has no connection to the potential harm, as mentioned on the honest reviews website.


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