Purple Mattress Corners Not Expanding: Here’s What to Do?

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Purple Mattress Corners Not Expanding

The corners of purple mattresses can be easily expanded. They might be compressed for several reasons. After you have received your Purple Mattress, un box it.

Now, you should at least wait for the advised time that you give 24 to 48 hours to expand. The mattress will ideally, and then it will come to its final shape in this period. 

It’s an excellent mattress that expands pretty well as it contains coils. It also includes more than one layer, so it is thicker. Its thickness is perfect because it will let the mattress expand more quickly.

Are you corned to know why this is happening? Why do Purple mattress corners not expand? Then you will get the answer in this article below:

How To Expand The Corners Of Purple Mattress?

There is a little bit different way to expand the purple mattress. First, you must unzip the cover and remove the foam.

Now, gently cut the plastic wrap off the bed, replace the body, and pack it back by zipping it up. It will take almost 48 hours to expand correctly.

How Long To Let Purple Mattress Expand?

What Are The Steps To Perform To Expand Purple Mattress Corner?

Leave the mattress for almost 24-48 hours, you have to wait for a long time. But, these steps will surely work: Such as, leaving the mattress on the floor for approximately three days, after removing it from the box, etc.

There are many ways to expand it, it might fully expand from all the sides, centers, corners, etc.  It would be the best to move around on the bed by rolling or walking. It will help make it softer.

Following are some of the steps to perform to expand the Purple mattress corner:

Step 1: Keep the mattress inside an open area

Keep it away from wet areas and place it inside the open space like rooftops, where it can get fresh air to dry.

Additionally, always try to keep it away from mildew. Otherwise, getting rid of it will be challenging, and you can’t return it because of mold growth in the company. 

Step 2: Properly Expand It

As mentioned earlier, it takes almost 48 hours to expand, so wait and then see what happens. Yes, it might be a bit time-consuming, but the most straightforward way.

Step 3: Removal Of Air Bubbles

All you have to do in this process is to remove air bubbles before the resin thickens. Air bubbles will become weak, and as a result, they will break. 

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Mattress

Now that your mattress is ready to be used enjoy it and have a comfortable sleep. 

Memory Foam Mattress Corners Not Expanding (Secret To Fix!)

How Much Firm Is It?

Purple mattress is one of the most stretchy and extra durable mattresses, which can easily stretch up 15 times to its actual condition, extra plushy.

Once you lie over it, you will never want to leave the bed again because of the comfort and plushy feel.

 How does Purple Mattress perform?

Purple mattress is one of the most stretchy and extra durable mattresses that provide an extreme comfort level to everyone.

But, here are some essential features, such as Motion isolation, edge support, etc. Let’s have a look at them:

Motion isolation

It is a fantastic characteristic, especially if you are a couple living together, then this mattress is perfect for you because you will not notice the movement of your partner.

However, it is bouncy because of the Hyperelastic material. If you are looking for this type of mattress, this is the perfect one. 


As mentioned earlier, it has some tiny air pockets available, so its temperature remains moderate.

Although, it doesn’t have any advanced cooling technology installed inside it. Also, it doesn’t require any cooling technology because of ideal temperature regulation. 


Regarding durability, none of the mattresses can beat the Purple mattress as it is more comfortable with more durability than other foam mattresses.

It can stretch up to 10 times its size and is very flexible. It can easily stretch up 15 times to its actual condition and is long-lasting.


You might know about the odor emitted inside a new bed in a box mattress. Once it is cut from the corner, it releases all its scent, and believe me, and it is so bad. But, on a purple mattress, there is less smell.

What Makes Purple Mattress The Best Choice?

1: Body weight

People weighing 90lbs can also use our mattress as well as 200lbs. But, the bed is lighter in weight. So, it’s very soft for every body type.  

2: Shipping And Delivery

Purple will deliver the mattress wrapped in a card box properly to your doorstep for free.

They also offer ten years of warranty and a trial of 30 nights and 100 days. You can return the mattress within 100 days of your purchase date.

3: Other Mattresses Of Purple

After Purple’s massive success, almost three more purple mattresses were launched, termed “Purple Hybrid.”


1: How many years of warranty does Purple provide?

It provides almost 1o years of warranty.

2: Which mattresses were launched after Purple?

Purple Hybrid are the three types of mattresses launched by Purple.


To conclude, Purple mattress is one of the most stretchy and extra durable mattresses that provide an extreme comfort level to everyone.

The corners of purple mattresses are very easy to expand. They might be compressed because of several reasons. 

They also have a return/exchange policy if you select to exchange your mattress. Then, you will receive your new mattress in a few days.

Don’t forget to Ventilate your room by opening all the windows and placing fans in front of the bed after setting it up.

In this way, you can quickly expand its corners. Keep it away from wet areas and place it inside the open space like roof tops, where it can get fresh air to dry.

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