Mattress Too Soft Back Pain (4 Impressive Tips To Avoid this!)

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Sleeping on too soft a mattress brings discomfort. From sleepless nights to backache, you will experience a lot of muscle strain due to a too-soft bed.

On that account, it caters to uneven vertebral columns, which ultimately result in whole-body aches. 

The most affected body regions due to an unstable sleeping surface are the neck, pectoral girdles, lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Furthermore, if you’re facing the same issue because of your too soft mattress, we will help you. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the causes of back pain and its relationship with a soft mattress. In addition, you’ll also find out how to deal with your old soft bed. Keep reading the description below.

Back Pain: How to Determine If Your Bed Is Causing It?

As it pertains to uncomfortable sleep and severe back pain, the underlying cause is none other than a too-soft mattress. On that account, it will disturb the vertebral alignment resulting in a stiff lower back

Not only that, but this also leads to sleeplessness at times. However, the scenario varies a bit. If your back pain bows out right after getting up from the bed or mattress, it is solely due to the soft mattress.

On the other hand, if the pain remains throughout the day, it is probably because of an acute spinal disorder. Ahead of all, the mastermind behind sleepless nights and back soreness is the too-soft mattress. 

You might be wondering how the soft bed sets up all the fuss. If it is so, you’re probably at the right spot.

Below are some key cues you can use to determine whether your back pain is related to your mattress or not. Scroll down for more.

1. Inconvenient sleepless night:

In case of sleeping on a too-soft mattress, you can experience sleeping discomfort. Besides, the mattress slump will lead to the disposition of vertebrates. So, you are more likely to face severe pain in the lumbar region. 

Adding up all the consequences together will result in a painful and sleepless night which is terrible after a strenuous day. In short, all the inconvenience is due to the saggy soft mattress.

2. Backache in the morning:

Another essential point to consider is the continual morning backache. When the mattress is too soft to support the body weight, you’ll feel like dropping every time you get into the bed.

Usually, it is followed by back pain in the lower limbs, especially in the lower back. The one sign of a soft mattress is that it sags a lot. The long and short is a too soft bed will be hard to sleep on due to the slant surface.

3. Walloping in the bed:

One of the most notable pointers is the backache caused by the mattress because of the stooping surface. If you lay down in the bed, you’ll feel like bottoming into it.

Therefore, you will find it hard to sleep comfortably in bed.

If you are struggling to get snug or flogging back and forth, your mattress is too soft to give you a peaceful sleep. Hence, turning and tossing will affect your limbs resulting in vertebral imbalance.

4. Waking up with body fatigue:

If you’re feeling restless even after considerable sleep, it shows that your mattress is not good enough. Your soft bed keeps your posture uneven and unfit for hours which is alarming.

Meanwhile, the unhealthy sleeping position caters to the whole-body ache for some time. As a result, if you encounter any body aches or fatigue after waking up, your mattress is too soft to hold you.

5. Painful Upper limbs:

Last but not least, the sign of a too-soft mattress is pain in the upper limbs. These include the shoulders, neck, and upper back region. Since the floppy mattress keeps your body in an unstable form, mainly the spinal cord, it also affects the neck region.

The atlas or axis can cramp while the girdles get hurt too. That’s why, when you wake up from the floppy surface, the upper limbs can have a muscle spasm, i.e., excruciating.

A Too-Soft Mattress – Here’s How To Fix The Hitch:

As mentioned earlier, a soft mattress is not favorable if you want to sleep well. There are a plethora of reasons for that. Therefore, it would be better to ponder these ins and outs thoroughly.

If your mattress is very giving, i.e., too soft to support your weight, then go for a replacement. Moreover, you can also settle it down by yourself. Are you hunting down any method to deal with your too-soft mattress?

You have hit it right. We have found some practical ways to fix the soft mattress issue. Spare a moment to learn and follow the instructions mentioned next.

1. Flip the mattress:

For better results, flip your mattress upside down. If your mattress is non-flip, you rotate it from one side to another. Flipping is necessary for fixing a very giving mattress.

2. Insert a firm topper:

To make the soft surface hard, use a firm mattress topper. A topper is a protective cover in smooth and intricate fabric. If you want to deal with the too-soft mattress issue, insert a firm topper over the mattress.

3. Place it on the floor:

If your mattress is too soft to bear your weight or keeps wobbling, place it on the floor. On that account, it will get straight a bit, and you won’t have to struggle to snug in it.

4. Replace the mattress:

Lastly, if either of the above methods doesn’t work, replace the mattress. Upgrade your old soft mattress into a firm one. Adjust the bed foundation duly and cover it with a topper to increase its lifespan.


Can a mattress that is too soft cause back pain?

Yes, a mattress that is too soft can cause back pain because it does not provide adequate support for your spine and body.

What type of mattress is best for back pain?

The best type of mattress for back pain is a medium-firm mattress that provides adequate support and comfort.

What can I do if my mattress is too soft and causing back pain?

If your mattress is too soft and causing back pain, you can try adding a mattress topper, such as a memory foam topper, to provide additional support. You could also try switching to a different type of mattress, such as a firmer mattress.


Concluding this article, it is evident that a very soft mattress won’t be feasible for you to get a good sleep. If you’re coping with body aches and sleeplessness, try to affix the soft mattress issue.

Remember, your sleeping surface must be even and cozy for a pleasant rest. Try the methods mentioned earlier to make your mattress firm and even. Hence, a steady sleeping surface is crucial to a subtle slumber experience.

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