Is Mattress Firm Overpriced? (Truth REVEALED!)

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Is Mattress Firm Overpriced

Is Mattress Firm Overpriced? 

Many people ask the question, is the mattress firm overpriced? Mattress Firm normally provides the most well-known products, and sometimes their costs can be high. So, yes, the mattress firm is overpriced but they provide quality as well. Besides that, they also provide concessions on their high-quality brands and products.

Is Mattress Firm Overpriced 

Do you know that mattress firm is among the biggest mattress sellers in the US? They became popular after buying several mattress convenience stores.

Customers can pick from a broad range of mattress manufacturers due to their 2500+ locations. 

Large brands like Serta and Beauty-rest, as well as Mattress Firm’s products like Tulo and Sleepy’s, are all available from their shops.

Is the mattress firm overpriced? As they sell high-quality items, the mattress firm is overpriced. But the majority of consumers are satisfied with the wide variety and in-store offerings.

There are many factors about mattress firms that you must know. Let’s discuss them in detail.

What are the Specifics of Mattress Firm? 

Mattress Firm is among the most popular mattress retailers in the country. They are providing very great services and items.

They have developed themselves as a one-stop retail dealer for beds and sleep items. They have acquired numerous additional mattress shops and stores. 

Additionally, they have increased their internet business with a user-friendly online shopping platform.

Customers benefit from their greater selection as compared to the majority of other local stores or internet retailers. But they are a bit high in price as compared to other companies. 

Also, purchasing directly from the manufacturer can give you better rates and benefits. Customers love that Mattress Firm offers a price-match assurance. 

To find the best deal, customers will need to compare prices. And in some situations, they will have to deal with it. It is because you are spending money on additional options and great service.

This is wonderful for people who want a personalized experience, in-person guidance, and a presale trial.

But other people might prefer a simplified user experience and benefit from dealing directly with companies. 

You can explore the best-rated choices about their collection and which brands sell widely. After that, you can choose any item according to your budget and preference.

Best Mattress Firm Brands 

Mattress Firm provides some of the widest options of mattresses that are easily available to clients. It is because it is one of the major mattress manufacturers. 

Also, they are offering mattress brands that are of high-quality to get comfortable sleep all night. Let’s talk about some of the best mattresses of mattress firms.


All-foam Nectar is among the best-reviewed and low-cost mattresses on the market. The classic Nectar mattress from Mattress Firm is easily available.

It is present along with the more recent Premium and Superior Copper models. They have been designed with increased pressure zone alleviation features. It costs between $399 and $1899.

Tuff and Needle 

Tuft & Needle mattress is among the top-rated all-foam mattresses with a focus on affordability.

With them, a hybrid version and a Mint bed that relieves pressure are also available. Its price is between $745 to $2595.


One of the most well-known mattress manufacturers in the US is Tempur-Pedic. Their mattresses are top-of-the-range.

They are more costly solutions for people looking for the pressure-relieving advantages of foam padding. When you talk about their price, it is between $1949–$6149.

Brentwood Home 

Inexpensive hybrid and padded mattresses with a luxury touch are available from Brentwood Home.

They have enhanced durability in their mattress innovations by using Bio-Foam. It costs somewhere between $599 to $999.


One of the most widely known manufacturers of mattresses in a package is Purple. They utilize smart grid innovation in their beds.

Mattress Firm has all 4 of Purple’s mattress models that include 1 all-foam model and 3 hybrid mattresses. As they are high-quality models, their price range is $799–$4399.

How much should you pay for a Good Mattress? 

According to my opinion, the majority of buyers can purchase a high-quality mattress that meets their requirements for between $1,000 and $1,500.

You will get decent craftsmanship, durable components, some enhanced convenience components, and a stylish as well as well-made covering for this budget.

Before buying a mattress, you must follow the steps given below: 

  • Negotiate at a mattress store
  • Go for a MAP model
  • Buy online

Is Mattress Firm Overpriced and what makes them Expensive? 

Yes, the mattress firm is overpriced due to its high quality and manufacturing. They offer quality mattresses that have excellent appearance, material, and design. You will also get the durability and reliability of a high level.

Many factors can make a mattress expensive and unique as compared to other mattresses. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Quality of Material 
  • Country of Manufacture 
  • Taller Heights 
  • Design and Layout 
  • Natural Materials 
  • Customization 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Innovation 


Is the mattress firm overpriced? If you have gone through this article thoroughly, you will get the answer to this question. Mattress firm is famous for its high-quality and excellent mattresses all over the world. 

The quality and manufacturing of their mattresses are up to the range. That is the reason, the price range of the mattress firm is a bit higher than the other brands. Also, you can purchase their mattresses online

So, are you going to purchase a mattress from a mattress firm?


What is the average markup on a mattress? 

The gross margin on mattresses ranges from 40% to 75% via former mattress store workers, business experts, and corporate financial records. For instance, a shop can charge $500 for a specific mattress. They will have a 50% profit margin if they market the mattress for $2,000 and then sell it for $1,000.

Is an expensive mattress worth the money? 

Yes, expensive mattresses are worth the money. You will get the features such as thermal qualities, an extra-tall bed, instinctive or organic components, particular edge-support or vibration exclusion innovations, etc., They will meet all your needs and choices.

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