Is Instant Coffee Real Coffee? (REVEALED!)

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Is Instant Coffee Real Coffee? 

Yes, instant coffee is real coffee and it exists in instant form. It is produced by brewing powdered coffee beans with heat or a percolation-like process. After dehydrating the ground coffee, instant coffee grains will be formed. Instant coffee is real coffee derived from real coffee grounds while being a processed item.

Is Instant Coffee Real Coffee

You will get strange expressions when you will question a coffee enthusiast if they prefer instant coffee.

Regular coffee drinkers typically avoid instant coffee because they want their espresso freshly brewed. Even some claim that quick espresso isn’t genuine coffee. So, is instant coffee real coffee?  

Yes, instant coffee is simply normal coffee that has been processed. Grains of instant coffee is produced from coffee extraction.

Instant coffee has the same beneficial properties as regular coffee. It is a cheap and budget-friendly choice if you prefer instant coffee. 

What is the difference between regular and instant coffee? Let’s explore it. 

What is Instant Coffee and how is it made?

In simple terms, instant coffee is a kind of ready-to-use espresso.

You don’t need to prepare it; you will simply have to take a tablespoon and customize it to your tastes by adding hot water, milk, or both. In this way, you can prepare a cup of coffee that you will like as per your taste

Well, extraction of coffee is used to make instant coffee. The method used to prepare the coffee extraction is quite comparable to the method that is used to prepare roasted coffee beans. Based on your requirements, it could become more condensed.

In the following step, the water from the espresso extraction is eliminated. It will then leave behind dry instant coffee grains or powder. 

There are several techniques to carry out this moisture removal procedure. You can pick one according to your comfort and ease. Below are two methods; 

  1. Spray Drying 
  2. Freeze Drying 

Spray Drying:

The procedure of spray drying involves spritzing coffee powder into heated air. Coffee extract is injected into the heated air, which will be around 480 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be sprayed in the form of a mist.

The water in the extraction dries during this procedure, leaving behind the dry particles that you recognize as filter coffee. It is then dropped to the ground.

Freeze Drying: 

There are a few procedures involved in freeze drying. This method is a little more complex than spray drying. First of all, the coffee extract must be cooled to around 20 F.

At this point, the extract transforms into a solution like a slushie. This slushie will be significantly chilled to -40 F and turn it into a block of espresso ice.

When the espresso ice blocks are prepared, they will be placed in a suction dryer where the ice vaporizes. They will then leave behind dry instant coffee grains.

The final result is unaffected by the process of manufacturing ground coffee. The finished decaf espresso is more influenced by the kind of selected ground coffee as well as other elements.

Is Instant Coffee Real Coffee?

If you are unsure, instant coffee is real coffee. It is very simple to make instant coffee, and all that is needed is coffee extraction. In comparison to regular coffee, instant coffee has less caffeine but offers similar health advantages.

Instant coffee is a wonderful starting point if you’re trying to get real coffee that is affordable. Besides that, it is simple to prepare, and less time-consuming. Also, they are very cost-effective and effective as compared to other types of coffee. 

Who should drink Instant Coffee? 

Instant coffee is a wonderful starting point if you are unfamiliar with the world of caffeine and are looking to try espresso.

You don’t need to acquire pricey coffee machines or learn complicated preparation methods to make instant coffee. It is among the most simple and easy coffee-making techniques. 

If you don’t have a significant amount of time, instant coffee is also a good option. You can begin your day with a rapidly prepared mug of instant coffee grounds. They have the same taste and flavor as normal coffee.

Who should not drink Instant Coffee?

You shouldn’t ever try instant coffee if you are a professional coffee user. Especially, if you have an espresso machine and you select between flavored coffees and arabica pods, you must avoid instant coffee. 

The finest instant coffee you can get is much worse than freshly made coffee. It indicates that instant coffee is preferable to freshly brewed coffee with coffee grounds.

For those who like ground coffee, even using coffee grounds will feel a little inadequate with instant coffee. 

Also, if you want extra caffeine in your beverage, you must avoid instant coffee. The quantity of caffeine in a mug of normal coffee is almost double that of a mug of instant coffee.

Freshly made coffee has a far superior flavor and taste than instant coffee. Simply for this purpose, you should forego the ground coffee and begin the coffee-brewing process using coffee beans.


Is instant coffee real coffee? It is a common question to ask coffee lovers. The answer is yes, but most coffee lovers prefer freshly brewed coffee as compared to instant coffee. 

You must be aware that making instant coffee is a wonderful and cheaper choice. You can save both your money and time. Additionally, you do not require any specialized gear or coffee makers to make instant coffee.

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How is instant coffee made? 

To pull out the flavor and smells of the coffee beans before roasting them, you must do this before making instant coffee. Coffee beans are turned into a big pan while being subjected to heat in a company.

What are the benefits of instant coffee? 

Coffee is a fantastic option because it has several health advantages. Since instant coffee is simply ordinary coffee in a dried condition, it offers the same advantages. A lot of antioxidants and other benefits can be found in instant coffee.

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