Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water? (Explained!)

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Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water

Can you make Instant Coffee with cold Water? 

Yes, you can make instant coffee with cold water. All you need to brew instant coffee is cold water. Thus, it is not challenging to make instant coffee utilizing cold water. Grains of instant coffee will require some time to dissolve in the water. Also, the flavor and quality of instant coffee with cold water are not distinct from that of brewed coffee.

Can you make Instant Coffee with cold Water?

If you don’t have sufficient time, instant coffee is a wonderful method for beginning the day.

Additionally, you can experiment with your instant coffee by serving it cold. But can cold water be used to create instant coffee? Yes, it can be!

It is simple to make instant coffee using cold water. It can take a little longer as the water will take time to mix with the instant coffee.

Preparing cold instant coffee shouldn’t be an issue because it is not distinct from normal coffee.

So, can you make instant coffee with cold water? Let’s find the detailed answer to this question.

Can you use cold water to make Instant Coffee? 

Yes, you can use cold water to brew instant coffee. As most coffee drinkers choose to boil their espresso, instant coffee is not always highly preferable.

Thus, instant coffee is perfect for individuals who require a caffeine boost without doing all the lengthy procedures.

What is the major issue with cold water and instant coffee? 

The temperature of the water is essential when preparing normal coffee. For effective extraction, water should be between 190 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have to maintain the temperature according to this level to prevent overheating. 

Temperature less than this range could not be capable of extracting sufficient espresso from the beans. As a general rule, people don’t relate cold water with espresso unless they are preparing a cold drink. 

If there is sufficient water, instant coffee will be completely mixed in ice water. Even if it could take longer, the result will be delicious cold instant coffee.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of espresso, you can misinterpret cold coffee with instant iced coffee.

The cold brewed method is used to create a cold brew coffee and instant coffee does not utilize this method. It will use a method that will be a little different from cold-brewed coffee. You must know the difference between both methods.

How to dissolve Instant Coffee faster using Cold Water?

You can prepare a cold mug of instant coffee for yourself by combining coffee and chilled water.

The coffee grains will require a long time to entirely dissolve in the water because it is cold. As compared to cold water, hot water takes less time to dissolve coffee in it.

There is a trick to speed up the dissolving procedure, but it doesn’t use chilled water. Although it will seem illogical, it works effectively.

For this, first of all, you will pour some hot water into a glass and add coffee beans to it. You will have to wait until the coffee is completely dissolved in the hot water. Just enough heated water should be added to completely mix all of the espressos in the cup.

Once the coffee is dissolved in the hot water, you can finish adding all the ice water you require. In this way, you can prepare your coffee as you want.

How to make instant coffee with cold water?

Making instant coffee is simple. There are two methods to use if you want to make it using cold water. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Brewing Instant Coffee without Hot Water: 

There is practically no hot water used in this procedure. The elements required to make instant iced coffee are given below;

  • Instant Coffee Grounds – 2 teaspoons
  • Cold Water – 250ml
  • Sugar – as per your taste (Optional)
  • Ice cubes

First of all, you will pour cold water into a cup and add the instant coffee beans. After that, you will have to whisk it firmly to completely dissolve the coffee grains.

After it has mixed, you can add ice pieces and sugar pieces to it according to your preference. Your chilled instant iced coffee is now prepared! If you would like, you can also add cold milk in place of the water.

Brewing Instant Coffee with Hot Water: 

As previously said, you can prepare cold instant iced coffee with hot water. The required items are as given; 

  • Instant Coffee Grounds – 2 teaspoons
  • Hot Water – as required
  • Cold Water – 250ml
  • Sugar – as per your taste (Optional)
  • Ice cubes

At the start, you will have to pour enough heated water to 2 teaspoons of instant coffee grains into a mug. You must check that it is dissolved properly. You must also ensure that the coffee grains are fully dissolved by giving the mixture a good stir.

Now stir in some cold water to the mixture. To finish the beverage, you can mix sugar and ice chunks in the end. To customize this chilled coffee, you can also add your favorite sweetener or cream.


Can you make instant coffee with cold water? After getting this blog post, you won’t ask this question. In this article, I have explained all the methods to brew iced coffee with and without water in detailed steps. 

Dedicated coffee drinkers do not prefer instant coffee. However, the reality is that instant coffee is a wonderful method for incorporating caffeine into your heavy workload. Also, instant coffee can be taken hot or cold.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have any! 


Can you make cold coffee without a brewer? 

Without an espresso machine, instant coffee grains can be utilized to produce cold coffee. You will have to stir the grains and cold water together until they are completely dissolved and then enjoy with ice cubes.

Can you reheat instant coffee made with cold water? 

Reheating instant coffee brewed with ice water is possible. Heat the espresso for around 30 seconds in a mug that can be heated in the oven. Thus, coffee should be stirred before serving.

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